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Venus in different signs in Vedic Astrology

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First of all, all the females such as the girls and women are represented by Venus in Vedic Astrology. Venus also represents our heart (dil) as Venus is the significator of the 4th house and the 4th house represents our heart. If Moon is the left heart then Venus is the central heart. Venus is also a planet that represents marriage or relationships. It is also a planet of arts, creativity, and design.

Venus in the birth chart will tell you what you enjoy in life as Venus is a planet of enjoyment and sensual pleasures. For example, if Venus is placed in the sign of Taurus, you could be fond of eating delicious food but it may not be so if your Venus is placed in the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn is a sign of automation and so it is possible that you enjoy making designs in the field of automation such as digital designs and graphic design. For example, many people do website designing, software designing, app designing, etc and this is nothing but digital designing. So, your life could be more about digital designing when Venus is placed in the sign of Capricorn.

But if you enjoy digital design then it is not necessary that everyone else will also enjoy digital design. If Venus is placed in the sign of Libra, then people with this placement could enjoy making relationships or could enjoy interacting with other people. This is because Libra is a sign of relationships and one-to-one interaction.

For example, some girls or housewives spend most of their time interacting or communicating with relatives and friends while there are also people who are working in the field of IT (information technology) and spending most of their time making digital designs by the use of online tools such as the photoshop or coral draw.

So, the placement of Venus in the birth chart tells a lot about the person’s interest or enjoyment in life. Also, most people choose their profession based on what their heart says and so looking at and understanding the placement of Venus is also very important for making predictions regarding the profession.

For example, if Venus is placed in the sign of Cancer the person could have an emotional heart as Venus represents the heart and Cancer is a sign of emotions. When you are emotional by heart then this could even hurt you badly when someone plays with your emotions and this is often termed as emotional heartbreak. While if Venus is in the Pisces sign, it may not be so as then the person becomes too spiritual to ignore the heartbreaks.

Venus in Pisces is the best placement as Pisces is a spiritual sign and in spirituality, there is no attachment. But Venus in Cancer is a good placement also to enjoy music and this placement is also good when you want to do emotional scenes in a movie (if you are an actor with this placement). Recently I saw the birth chart of a Guitarist and he was having his Venus placed in the sign of Cancer in the 3rd house. People who are emotional by heart often take to some kind of music for their emotional satisfaction.

Pisces is also a spiritual sign so Venus in Pisces people might also be interested in yoga, meditation, and healing. Venus in Pisces could make them extremely imaginative as Pisces is an imaginative sign also. Pisces is also a virtual sign and so represents the virtual world. For example, the world of computers and the internet and also TV is nothing but the virtual world as nothing in real. So, people doing the designing work in the virtual world of computers and the internet may also have this placement.

The sign of Pisces also represents nature such as isolated places which could be mountains, ice, sea, ether, etc. So, people having their Venus placed in the sign of Pisces may also enjoy going to isolated and spiritual places such as the sea, mountains, beaches, sky, etc.

Venus in Aries is generally not considered good for relationships. Aries is an individualistic sign while Venus is a planet of relationships. When Venus is in Aries it could also mean single in the relationship as Aries is a singular sign or an individualistic sign. If Venus is afflicted in the chart, then Venus in Aries people often want to remain single in life and even if they get married there could be a divorce. But this is only so if Venus is afflicted both in the birth chart and the Navamsa chart.

Venus in Aries could also make the native aggressive by heart but that doesn’t mean he/she will be violent by nature. Aries is an Aggressive sign and so the person enjoys aggression when Venus is in Aries.

For example, Sachin Tendulkar, the great Indian cricket player (a batsman) has his Venus placed in the sign of Aries in the 9th house and this could be so as he enjoys his aggressive batting as his Mars, lord of Aries, is placed in the 6th house of competitions and fights. In sports, a lot of aggression is needed and so Venus in Aries does well for sportsmen.

But if your Venus is in Aries and Mars, the sign ruler of Aries is placed in the sign of Libra this could make the person aggressive in relationships as Libra is a sign of relationships. The relationship is a very sensitive thing and you cannot be aggressive in a relationship if you want to keep up with your relationship.

That is the reason Mars in Libra is never good for married life. This placement > Mars in Libra < is generally good for people like boxers and wrestlers as they fight in a one-to-one interaction and Libra is also a sign of one-to-one interaction. When you do boxing, you are making a fighting relationship with the opposite player. Mars is an aggressive planet representing males.

