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How to improve your Moon and get more emotions in life? (Vedic Astrology)

Moon is a planet of feelings and emotions. You know some people are not emotional at all as they are driven by Saturn which is a very much dominating and cruel planet. Saturn is just the opposite in nature of the Moon. If Moon represents emotions, then Saturn represents coldness (the quality of lacking affection or warmth of feeling). When the level of emotions goes down in a person then he/she becomes dominating by nature (which is the quality of Saturn). Many men and women are like that and then they try to dominate their spouses.

What is the meaning of dominating here? When you want things in your own way then you become dominating to others. Real domination is when you want things in your own way even if that is morally incorrect or wrong as you cannot even discriminate between right and wrong. For example, the mother would want that her child to study science (biology) and become a doctor and the father says that his child should study science (physics) and becomes an engineer.

Now if an astrologer says that the chart is of an engineer and the child also wants to become an engineer still the mother won’t accept it and she would still want her child to become a doctor and this is called a dominating nature as the mother want things in her own way and she doesn’t care whether that will be the right decision for the future of the child. Here the mother lacks emotions as people who are emotional (driven by Moon) always think of others (not selfish) and they don’t want to impose their own will on others.

Saturn is a planet of strictness and domination and so people become selfish and dominating when Moon is not good in the chart. When Moon is not good then Saturn takes over as both these planets are correlated and opposite in nature. Just keep one side Moon and the other side Saturn on a weighing scale and if Moon loses weight, then Saturn’s weight would increase to that amount and the same way Saturnian quality will take over when the emotions (Moon) get dry in the heart of the person (moon represents our heart). Saturn represents the skeleton in the body and that is the reason Saturn is dry and cold (napunsak or impotent planet) as the skeleton (or bones) is lifeless.

Saturn is a nude planet and that is the reason girls or women with > Saturn in Taurus < often expose their bodies. I mean to say they don’t cover their body fully with a dress. Taurus is a sign of fashion and when Saturn is placed in the sign of Taurus it becomes a nude fashion as Saturn is a nude planet. Girls exposing their bodies (wearing fewer clothes such as mini skirt) is not considered good in Indian traditions as then it would entice boys or men and they could go impotent because it is not easy for them to control their senses by seeing the nudeness and they keep losing their sexual energy all the time which could lead to impotency.

You need to practice chastity in order to make your life better and enjoy family life with your spouse and kids. If you are a girl or woman, just ask yourself, do you want all men or boys to go impotent? Then why do you wear short clothes? If you are doing this for selfish reasons (such as to get popularity) then you are driven by Saturn qualities and not Moon as people with Moon qualities don’t want to hurt others or do something wrong to others. Enticing others for sex is more of a Saturn quality and not Moon as People with good Moon believes in true love and sexual lust is not true or divine love.

Lord Krishna in Bhagvat Gita has said that you should keep yourself away from Kama (sexual lust) otherwise you may lose your brain.

Read here how the power of chastity can be understood > https://www.rajbihani.com/raj/30/.

This is another major or no.1 reason that emotions get dry when all the time you lose your sexual energy by getting yourself exposed to nudeness. This is because we use our emotions to think and perform sexual activities. Now if you want to increase your emotions then you need to sacrifice and keep yourself away from sexual lust and things like mating & masturbation. If you are mating to produce children then that is not a problem as that is your Dharma. But just for fun if you are mating or masturbating then it is going to make your emotions dry and then it will make you dominating like Saturn. Saturn is a planet of sacrifice and the more you sacrifice in life more your Moon or emotions will improve.

You might have seen people in South India and you will find them black in color (I mean black skin) as South India is totally driven by Saturn and Saturn is also black in color as Saturn is darkness and Sun is light. Saturn is also a planet of automation or machines and so most of the people in South India, you will find them engineers or doing automation jobs in the field of IT (information technology). When you are driven by Saturn qualities then God makes you work on machines (automation).

You could become a doctor or a cook or a teacher if you are driven by Moon qualities as Moon is a planet of taking care or nurturing and Moon is not selfish. That is the reason Cancer ascendant is better than Capricorn ascendant as the ascendant itself tells the characteristics of a person. A person driven by Saturn qualities could also be a butcher and there is no mercy in butcher and he needs to be like that in order to kill animals and get their meat. This article will make you understand whether you have moon qualities or Saturn qualities.

Moon is an intuitive planet and if you are dominated by Moon then you could also write well as you need intuition for writing something that is original and unique. Saturn is blunt and not intuitive at all. Now the question is how sacrificing can increase the emotional qualities? Just think of married soldiers (such as BSF) who are away from their spouse (wife or husband) and doing their duties on the country's borders. Also, think of all those women whose husbands are soldiers and not with them all the time.

Now, all these women and men are sacrificing a lot and when these pairs (husband and wife) meet with each other (when the husband returns home during holidays say 1 year or 6 months later) then they are filled with emotions as they meet with each other and see each other after such a long period of time. Just the thought of > husband returning home after so many months gives these women (and men) enormous joy which they might not even feel while living together with the husband or wife. So here the emotions are developing because of sacrifice as emotions develop naturally in you when you sacrifice something in life. Saturn is a planet of sacrifice and commitment and Moon is a planet of emotions and this is the real connection between the two and sacrificing is the real way to develop emotions.

If your Moon is not good then you can’t even sacrifice anything for others and then you become selfish. You need to sacrifice your own desires and comforts for others and then only your Moon will improve or develop and that is the only way to develop more emotions inside you. Venus in Cancer people are extremely loveable as they enjoy when they give to others and sacrifice for themselves. If you are possessive and don’t want to share or give then your Moon is weak. Moon in Cancer people (especially Moon in Pushya Nakshatra) are extremely generous. If you really want to improve your Moon then start giving to others even if you have to sacrifice your own comforts. If you are too attached to something then also your Moon is weak. Strong Moon gives you detachment and not attachment. People who are able to give up their sexual desires enjoy most in life and they are filled with emotions as they are sacrificing something.

When you are committed to something such as when you are committed to your spouse and don’t run behind any other person then this also develops emotions inside you as you are sacrificing a lot when you are committed. The opposite is also true. You cannot keep up with your commitments if your Moon is weak. When you have emotions, you enjoy it in your heart but people who are driven by Saturn and not emotional then they enjoy materialistic products or sex as there is no real enjoyment within their heart due to lack of emotions. They are happy as long as their wishes are getting fulfilled and they become sad when their wishes don’t get fulfilled. This is not a true or divine enjoyment. The enjoyment that comes within your heart when you sacrifice and when you are committed to something or someone then that is the real divine or pure enjoyment which is sustainable. Such emotional people also make a lot of money in life as God is happy with them.

When Venus is placed in the sign of Cancer then such natives could enjoy music a lot as the music is expressed through emotional singing but on the negative side, they could also enjoy drinks such as wine or beer. Saturn in Cancer is not a good placement as then it can restrict your emotions and then it becomes hard for you to express your emotions as Saturn is a restrictive planet. But Saturn in Cancer could be good for creative and artistic work provided other planets in the birth chart are supportive. If ascendant lord Saturn is placed in the sign of Cancer, then it could even make you heartless as Cancer is a sign that represents our heart. Moon in Virgo could give emotional pain due to some disease or may give a lot of thoughts as Virgo is a sign of work and so the mind works a lot as Moon is your mind also.

Another great way to improve Moon is to meditate by the method of cosmic energy awakening and here is more about it > https://www.rajbihani.com/raj/913/

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