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Progeny – deciding factors for a baby girl or a baby boy (Vedic Astrology)

This article is also valid for > prediction of childbirth whether boy or girl?

Whether your wife would give birth to a baby boy or a baby girl will depend a lot on the condition of the Mooladhara chakra. The Deity associated with the Mooladhara chakra is Shri Ganesha and the planet ruling the Mooladhara chakra is Mars. The simple rule is > if the wife has a stronger Mooladhara chakra than the husband then the birth of a baby girl is likely and if the husband has a stronger Mooladhara chakra than the wife then the birth of a baby boy is likely.

In other words, whether progeny will be a girl or boy will entirely depend on the condition of Muladhara chakra in the parents as mentioned above. If a baby girl has taken birth then it means the Mooladhara chakra of the wife is stronger than the husband and vice versa. Now, if a man is cursing his wife to give him girls progeny only then he should be alert as his wife has stronger Muladhara chakra than him and he needs to make his Mooladhara chakra strong in order to get a baby boy progeny.

Mooladhara chakra is directly associated with chastity and people who are chaste in life often have stronger Muladhara chakra than people who are not. You can read this article on my site > how the power of chastity can be understood in order to know more about chastity. People who have exalted Mars in their birth chart or if Mars is placed in the 10th house have the strongest Mooladhara chakra. And the placement of Mars is considered the weakest in the 4th house. Now, if Mars is exalted for a man and if debilitated or weaker for a woman (say Mars in 4th house) then the birth of a baby boy is likely and if the opposite is true then the birth of a baby girl is likely. This is because a stronger Mars means a stronger Mooladhara chakra as Mars rules the Muladhara chakra.

People who have strong morals have a strong Mooladhara chakra and people who cheat and deceive others have a weak Mooladhara chakra. You need to be honest in relationships (also in your business) in order to make your Mooladhara chakra stronger. People who are not honest in their heart and cheat and deceive others in business or any other way then their Mooladhara chakra gets weaker. Even many people cheat their customers by selling at high margins just to make more money and this is also not right.

If a woman is such that she is not honest in her heart and always cheating and deceiving others then she could get a baby boy as progeny. Interesting? Yes, this is possible because when the Mooladhara chakra of a girl or a woman goes weaker than the man then the birth of a baby boy takes place as I mentioned before. That is the reason many men who are having boys only as progeny are not happy with their wives as then those wives may not have strong morals as their Mooladhara chakra might be weak. But sometimes Mooladhara chakra goes so bad that having kids becomes difficult. When you don’t respect Shri Ganesha (Deity of Mooladhara chakra) then your’s this chakra could suffer.

I have seen people having their Mars or 8th house falling under DZ and they cannot have kids. DZ is a secret astrological tool that I don’t reveal in free articles here. You can join my advanced astrology tutorials by clicking on the > contact me < link above in order to understand all the secret astrological tools. Mars has to be good in the chart for having a good Muladhara chakra.

People who are making relationships before marriage are deceiving themselves and their Muladhara chakra could suffer and then it would be difficult for them to have kids in this life after marriage. Shri Ganesha gets angry when you don’t respect your chastity and then he leaves his place from your Muladhara chakra in the subtle system and then you get possessed by dead spirits in the Muladhara chakra and then this chakra never deliver results as Muladhara chakra controls our sexual activities. When Muladhara chakra goes bad then diseases like piles and problems in prostate glands are also likely.

That is the reason, in countries like India, Shri Ganesha is the Deity worshipped for progeny as he controls our Muladhara chakra. People who are innocent like children have a very strong Muladhara chakra because innocence is the major quality of this chakra. The color of Mars is red and so often people having strong Muladhara chakra will have a reddish face (red or faded red). There is some kind of glow and attraction on their face. A good example, I can give is of the Indian actress Bhagyashree who is an Aquarius ascendant with Mars exalted in the 10th house and you can watch her in this youtube video in a movie song and you can see her face looks innocent and quite attractive. I am telling when she was young as shown in the video of a very old movie.

