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Suspicious yahoo logo in chrome browser (see screenshot). A virus?

I just saw a suspicious yahoo logo in my chrome browser as shown below in the screenshot. I thought it might be due to a virus on my computer. But this was not due to any virus.

yahoo logo in google chrome browser

I am actually using Mcafee web advisor on my computer and as you know Mcafee is anti-virus software.

I am using the paid version of this software on my computer to protect the computer from viruses. And the logo of yahoo as seen in my chrome browser was because of the installed Mcafee web advisor on my computer.

This was confirmed by Mcafee support as I contacted them for this. They checked my computer for viruses also through remote access and no virus was detected. Mcafee has very good support and if you suspect any virus you can always contact them through live chat.

I scanned my whole computer for a virus but still no virus was detected in the full computer scan. That is the reason the yahoo logo in my chrome browser looked suspicious to me and that is the reason I contacted Mcafee support.

Now if you want to remove Yahoo as your default search in the chrome browser then you need to uninstall the McAfee web advisor from your computer. If you have a paid version of Mcafee installed then the Mcafee firewall will still protect your computer from viruses even if you remove the Mcafee web advisor from your computer.

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