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Mercury in birth chart and Navamsa chart: Difference (Vedic Astrology)

Mercury represents our nervous system and the brain is also a part of the nervous system. Neurons work in our nervous system to send signals or pass information from the brain to other parts of the body and vice versa. Neurons are information messengers and they are an integral part of your nervous system. For example, when you unknowingly touch a hot glass then you feel burned and immediately you remove your hand from the hot glass. The neurons send signals to your brain that you are touching the glass which is hot and this signal then helps your brain to take the decision of immediately separating your hand from the hot glass.

So, our brain takes the decision of doing or not doing something and that is the major function of the brain. When something or someone hurts you then you feel the pain in the brain or the nervous system and the neurons send that signal to the brain. The neurons travel through the nerves and nerves are distributed throughout our body to different body parts (the system as a whole is called the nervous system). All the sensations in the body (such as pain, suffering, or joy) are felt by the brain.

People having good Mercury have a good brain as the planet Mercury represents our brain. Intelligent people are able to take the right decision as they are able to discriminate between the right and the wrong properly and this is because of good Mercury as intelligence is seen from the planet Mercury. You cannot be intelligent if your Mercury is not good. To look at, how good or bad is your Mercury, you should look at the Navamsa chart as the birth chart only tells where you are applying your brain (according to the placement of Mercury in the birth chart). If your Mercury is well placed in the Navamsa chart then your brainpower will be good.

Navamsa chart tells how your planets are working internally. For example, if Rahu is conjuncting Mercury in the sign of Virgo in the Navamsa chart then you could be using excessive brain and that may even result in disease like brain hemorrhage. This is because Rahu is our obsession (and Rahu is an amplifier) and so it gets you obsessed about using your brain all the time in some kind of brain related work and as you know excess of everything is bad.

Virgo is a major sign of work (and also 6th house) and any planet when placed in the sign of Virgo (or 6th house) starts working a lot and since Mercury is the brain so the brain will work a lot when placed in the sign of Virgo. Now if Rahu is conjuncting Mercury in the sign of Virgo there would be excessive use of the brain and so the disease like brain hemorrhage is likely especially if planets like Saturn or Mars are also aspecting Mercury or the sign of Virgo. If the brain is not working properly (bad Mercury) there could also be a memory loss and speech disorder (as Mercury is also speech) or nervous breakdown.

Moon in Virgo also gives a lot of emotional pain and suffering (and even disease like migraine), especially when malefics like Mars and Saturn are transiting very close to Moon. The disease of Migraine is also associated with the brain. Moon in Virgo and Mercury in Aries could also give migraine as Aries represents our head. Mercury in Scorpio in Navamsa could also give a lot of brain related problems such as brain surgery as Scorpio is a sign of surgeries.

If Saturn is in Aries and the lord of Aries, Mars, is placed in the sign of Virgo then also brain related problems are likely. Virgo sign and Mercury are just the same things as Virgo is the natural sign of Mercury. Moon in Virgo can also give heart troubles as Moon represents the heart. This is more so possible if malefics like Saturn & Mars are affecting Moon in some way (through aspect or conjunction). The nervousness people feel is also associated with the nervous system or Mercury.

There are many problems and diseases that are caused due to the problem in the nervous system or Mercury such as dizziness, vertigo, blood pressure problems, dehydration, anxiety disorders, depression, vascular disorders, psychosis, spinal cord injuries, etc. The brain and spinal cord are the two major parts of the nervous system. You can see this link for more problems related to the nervous system > https://www.uofmhealth.org/health-library/nersp

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