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Is Cancer sign on 6th house a problem for an Aquarius ascendant? (Vedic Astrology)

Cancer is a sign of our emotions and the 6th house is the house of difficulties and so the Aquarius ascendant natives could suffer, in general, from emotional difficulties in their life. So, what are emotional difficulties? It is a troubling condition that causes abnormal and unstable behavior including overwhelming feelings of distress and anger, which may lead to self-harming, failure of relationships, and excessive thoughts (maybe due to bad social and love life). The 6th house is the house of work and the sign of Cancer or Moon is associated with our mind and so the mind works a lot when the sign of Cancer (or Moon) falls in the 6th house.

When the mind starts working too much it simply means excessive thoughts. The emotional difficulties become more so if Saturn is placed in the sign of Cancer in the 6th house. This is because Saturn is a restrictive planet and so it restricts the native from expressing his/her emotions. Such natives could also become very strict by heart (or heartless) as the sign of Cancer or Moon represents our heart.

There could also be pain or some kind of suffering in their heart because of this placement of Saturn. When the heart is not alright then envy or hatred or revenge-taking attitude could also take over. They become, more or less, emotionally disturbed and may also suffer from insecurity as the sign of Cancer is also a sign of security but Saturn in Cancer makes them insecure. There could also be a lot of irritation & frustration with this placement of > Saturn in the sign of Cancer in the 6th house. Even if Saturn is not placed in the 6th house still, in general, the sign of Cancer on the 6th house could give a lot of irritation, frustration & arguments as the 6th house (or the sign of Virgo) is the house of all kinds of frustrations and difficulties.

6th house tells what kind of labor work you do in your life. For an Aquarius ascendant, the sign of Cancer rules the 6th house and so they mostly do emotional labor. You can read more about emotional labor on the Wikipedia website as Wikipedia has provided a detailed article on this topic. Just search in Google. Emotional labor usually means working hard with your emotions. When you cry a lot or laugh a lot (while doing acting) then you are expressing your emotions and this is a good example of emotional labor. Sometimes when an emotional scene (such as crying or weeping) goes wrong there could be several re-takes during the film shooting and so you need to cry again and again and so it becomes emotional labor.

Cancer is also a sign of taking care or nurturing and when a milkman takes care of his cow or buffalo every day then that is also emotional labor. The milkman needs to clean the cow every day with water and also needs to get the milk by working on her udder and that is also emotional labor. Water, milk, and cow are also represented by the planet Moon or the sign of Cancer. When a mother takes care of her baby on regular basis then that is also emotional labor. Taking care of your employees or workers is also emotional labor. When you take care of your children or family and nurture them with food & clothing then that is also emotional labor. This is because the sign of Cancer also represents food & clothing.

The planets like Saturn, Ketu, & Rahu can really give a lot of emotional pain when placed in the 6th house in the sign of Cancer. This is because the 6th house is the house of pains and Cancer is an emotional sign. There are many types of emotional pain such as the feeling of guilt, feeling of rejection, failure, grief, feeling of loneliness, brooding, etc. You can know more about emotional pains from Google search. This is the link for 6 types of emotional pain > https://thrive-magazine.co.uk/6-types-of-emotional-pain-and-how-to-deal-with-them/.

If the 6th house is the house of attachment, then the 12th house is the house of detachment. Many women are too much attached to their relatives such as their children and when they get separated from them they suffer from emotional pain and this is mostly with the Aquarius ascendant natives as their sign of Cancer falls on the 6th house of attachment & pain. On the other hand, Leo ascendant natives are mostly detached (as their sign of Cancer falls in the 12th house of detachment) and so they never suffer from emotional pains unless Moon is afflicted by Saturn in their chart. The 12th house or the sign of Pisces is nothing but detachment and detachment is always good than attachment.

Some people cannot live without relationships as they are too much attached. Leo ascendant natives mostly can live alone and loneliness is not a major problem for them. Tiger or lion is mostly found alone in the jungle and the sign of Leo represents the tiger and lion.

For a Leo ascendant, the sign of Cancer falls in the 12th house of spirituality and so their intuition power is good, in general. This is because Pisces (or 12th house) is a sign of strength while Virgo (or 6th house) is a sign of weakness. Aquarius ascendants, in general, do not have good intuition as their sign of Cancer falls in the 6th house of weakness. Intuition comes from the Moon or the sign of Cancer. Moon also represents our heart and so Leo ascendants are very strong by heart while the Aquarius ascendant natives could have a weak heart unless Moon is placed in the sign of Cancer itself in the 6th house. Any planet in the sign of Virgo or the 6th house becomes weak and so gives difficulties, problems, pain, suffering, and even diseases.

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