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Rahu & Mercury in 5th house: multiple marriages : Sagittarius ascendant (Vedic Astrology)

birth chart of an actor who got married thrice
On the left, you can see the birth chart (click here to see the chart if you are on mobile) of a film director and a film actor, named Lothar Mendes, from Berlin, Germany. He died on 24 Feb 1974. As you can see, he was a Sagittarius ascendant with the ascendant lord Jupiter placed in the 5th house in the sign of Aries. He got married thrice in his life and you can read more about him on Wikipedia.

First of all, the 5th house is the house of love and romance, and Rahu in the 5th house can make you extremely romantic, especially in relationships, if the 5th lord Mars is placed in the 7th house of relationships. Also, Mars is placed in the sign of Gemini which is a sign of mating also and so it also becomes sexual relationships.

But the major reason for falling into multiple marriages or multiple relationships is due to the fact that his 7th lord Mercury is also placed in the 5th house and 5th house is 11th from the 7th house of relationships and anything 11th means multiple as 11th house or Aquarius represents multiple as Aquarius is a sign of multiple (collectivity).

That is the reason, 7th lord in the 5th house is not considered good for the married life as it can give multiple relationships but this is not always so and here it is so because the 5th lord is also placed in the 7th house and so there is an exchange of lords between the 5th house and the 7th house.

But Rahu is also the major reason for multiple marriages or multiple relationships in the 5th house as Rahu is our obsession in life and obsession never ends. Rahu never gets satisfied and Rahu wants more and more and since here Rahu is placed in the house of love and romance so it will always look for more & more love & romance which is not possible without getting into relationships.

Since Mercury is a planet of mating so Rahu Mercury conjunction in the 5th house could also make the native obsessed about mating and this becomes more so possible if the ascendant lord is also placed in the 5th house as the ascendant lord makes you physically involved in anything as the ascendant represents our physical self and ascendant is also associated with our mentality as the 1st house represents our forehead and our forehead is associated with our mentality.

Now when the ascendant lord is placed in the 5th house then the mentality becomes more towards love and romance and whatever the 5th house represents. Also, the ascendant lord tells the purpose of life as whatever our mentality is, that is what we do in life.

When Rahu conjuncts the 7th lord then it could make the native obsessed about relationships as the 7th lord represents the spouse or the relationship partner and if this conjuncting is happening in the 5th house then it becomes a romantic relationship as the 5th house is the house of love and romance. Only Rahu placed in the 5th house may not give such kind of obsession about romantic relationships.

For a Sagittarius ascendant, Sun rules the 9th house of exploration with the sign of Leo and Leo is a sign of limelight. Now, when you bring something in limelight (such as a movie or film) through media (such as cinema theatres) then this cinema or movie is being broadcasted through media and then it reaches many people and now the film is being explored by many people. 9th house or the sign of Sagittarius becomes a sign of broadcasting when a planet like Sun rules the 9th house as Sun is a planet of increasing name and fame (limelight).

Now here the 9th lord Sun is placed in the sign of Taurus in the 6th house of detail-oriented work and the sign of Taurus is also about finances, acting, dressing, fashion, etc and since he was a film director and actor so he was doing all these kinds of work as needed in the film direction. As a film director, you need to deal with things that the sign of Taurus or Venus represents such as dresses for the film actors, fashion such as beauty & hairdressing for the film actors, managing the finances for the movie thus being produced, etc. So, Sun being in the sign of Taurus in the 6th makes perfect sense for an actor and his Venus is also placed in the 6th house and Venus is also about beauty, fashion, modeling, etc.

Sewing is also seen from the 6th house especially when the sign of Taurus falls on the 6th house and, in this chart, Saturn is also placed in the sign of Virgo in the 10th house and Virgo is a sign of difficult and detail-oriented work. Taurus is a sign of clothing so it could also mean doing difficult work related to clothing which is nothing but sewing.

Mars is considered marankarka (death-inflicting) in the 7th house and Venus is considered marankarka in the 6th house and these were the two major problems giving planets for him. This is because the 6th house is the house of disputes and fights and Venus is a planet of relationships and so it often results in disputes and divorces in relationships. Mars in the 7th house or in the sign of Libra, on the other hand, makes you bully in relationships and this again causes a break of relationships.

Now here are the placement of his planets based on the Nakshatras.

Lagna > placed in the Moola Nakshatra pada 1

Sun (GK) > placed in Krittika Nakshatra pada 4

Moon (DK) > placed in Punarvasu Nakshatra pada 4

Mars (MK) > placed in Ardra Nakshatra pada 2

Mercury (Amk) > placed in Bharani Nakshatra pada 2

Jupiter (AK) > placed in Bharani Nakshatra pada 3

Venus (PK) > placed in Rohini Nakshatra pada 1

Saturn (BK) > placed in Hasta Nakshatra pada 2

Rahu > placed in Ashwini Nakshatra pada 2

Ketu > placed in Chitra Nakshatra pada 4

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