People who are Aries ascendant also have a red face as Mars rules their ascendant and the ascendant tells about the physical characteristics. This also shows that even if you want to have a good-looking face and attractive personality then you need to have strong morals or ethics and you need to respect your chastity so that your Mooladhara chakra remains in good shape as this chakra is even the deciding factor for your personality and your attraction by other people.

People who are mating and masturbating all the time and making sexual relationships before marriage cannot have an attractive personality and they would suffer in the end as then the quality of their Mooladhara chakra would deteriorate over time. The only aim of mating should be to produce kids but don’t do this for fun if you want to have good health, wealth, prosperity, and attraction in your life. If you are a chaste person then people will respect you else you are going to suffer in your life if you will cheat and deceive others.

Now another factor that decides the progeny of a boy or a girl is the sign on the ascendant or the 1st house. People born with fiery signs such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are again going to dominate over other rashis or signs. During mating, heat is involved and so heat or fire is an important factor deciding whether the progeny will be a boy or a girl. People born in fiery signs such as > Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will have more sexual powers and so these people will dominate and produce their respective genders. For example, if a woman is Leo ascendant and if his spouse is Taurus ascendant then after mating the birth of a girl is more likely as Leo is a fire sign and fire signs dominate. But if Mars is exalted for the Taurus ascendant spouse and weak for the Leo ascendant woman then the birth of a boy is likely.

Capricorn ascendant natives are the weakest as Capricorn is a barren sign and lacks fire. If a man is Capricorn and if his wife is Aries or Sagittarius then the birth of a girl is more likely as people born with Capricorn ascendant lack the fire element in their body like the people born in fiery signs. The sign of Capricorn represents the bones in our body and so Capricorn ascendant natives are dominated with the bones and bone is not fire as it is an earth element and not fire. But if Mars is exalted for a Capricorn ascendant or placed in the 10th house then the native’s Muladhara chakra is strong.

Earth signs such as Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn will also lack in fire and even water signs are better than earth signs especially when the lord of water signs such as Jupiter (Pisces), Mars (Scorpio), and Moon (Cancer) are placed in the sign of Leo which is a fire sign. But still, the position and strength of Mars in the birth chart will matter more than anything else for progeny. If you want a boy as your progeny and if you are a woman then you should marry a man with a sign (on their ascendant) which is fiery and if you are a man and if you want a boy as your progeny then you should marry a girl that has less fire than you or with weak Muladhara chakra than you (weak Mars). But a wife with a weak Mars will trouble you when it comes to other things of life as people born with weak Muladhara chakra are very much materialistic and may also be low in character.

In general, Leo ascendant natives have the strongest Muladhara chakra and these are the most innocent people on this earth and they are very honest in relationships and even in business. They also have strong morals and strong ethics. For Leo ascendant, people the sign of Pisces falls on their 8th house, and since the 8th house represents the Muladhara chakra so they have a very strong Muladhara chakra as Pisces is a sign of strength. But if the 8th lord Jupiter is afflicted in some way then it may not be so. You can join my advanced astrology tutorials to learn more about how all these things work in more detail.

Aquarius ascendant natives, on the other hand, have the weakest Muladhara chakra and that is the reason they have a lot of desires as Aquarius is a sign of desires and this sign falls on their ascendant. As I mentioned earlier, people with weak Muladhara chakra become materialistic (desires). The sign of Virgo falls on the 8th house for Aquarius ascendant natives and that is the reason their Muladhara chakra is not that strong, in general, as Virgo is a sign of weakness. Whichever house the sign of Virgo falls the body part associated with that house becomes weak. But if the planet associated with that house is exalted then it may not be so. Mars is the natural significator of the 8th house as Mars rules the sign of Scorpio and so if Mars is exalted for an Aquarius ascendant then Muladhara chakra cannot be weak even if the sign of Virgo falls on the 8th house.

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