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If your Sun and Mars are not good it could make you lazy (Vedic Astrology)

Sun is the planet of vitality in our body. Sun is the giver of life on this earth. A seed cannot sprout without the light of the Sun. When we eat something the heat energy generated from the digestion of food is represented by the Sun. Mars and Sun both are quite interrelated as both of them are fiery planets. When Mars is strong Sun is also strong and vice versa.

People who are lazy don’t have good Sun and Mars. I have seen many girls or women who don’t even work in the kitchen (if they are housewives) and they keep a servant even for cooking. Some people only want to enjoy life such as enjoying parties, talking to friends, talking to people in relationships, spending most of the time over the phone, watching television shows & movies all the time, etc. These kinds of people usually have weak Sun and weak Mars in their birth chart. There is not enough vitality in them to perform difficult tasks and so they try to avoid working.

People with good Sun and Mars will enjoy their work. For example, if he/she is a cook he/she will enjoy cooking and serving food to others. It will make him/her mentally happy by serving others. But this is not the case with other people who don’t have good Sun. They will not enjoy any kind of practical work such as cooking or working on computers. But if their Venus is good, they will enjoy interacting with other people and making relationships with them and this will give them mental stability.

People with good Sun and Mars often you will find them doing workouts in the gym or doing exercises and yoga and they will also be very much interested in sports. You cannot compete with someone in national or international level sports unless you have good Sun and Mars. If you don’t feel responsible for your duties of life then you have a weak Sun or weak Mars. Internally you should feel like doing something with enthusiasm then only you have a good Sun and Mars.

If you are feeling lazy all the time and only want to spend time in chit-chat with your friends and relatives then these are indications of an extremely weak Sun or weak Mars. If Mars is in the 4th house it is already weak (unless Mars is in Capricorn in the 4th house) and so often these people do business as in business you only interact with people and make business deals and there is no any kind of practical work you do.

While people, with exalted Mars (such as Mars in the 10th house), often you will find them working as an engineer or they become police officers or sportsmen or soldiers. When you work on machines, such as computers, this is practical work and also hard work and so a lot of vitality is needed, and strong Sun and Mars help with that.

Some people cannot sit idle and they want to work all the time as there is a lot of vitality or energy generated in them through good digestion and then this energy needs to be spent somewhere such as in some kind of work. These are the people who have an exalted Mars or a good Mars.

If the Sun of a person is weak usually the father doesn’t have a long life as Sun also represents the father in Vedic Astrology. Leo ascendant natives have the strongest Sun unless Sun is afflicted in the chart. The ascendant of a native is the strongest for them and that is the reason that ascendant has been assigned to the native by the Universe in this life. And for Leo ascendant natives Sun is their ascendant lord and so they usually have an extremely good Sun unless afflicted.

Leo ascendant natives are usually very humble (down to earth) as the humbleness comes from the planet Sun. But if Saturn is placed in the sign of Leo, then it could even make the native extremely egoistical as Sun is also a planet of our ego. Saturn and Sun are enemies to each other so Saturn creates even a lot of health issues when it is placed in the sign of the Sun, Leo.

Sun is the heat in our body and when this heat starts getting accumulated in some body parts (due to blockage in chakras) it creates a lot of problems in that body part. For example, when this heat gets accumulated in the heart it gives heart trouble. When Sun is in Cancer it often gives breathing problems (such as asthma) especially if Sun is afflicted in the chart. That is why Sun is called a natural malefic planet, as when it gets afflicted, it gives a lot of health issues.

If your Sun is strong then only you can work hard in doing some practical work and Virgo is a sign of practical work and that is also the reason the sign of Virgo falls on the 2nd house for a Leo ascendant as these people even enjoy (as 2nd house is the house of your enjoyment) doing hard work or practical work (as Virgo is a practical sign of work) such as working as an engineer or even an IT professional.

In IT (information technology) a lot of hard work is involved in developing automated programs by writing difficult codes of programming. This is practical work. When you do any kind of practical work using your hands you never speak while in business you need to speak a lot to market and advertise your products or services. Even in teaching, you speak a lot and it is not a practical work.

As I mentioned earlier Sun is the giver of life on this earth and seed cannot sprout without sunlight. Similarly, fertility becomes difficult in the life of a man or woman if Sun and Mars are highly afflicted in the chart. Progeny is not possible without fertility. I don’t teach afflictions in free articles here and you need to join my paid tutorials for that as mentioned on the contact me page above.

You can always improve your Sun and Mars by being chaste in life. You should not waste your energy through sex and should preserve your semen. Modern doctors say sex is good for health but that’s not true at all.

Take the example of Bhishma Pitamah in the epic of Mahabharata. He was a worrier and he never got married and never had sex with anyone throughout his life and he was so brave. Even the 5 Pandav brothers together if they have fought with Bhisma Pitahama, still, they might not have been able to defeat him as he was so powerful and so brave and he became so through his chaste life only.

When you become chaste in life it improves your Mars and Sun. Read more here > how the power of chastity can be understood > https://www.rajbihani.com/raj/30/. When Mars is strong it gives a lot of willpower and energy as Mars rules the Muladhara chakra which is the root chakra. When the root is strong (mars is strong) then all other planets are also supportive. You can read more about muladhara chakra here > https://www.rajbihani.com/raj/23/. Doing Surya Namaskar every day and giving arghya to Surya every day can also improve your Sun. Surya means Sun.

Sun is considered weakest in the sign of Libra as then you waste a lot of your energy in sexual relationships as Libra is a sign of relationships and Sun is a planet of recreational activities and sex is also a recreational activity. A lot of prostitutes have this placement of Sun in Libra especially in the Nakshatra of Chitra (Chitra Nak falls in the sign of Libra).

Chitra is a very erotic Nakshatra ruled by Mars. When you become immoral in relationships then your Mars and Sun go extremely bad. That is the reason a chaste life is important. When Sun and Mars go bad you completely lose your discretion and then you always take wrong decisions in life.

When Sun is in Aries that is the best placement for Sun but Sun should not be afflicted in the Aries sign. Aries is a fiery sign and Sun is also a fiery sign and so it adds to the energy level of the Sun. Sun in Aries is extremely good for sports (and health care) as Sun is a planet of recreational activities and sports is also a recreational activity. Sun in Aries (especially Ashwini Nak) is like riding a horse and in modern times it is good for fast driving. Sun in Scorpio often gives a bad image as Sun is also a planet of name and fame and Scorpio is a sign of sinking and so the name and fame sink.

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