Venus in Aries people often drive their vehicles such as the car or the bike or the scooter very fast as Aries is also a sign of motion and speed. These people enjoy aggressive or fast driving.

In general, girls and women (females) are fond of making relationships with other people such as friends, relatives, colleagues, brothers, sisters, parents, etc. This is because Venus represents the females and Venus is a planet of relationships and sensual pleasures.

So, it is in the DNA of females to enjoy relationships & indulge in sensual pleasures of life as that is the default quality of Venus and Venus represents the females. Venus rules two signs > Libra and Taurus. Libra is the sign of relationships and Taurus is a sign of sensual pleasures, beauty, make-up, enjoyment, food, shopping, music, fashion, etc

Some people have their Venus placed in the sign of Leo which is a sign of being in the limelight such as being in the limelight through stage performance and you do different things when you perform on the stage such as singing, dancing, drama, acting, playing musical instruments, doing stunts with the flexible body, etc. So, all these artistic and creative careers become possible when Venus is placed in the sign of Leo.

For example, Sonu Nigam, the great Indian singer, and musician, has his Venus placed in the sign of Leo in the 1st house and you will often find him hosting on the stage in concerts, and he is also a playback singer. You can look at the birth chart of Sonu Nigam at this link > rajbihani.com/raj/108/

Leo is actually a sign of fun and entertainment and games (and even gambling) are also the ways for fun & entertainment and so people like gamers and gamblers often have their Venus placed in the sign of Leo.

In a man’s chart, you can know about the spouse’s or girlfriend’s nature by the sign where Venus is placed. For example, if in a man’s chart Venus is placed in the sign of Capricorn then his spouse could be heartless as Capricorn is a very dry, hard, and barren sign. If Venus is in Cancer, then the spouse’s heart could be emotional and so on.

You should always choose your career based on what your heart enjoys doing and since Venus represents the heart so you could also choose your career based on the placement of the planet Venus in the birth chart. For example, as I mentioned earlier, if your Venus is placed in the sign of Capricorn you can think of making a career in the automation sector such as IT (information technology) which has many subfields such as machine learning, data science, Artificial intelligence, machine design (engineering), etc.

If Venus is in Aries, one of the careers you can think of is also cooking as Aries is a fire sign, and fire is involved in cooking. Also, Venus in Aries is good for a health care career especially if Venus is placed in Ashwini Nakshatra as Ashwini is quite related to health care and horsepower (vehicles nowadays).

You can also become a pilot or a vehicle driver if Venus is placed in the sign of Aries as Aries is a sign of motion and so the person enjoys moving all the time. Along with Venus, you also need to look at the placement of other planets in the birth for making predictions. This is because just the placement of Venus in a single sign could give different types of careers and they could be from altogether different fields.

Venus in Scorpio is not considered a good placement as then the person could enjoy sex a lot as Scorpio is associated with the sexual organs and Venus is a planet of enjoyment. And if Venus is afflicted this could even give sexual diseases. If the Taurus sign represents the intake of food, then Scorpio represents the excretion (waste). So, people who are working in the field of waste management and recycling may have this placement. This is because Scorpio is also a sign of recycling or renewal or transformation. You can read more here > Venus in Scorpio.

If Venus is placed in the sign of Virgo, then Venus is considered debilitated here. Virgo is a sign of arguments and it is also a sign of poverty and slavery. So, people having this placement may be very much argumentative. They could even be quarrelsome. They cannot compromise or co-operate but this is not always so as it will depend a lot on the placement of other planets in the birth chart as well. In any profession where you see a lot of arguments (such as a lawyer), this placement can be seen.

With > Venus in Virgo, you could even provide food service as Venus represents the food and Virgo is a sign of service. People who are selling street foods often have this placement and they are also generally poor people as Venus in Virgo often makes you poor but again this is not always so. Venus in Virgo is also good for website designing as Venus represents websites and apps and Virgo is a practical sign of work. Read more here > Venus in Virgo in different houses.

Venus in Sagittarius is good for painting, arts, crafts, wooden crafts, metal crafts, publishing, etc as Sagittarius is a sign that represents the trees and plants and all things made of trees and plants such as wood. And so, all the wooden products (such as the furniture) are also represented by the sign of Sagittarius. When Venus is in Sagittarius it could also mean designing furniture as Venus represents the designing work as it is a planet of arts and creativity. Read more here > Venus in Sagittarius.

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