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During the age of Pisces human beings will fly in air as per Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic Astrology Aquarius is a sign of networking and collectiveness. With the invention of the internet, this Aquarius age started as the internet helps us in networking or making relationships with other people online. Through the internet, we can interact with a large group of people or friends & relatives, or customers online and this is what the age of Aquarius is all about.

Customers or user base can grow to a great extent (due to the invention of the internet) in this age of Aquarius and that is the reason a lot of money is possible to be made in this age of Aquarius. In the olden days, contacting a person from a different city or country online was not possible and this became possible only during the age of Aquarius.

After the end of the Aquarius age, the age of Pisces will come and that age will even be more interesting as during the age of Pisces time travel will be possible. Time travel is a way where your soul could travel to your past as well as the future after leaving your body in a meditation state.

Also, during the age of Pisces, not only the vehicles but people will also be able to fly with their physical bodies in the sky. I mean people will be able to travel from one place to another by flying with their bodies in the sky. Also, flying vehicles will be the normal travel during the age of Pisces. You will even be able to fly with your bicycle in the air or sky and that will be a normal way of travel.

You will see normal flying vehicles in the age of Pisces. Once the half of the Pisces age will be completed after that you will even see human beings flying with their physical body. Some Himalayan yogis who are meditating have predicted this and so I am sharing it with you. These yogis are able to see the future and they live in trance and don’t show up their faces. They want to be remain isolated from this materialistic world.

The sign of Pisces represents the space or Outerspace (ether) and the sign of Pisces is the default sign of the 12th house in the natural zodiac and the 12th house is seen for foreign travel and foreign settlement. You cannot travel to a foreign country unless you cross the sea and for that, either air travel or sea travel will be needed and both the sea and ether are represented by the sign of Pisces.

I have seen people having Mars in Pisces are into paragliding and parachute jumping which are also air sports. So, Pisces is a major sign of movement in the ether or akash and so during the age of Pisces, it will be possible for people to travel in the air via their physical body and normal travel could be also through the flying vehicles (also called udan-ghatola in the Sanskrit language).

Also, Pisces is a sign that represents the subtle world where spirits exist. In time travel, you go to the past or future through your soul in the subtle world. This is also giving a clear indication that during the age of Pisces time travel will be a very common thing. A lot of yogis will take birth in the age of Pisces as yoga and meditation is also represented by the sign of Pisces.

Currently, it is going the age of Aquarius which will be known for rags to riches, and making money will be very easy during this age due to the invention of the internet. Aquarius is the age where suddenly a person can get rich and get out of extreme poverty. Many people still don’t realize the power of the internet and online community.

You can take the example of Saurav Joshi who was born and raised in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, and as of 2022, his age is only 22 years as he was born on 8 Sept 1999. At this small age, only he is making around 20 Lac per month ($25000) just using the power of the internet in this age of Aquarius. You can see his youtube channel here > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjvgGbPPn-FgYeguc5nxG4A and as of 2022, he is having 16 million subscribers. All the money is coming from monetizing the youtube channel with Google. 4-5 years back his family was extremely poor but due to the power of the age of Aquarius he could become rich so quickly and this is a perfect example of rags to riches.

In this Aquarius age also, people are complaining they don’t have a job and don’t have money. I am not sure why you need to have a job. If you want to be rich you need to make use of the online marketplace. I have seen people going rich by just uploading 50-100 videos on their youtube channel but there was something unique in their content.

Unless you offer something unique and different the subscribers will not grow. But the thing is there are people out there who can grow your channel and increase your subscribers for a small fee. So, everything is possible. You can find people providing such youtube channel grow services on sites like fiverr.com. Click here if you want to know about such service providers on fiverr.com.

But the scope over the internet is unlimited. If you cannot make youtube videos still you can make a blog or website and the only thing you have to do is to regularly upload content on your website and keep doing this for the next 2-3 years and you will be rich after 2-3 years. You will be able to make much from your blog or website than by doing a job.

Even at old age, people who are retired, are able to make money from home by providing some kind of service on sites like fiverr.com. Just you need some kind of knowledge or talent and then it is so easy to make money online. Even acquiring any kind of knowledge is free over the internet as there are so many free resources available in every educational field. Just you need to learn and master that knowledge and then make use of that knowledge to earn money. You can look at fiverr.com and see what kind of services people are offering and what they are charging.

I am telling you, even in this age of Aquarius if you are struggling to make money then you are not talented enough as the opportunities are unlimited. Even if you are able to generate 200 visitors daily on your website or your vlog you will start getting orders for whatever services you are offering. People have become millionaires and billionaires through the power of the internet and the age of Aquarius. See, in your birth chart if you have your Saturn placed in the 11th house or in the sign of Aquarius then there are the maximum chances of your being rich in this life.

People are suffering from depression in this age of Aquarius and I don’t understand why. There is so much to do and enjoy over the internet that people like me lack enough time to do all the things. I enjoy everything whether it is coding (programming) or astrology or stock markets or graphic designing or machine learning, etc. I am excited to do everything as I am so much interested in everything and people are talking about depression.

Even if you are alone in life still you can enjoy a lot of things over the internet by providing some kind of service to other people through sites like fiverr.com as I mentioned above. Making money itself gives so much happiness. So, if you are depressed start making money in your life and happiness will automatically come into your life. You can read this > why money is positivity.

There is also an astrological reason behind this. Venus represents money and Venus also represents the heart and Venus is also enjoyment. When you earn money, your Venus gets activated and this in turn gives enjoyment to your heart as Venus is a planet of sensual pleasures. This is really a great way to get out of depression.

Make other people happy by providing your services to them and this in return will result in your own happiness. Or make your family members happy by getting wealth for them and this will result in your own happiness. Unless you give happiness to others in some way you will never get your own happiness.

When you deceive or cheat others then that is the real problem as then you are damaging your Venus. When you make relationships outside marriage and do immoral things in life then also you are damaging your Venus. When Venus is not alright it is difficult to get happiness and wealth in life. When you are honest in a relationship or marriage then wealth will keep coming into your life as then Venus will be good as Venus is also a planet of relationships.

Also, people who have good Venus and if they are also humble then they can make maximum during this age of Aquarius. This is because when you are humble your Sun is good as Sun is associated with humbleness. You can check the life of all the millionaires and billionaires and you will find them extremely humble as their Sun is good. Sun is our ego and when Sun is strong there is no ego. People with Saturn in Leo (the sign of Sun) often develop ego. If you dominate others and want things your own way then you are not a humble person. People who are humble are surrendered to God. Read more about this here > Sign of Pisces is about God’s way and not your own way.

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