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What are the Benefits of Meditation?

seven chakras and kundalini
You might have noticed that there are different people on this earth and every person is unique in some way. I don't mean only their faces are unique but different people have also different capabilities. For example, one child in a class is so intelligent while many others are so dumb. Some people are so much physically strong that they are called to participate in various sports events on the national and international level. While a normal person may not have such capabilities. So why is such a difference in capabilities in different people? Why some people only can dream to reach top levels in different fields of life but not actually successful?

The answer is simple. We all human beings are actually souls and not bodies. First it's important to know something about soul to understand the benefits of meditation. When a person dies, actually his body dies and not his soul because soul exists forever and neither dies nor takes birth. When you will die, you will see that your relatives are crying at your body. This is what you will experience after death. When you can see that people are crying at your body after death, that proves you are not the body and you just got separated from your body after death and you are looking at your dead body. This makes it clear that you are the soul and not body. After death, you actually acquire a Sukshma (subtle) body which is a kind of virtual body, an intermediate between the physical body and your soul. You may ask where the soul goes after death? After death, your soul will actually acquire new body or go to heaven or hell depending on your Karmas. This new body may be of a newborn child (human being) or a newborn animal or any other living creature.

But the question is what this has to do with the benefits of meditation? Definitely it's important to know about soul to know the benefits of meditation. This is because a person's soul has complete strength. All that what you learned in science about atoms, molecules, particles etc originate from the ultimate soul. Infect the whole universe originates from the soul. All the energy that a person generates comes from his soul. The level of this energy is different in different people. The people who are closer to their soul have higher level of this energy in them and as a result, they are more successful in life.

When you meditate by the method of kundalini power awakening the energy level in you goes up and as a result, you become more powerful and more successful in life. This is the major benefit of meditation. For example, when you sleep you go nearer to your soul and as a result, you become energetic and get rid of tiredness. People whose energy level is high are more relaxed, peaceful, free from diseases and have great patience with them. As a result, they do well in different fields of life. There are actually seven chakras and a Kundalini power located inside every human being.

Meditation is only possible when your Kundalini power gets awakened. This Kundalini power connects you from your soul and when you meditate, this energy of soul starts flowing within your body through the route of Kundalini Shakti. This energy actually gives power to your seven chakras and as a result, these chakras become more powerful. Once the chakras become powerful the great qualities associated with these seven chakras comes in you as a great gift of God. For example, you can become a great artist or a painter if the Swadisthana Chakra (2nd chakra) develops inside you as this chakra is of creativity where deities like Brahma and Saraswati reside and Brahma and Saraswati are known for their creativity power. If you can develop your first chakra which is the Muladhara chakra then that could help with great memory power and discretion as the deity Lord Ganesha resides on this chakra and he develops within you moral values and establishes innocence within you. You might have seen a just born child who looks so innocent and this is due to the power of Ganesha.

Actually, each chakra in the body is associated with a deity and once any chakra develops within you, you get all the qualities of the deity associated with that chakra. To know more about different chakras and their qualities visit >> sahajayoga.org/chakrasandsubtlebody/default.asp?mode=text as all what I am telling here is based on the theory of Sahaja Yoga.

But be aware of false Gurus who claim to awaken your kundalini power. False gurus are involved in tantric practices and they could even freeze your Kundalini Shakti and as a result, you may just go away from your soul. So be careful. It's easy to trust anybody but sometimes it makes you suffer badly. At the moment your kundalini power gets awakened it takes you to thoughtless state instantly and/or cool breeze starts flowing from the palm of your hands and fontanel bone area. These are signs of kundalini awakening. One becomes moral, united, balanced and integrated after practicing meditation through kundalini awakening for few months or less. Finally, it takes you to the state of salvation which is the ultimate goal of human being. Unless you feel this change you are moving in the wrong direction and you are in the grip of false Gurus who are misguiding you. If you truly want to meditate and get your kundalini power awakened, you should go to sahajayoga.org and get your self-realization online or visit the nearby center. Sahaja Yoga meditation is practiced in more than 100 countries and has centers worldwide. Shri Nirmala Devi is the founder of Sahaja Yoga. Hope that helps.

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