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What Sun Mahadasha and Antardasha often brings? (Vedic Astrology)

If your Sun Mahadasha is falling at a young age such as between the age of 15 to 35 then Sun Mahadasha could bring a lot of love and romance in your life as Sun is a planet of vitality and heat within the body and it is also a planet of love and romance. Mars, Sun, and Venus are the 3 major planets for you to indulge in love and romance. Venus is a planet of sensual pleasures and having fun (Sun is a planet of fun) with sex is also a type of sensual pleasure.

So, you need to be very careful in Mahadasha of Sun and Antardasha of Venus as during this period majority of the love affairs and romantic relationships happen. Now it doesn’t matter much where your Sun and Venus are placed in the chart as these planets are the natural significator of love and romance. Sun alone cannot give love and romance and the involvement of Venus is important and if Mars is also operational in dasa then sexual relationships can happen as Mars rules the sign of Scorpio and Scorpio is associated with our sexual organs.

Since I am an astrologer, a girl came to me for consultation and she told me that she fell into sexual relationships with a boy and this happened in Sun Mahadasha and Venus Antardasa and the day it happened was the Mars Pratyantradasha. So, as you can see the involvement of all the 3 planets which are known for love and romance is there. She was complaining that she couldn’t resist herself and was later regretting and repenting as in India usually people don’t indulge in sexual relationships before marriage and she was also unmarried. This is considered a sin in a country like India.

Her Mars was actually debilitated in the chart (placed in the sign of Cancer) and her Venus was also debilitated (placed in the sign of Virgo) and debilitated planets as you know lose their dignity. Debilitated planets make you weak and exalted planets make you strong. When you suffer from weakness you cannot resist yourself. But the major problem was > Rahu was aspecting her Sun in transit at that time and Rahu, as you know, is an amplifier and so she could not resist as Rahu is like the fuel in fire and also her Sun and Mercury were placed in the 3rd house of mating.

Sun is a very hot planet and Venus becomes erotic when the Mars period is also involved and then it becomes difficult to resist. Mars is a planet of sucking as Mars rules the sign of Scorpio which is a sign of sucking. That is the reason > Venus in Scorpio < people become extremely sexual if Mars is in Leo.

But if Jupiter is involved then the love and romance could be pure and, in that case, you could fall in true love. For example, if Mahadasa is of Sun and Antardasa is of Jupiter and then if it comes the pratayantradasa of Venus then true love is possible. In true love, you enjoy the love and romance in your heart and don’t indulge in mating. Sun period and Venus subperiod could also be the time when you enjoy music and singing the most as Venus becomes joy-giving when Venus comes under the domain of Sun as Sun is a planet of fun and Venus gives you sensual pleasures and if Venus is exalted in the chart then it can give you divine pleasure (such as through music and dance) as Pisces is a sign of divinity.

When planets like Mars (Mars is exalted in Capricorn) and Venus (Venus is exalted in Pisces) are exalted or placed well in friendly signs then you actually enjoy love and romance in your heart and it doesn’t always force you into sexual relationships. There is a difference between lust and pure divine love and Jupiter is actually the planet of divinity as it rules the sign of Pisces which is a pure sign of divinity. You will never understand true love unless your Mars is exalted or placed in the 10th house but even exalted Mars is also sometimes bad if it falls under DJ. DJ is a secret astrological tool that I don’t reveal in free articles here and you can join my advanced astrology tutorials by clicking on the > contact me < link above. Virgo is a weak sign and Venus in Virgo is never good as it can make you lustful and argumentative.

If you are running Sun Mahadasha and if your Sun and Venus are placed in the sign of Gemini or the 3rd house then certainly you will indulge in masturbation which will not be good for your studies and you may even fail in exams. This is because Gemini is a sign of masturbation or mating and Mars becomes weak when you indulge in all this filth of mating and masturbation. Mars rules our Muladhara Chakra and the Deity Shri Ganesha controls our Muladhara Chakra. According to the Indian traditions, Shri Ganesha is the giver of discretion and wisdom and when Mars becomes weak then the discretion and wisdom are lost and then you cannot be good at studies.

There is a strong connection between Shri Ganesha and wisdom and if you want Shri Ganesha to give you wisdom and knowledge to do well in life then you need to respect your chastity and you can read more about chastity in this article. Shri Ganesha will never be pleased if you indulge in sexual relationships before marriage. All the wrong ideas are spreading on sites like Quora that masturbation is good for health. It is never good for health. If you follow chastity then no one can stop you from being successful in all the areas of life.

I mentioned to you about the girl earlier in this article and this girl topped her school in the 12th class. But once she got into mating relationships, after that she could never recover in her studies and now, she is not able to clear her CA exams. So, this is why chaste life is important to be successful in studies at a young age.

