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Pisces sign in Vedic Astrology - The real secrets of this sign

The sign of Pisces is actually a virtual sign as it is an imaginative sign and not a practical sign like Virgo. When something is not real then that is virtual or duplicate. For example, when you make duplicate copies of an original document using a photocopier then all the duplicate copies are said to be virtual, represented by the sign of Pisces.

When Saturn is placed in the sign of Pisces then the native with this placement could be involved in a profession where he/she may simply duplicate things. For example, if Saturn is placed in the sign of Pisces and if the lord of Pisces, Jupiter, is placed in the sign of Gemini then such natives could be involved in photocopier business or printing business as Gemini is also a sign of printing. In the photocopier business, you make photocopies of the original document. Even in the photography business, you make several copies of the original photo or face of the person. So, a photography business is also possible with this same placement.

Also, when you take a photo from your camera then again that is a virtual photo of the original product or the person. So, in a camera also the sign of Pisces is involved as things just get duplicated. When you look through a microscope then that is also the virtual world and whatever you do over the internet and computers is also done in the virtual world as nothing is real over the internet. The sign of Pisces or 12th house is quite dominant for people working in the field of IT (information technology) as they all the time work in the virtual world of the internet and computers. All the fungus and bacteria can be seen in the virtual world only (when you look through a microscope).

All the 7 chakras and kundalini power in the human subtle system cannot be seen through the naked eye as the human subtle system is also part of the virtual world. When a person dies his soul passes through the virtual world after living the body and that is the reason the sign of Pisces or the 12th house is considered as the exit from the real world (death). When you meditate through kundalini awakening then also you enter into the virtual world if it is a deep meditation where your soul leaves your body. In self-hypnosis, you go into deep meditation in order to look at your past life and that is also the virtual world and that is the reason the sign of Pisces is also known to be the sign of spirituality and meditation.

You might have also heard about virtual reality and virtual reality products and that is also nothing but the virtual world represented by the sign of Pisces. Since Jupiter rules the sign of Pisces so Jupiter is actually the planet associated with the virtual world and that is the reason Jupiter is said to be a spiritual planet. For example, if Jupiter is placed in the sign of Taurus, you could be involved in virtual designing as Taurus is a sign of designing and Jupiter is a virtual planet. When you make designs over the internet (for example, using photoshop or any other online designing tool) then that is a virtual design. Saturn represents all the online tools such as photoshop.

All the fun and entertainment you enjoy over the television such as movies and TV serials are also part of the virtual world as those are not real. When Venus is in Pisces then such natives could enjoy a lot of things coming over the internet and the television as Venus is a planet of enjoyment and the sign of Pisces represents the world of cinema and television. Venus in Pisces is also good for designing in the virtual world. Acting is also virtual and not real. Mimicry is also virtual and not real as you copy others.

When Mercury is in Pisces you could be involved in a lot of virtual communication as Mercury is a planet of communication. When you write emails or chat or talk over the phone then that is all virtual communication. When you communicate with people using the internet (through apps and software) then that is nothing but virtual communication. It becomes hard for you to do some practical work (such as accounting & mathematics) with your brain when Mercury is in Pisces as Pisces is not a practical sign but it is an imaginative sign. Remember, Mercury is also brain other than communication. Also, when Mercury is in Pisces you could also speak a lot about spirituality as Pisces is a spiritual sign.

When you dream in sleep then the world you see in the dreams is also the virtual world and that is the reason the 12th house is also said to be the house of sleep and bedroom life. When you sleep you make use of beds and mattresses and all these are made of cotton and so the sign of Pisces also represents the cotton and all things made of cotton.

For Leo ascendant people, the sign of Cancer falls in their 12th house and Cancer is a sign of nurturing food and 12th house represents the beds or bedroom and so many Leo ascendant natives are also involved in the hotel business (not restaurant) as in hotels you serve food in the bedroom of people (hotel rooms).

When the sign of Pisces falls on the 4th house (for a Sagittarius ascendant) it could be > virtual storage (such as web hosting & cloud computing) < as 4th house is the house of storage and Pisces is a virtual sign. Web Hosting & Cloud computing are the ways to store data in the virtual world and so this is nothing but virtual storage. Since Pisces is a sign of sleeping so the Sagittarius ascendant natives could also sleep a lot or meditate a lot when they are at home as the 4th house also represents the home of the native. They could become very spiritual at home.

The sign of Pisces also represents the ether (akash) and ether is nothing but space (emptiness). Air is found within the ether in the surrounding environment of the earth but there is no air in outer space. When there is no air it is a vacuum and that is what the ether or space is. Sound cannot travel without air and so hearing is not possible in space. When the sign of Pisces falls on the 4th house it could also mean storage in space which refers to airplanes and satellites or spacecraft. That is the reason Saturn in the 4th house in Pisces could also give the career of aerospace engineering (only one of the possibilities). Marine engineering is also possible with this placement as ships and boats are storage systems in the sea and the sign of Pisces also represents the sea. In general, the 4th house represents the shelters and airplanes are also shelters in air travel. When Moon falls in the sign of Pisces in the 4th house then air hostesses are quite often seen.

When the sign of Pisces falls in the 3rd house (for a Capricorn ascendant) it could be about virtual communication as the 3rd house is the house of communication & media. It could also be about a virtual tour as 3rd house is also the house of travel. You can know more about the virtual tour here > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_tour. The word > pretend (simulation) < is also associated with the sign of Pisces. When you slap someone in a film shooting you simply pretend and there is no actual slap. So, the sign of Pisces is quite associated with the acting & film industry as it is a sign of > behind the scenes. With the sign of Pisces falling in the 3rd house, you could make videos of travel & tourism and publish them on youtube or any other video publishing platform and that is what virtual travel is. Saturn in Pisces in 3rd house could also give the job in the field of IT (information technology and media).

The sign of Pisces falling on the 5th house could be about fun & entertainment in the virtual world which could be playing online games & gambling and even stock trading using the various online trading platforms. Sea sports could also be seen from this placement as sports is also the part of fun & entertainment and the sign of Pisces represents the sea. But the sign of Pisces is also about healing and so the healing profession could also be seen if Saturn is placed in the sign of Pisces in the 5th house. Sun is quite related to health as Sun is our vitality and Sun rules the 5th house in the default zodiac. Sun is the light or vision (of our eyes) and Sun also represents the liver and so healing of these could also be seen.

The sign of Pisces falling on the 8th house could be dangerous as the 8th house is the house of the dark world such as the spirits, ghosts, tantra, occult science, etc and Pisces is also a sign that represents the subtle world where all the dead spirits exist and so if the 8th house goes bad for a Leo ascendant native, the native could get possessed by such dead spirits. But Leo ascendant people could be good at things like occult science (such as astrology) as the sign of Pisces is a very intuitive sign and so if Moon and other planets are well placed in the chart then Leo ascendant natives could be good astrologers. Saturn in the 8th house could give them occult science profession.

Similarly, you can assume predictions for the sign of Pisces falling on other houses.

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