If your Sun is placed in the sign of Taurus then Sun Mahadasha or Antardasa could get you into the jewelry and gemstone business or any other luxury items and decorative items business including clothing and food. Also, you could become a musician with this placement as Sun is a planet of fun and entertainment and Taurus is a sign of enjoyment and enjoyment through music and dance is also possible. If Venus is exalted in the chart or placed in its own sign then certainly this is possible. Sun in Taurus is also good for currency trading as Sun is also a planet of speculation and Taurus is a sign that represents the currency or money.

If your Sun is placed in the sign of Aries in the 5th house (for Sagittarius ascendant) then during Sun Mahadasa you could become a sportsman as 5th house is the house of recreational activities and sports is also a recreational activity and also Sun is a planet of energy or vitality which is needed in sports. Aries and Leo are the major signs of showing enthusiasm in sports activities.

If instead, your Sun is placed in the sign of Aries in the 10th house (for Cancer Ascendant) then you could study or practice fuel engineering or may study the subject of physics as Aries is also a sign of energy and fuel and Sun is a planet of heat & light and so engineering is quite possible. Also, you could work in the field of automation in IT. If Sun is placed in the 3rd house in the sign of Aries then you could also become a marketing manager in some company or your own business.

If Sun is placed in the sign of Cancer then during the Sun Mahadasha this could even give health problems and the type of health problem will depend on the position of Moon, lord of Cancer, in the birth chart. Sun is a hot planet and Cancer is a sign that represents our emotional self and you often get a fever with this placement as in fever body becomes hot and Sun is also a hot planet and also liver is associated with Sun as the liver also produces heat.

But this is not always so but if Sun and Moon are combust (close in degrees to each other) or if there are malefic aspects on Sun and Moon or if there is a planetary war between the Sun and the Moon then diseases are more likely. Sun in Cancer can also give severe infections and allergies as here the emotional self is heated up as Sun is a hot planet. Marketing of clothing and food business is often seen when Sun is placed in the sign of Cancer.

Sun is also a planet of heat and light and so you may study about the heating and lighting systems (in engineering) during Sun Mahadasa especially if Sun is placed in the sign of Aquarius which is a sign of engineering and networking. You could also spread knowledge and information to the masses with this same placement as Aquarius is a sign that represents the masses and Sun is a planet that represents financial markets, fun & entertainment, wealth, health, ancient texts (such as Bible, Gita, Quran, occult, etc). Sun in Aquarius is good to control the masses and spreading knowledge and information to the masses.

If Sun is placed in the sign of Leo itself along with Mercury then some professional status in a marketing job is quite possible during Sun Mahadasha as Sun is also a planet of promotion (increasing name and fame as Sun is a planet of name and fame). Many people who are running their own businesses may also have this placement. Sun or Leo also represents the fire and fire is involved in cooking and so people involved in cooking may also have this placement. Fire is also involved in fire extinguishers and so people working with fire extinguishers and firecrackers and welding may also have this placement.

If Sun is placed in the sign of Virgo then during Sun Mahadasha you may do kind of work like video editing and film editing as name and fame is promoted through videos and films and Virgo is a sign of difficult work such as editing. People who are into the repairing of electronics and electrical items may also have this placement as Sun represents heat and light and Virgo is a sign of repairing and servicing.

If Sun is in Libra then Sun Mahadasha may not be good for you and it may affect your relationships with your father (bad relationships) or your father’s health could also deteriorate during Sun Mahadasha and if Sun is highly afflicted then your father could even pass away especially if transits are bad. Sun is never good in Libra as it is debilitated in the sign of Libra. Also, there are chances of multiple relationships (love and romance) during Sun Mahadasa or Antardasa with this placement as Libra is a sign of relationships. But this is not always so. But this placement is good for business as Libra is basically a sign of business. Since Sun represents lighting and heating systems so you could do the business of lighting & heating systems or anything that is represented by Sun such as the business of sports equipment, etc.

If Sun is placed in the sign of Sagittarius then during Sun Mahadasa or Antardasa you could spread religion and you could also work with religious products or religious supplies such as religious books, pooja samagri, etc. You could also give lectures to the masses and spread philosophy and religion. You could also join some religious group with this placement. But this placement is also very good for travel and tourism and so you may go for some expedition or cruise during the Sun period. You could also watch a lot of documentary films on wildlife with this placement as Sagittarius is a sign of exploration and it represents the jungles or forests. In the olden days, people often used to go hunting in the jungle with this placement.

If your Sun is placed in the sign of Capricorn then during Sun Mahadasha you could go into employee management or recruitment or you could run a factory of your own or you could work on machines as Capricorn is a sign that represents the machinery and tools. This placement is also good to become a lawyer to work in some government department as Capricorn is a sign of authority and power. Mechanical engineering is also possible with this placement.

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