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How Jupiter could affect you when it is afflicted in the chart? (Vedic Astrology)

There are 7 chakras in the human subtle system and each chakra is associated with a planet. The 7 chakras from bottom to top are as below. Muladhara chakra is the root chakra and it is the base and this chakra controls the excretion in the body.

1) Muladhara chakra (Mars rules this chakra)

2) Swadisthana chakra (Mercury rules this chakra)

3) Nabhi (or Void) chakra (Jupiter rules this chakra)

4) Heart or Anhat Chakra (Venus rules this chakra)

5) Vishudhi Chakra (Saturn rules this chakra)

6) Aganya Chakra (Sun rules the chakra)

7) Sahastrara Chakra (Moon rules this chakra).

As you can see Jupiter rules the Nabhi Chakra (or Void chakra) and this chakra is around the stomach. Deities > Vishnu and Laxmi < reside in this chakra and Vishnu & Laxmi are known for giving wealth. Now, if your Jupiter is afflicted in the vedic birth chart then it could certainly affect your wealth (and also getting a job) in life. This is because Jupiter rules the Nabhi chakra and when the Nabhi chakra gets spoiled Jupiter doesn’t deliver the results.

Deities associated with the Nabhi chakra get angry when you do wrong things in life related to Nabhi chakra or Jupiter. Then these Deities don’t deliver results as all the results of each chakra are delivered by the respective Deities.

For example, if you drink alcohol or take drugs then your Nabhi chakra could get spoiled and this is going to affect wealth in your life as Nabhi Chakra or Vishnu and Laxmi are associated with wealth. There are many things you could be doing which could spoil your Nabhi chakra.

Jupiter is also a Guru or teacher and so when you go to false gurus then also your Jupiter could get spoiled. You should not bow down to false Gurus as that also affects your Aganya chakra as Sun rules the Aganaya chakra and Sun is like a king and a king doesn’t bow.

You should only follow incarnations and make them your Guru. I have already written an article > why you should not trust anyone other than incarnations. You should read this article and this will make it clear who are false gurus and why you should not follow them or bow down to them. Also, you should avoid any kind of tantra in your home or office as these kinds of occult practices could also spoil your Nabhi chakra completely. Don’t ever bring any tantric at your home and office and you will be safe with your Nabhi chakra or Jupiter.

Also, God is one and all the religions of the world, if followed properly, take you to the path of spirituality. So, no any kind of favoritism should be there for a particular religion otherwise your Nabhi chakra will get spoiled. Your Nabhi chakra will surely catch if you will do anything wrong that is related to religion as Jupiter is a planet of religions and cultures. You should respect all religions equally and you should not be dogmatic.

If you are cheating your Guru or teacher then also Nabhi chakra could catch and so you should also avoid doing that. Also, bad eating habits could also spoil the Nabhi chakra and that should also be avoided to protect your Nabhi chakra. Drinking alcohol & eating tobacco should be completely avoided as that is the major cause of bad Nabhi chakra.

You should also avoid doing mantras given by false gurus or unauthorized people as that also spoils the Nabhi chakra. For example, a person came to me and he was doing a mantra on regular basis given by his Guru and that mantra was > Aum Guru.

This mantra itself contains the word > Guru and this word is associated with the Void chakra or Nabhi chakra. So, his Nabhi chakra got completely spoiled and he was facing all kinds of problems related to stomach and also imbalance. He was complaining there was no balance in his body and as a result, he was struggling to interact with other people. You can’t really make good wealth in life unless your Nabhi chakra is good.

If you are a miser then also your Nabhi chakra could catch. You should regularly donate in order to open up your Nabhi chakra. If your Jupiter is good, you will have good management skills. You can manage people quite well otherwise you cannot run a team to grow your business if Jupiter is afflicted. Afflicted Jupiter gives the indication of bad or spoiled Nabhi chakra.

Also, Jupiter is a planet of rituals and so when you don’t perform the rituals in the right way then also your Nabhi chakra could catch. For example, if a person has died then all the necessary rituals for the cremation should be done properly for the salvation or the well-being of the departed soul.

Some people don’t even go to attend the cremation ceremony even for their family members. Unless you follow your dharma in life (duties of life) your Nabhi chakra is going to catch. If you just want to sit idle and don’t do anything to earn for your family then also your Nabhi chakra will catch. All the dharmas or rituals in your life should be performed properly in order to keep your Nabhi chakra in good shape.

People having Rahu Jupiter conjunction in their birth chart often do wrong things in life (which is against the Dharma) and so this makes their Jupiter get afflicted. Rahu is a cheater as Rahu is an obsession and when you get obsessed with something in life then you want to fulfill that obsession at any cost (even by doing wrong things in life or going against dharma). People with Rahu Jupiter conjunction often go against Dharma. When you deceive or cheat others it spoils the Nabhi chakra and then you don’t get wealth & prosperity in life.

Some people don’t want to get married and this is also against Dharma. Spouse is seen from the left Nabhi chakra and so unless you get married your left nabhi chakra will never open and then you cannot get prosperity in life. You can only become prosperous in life when both the left and right Nabhi chakras are fully opened. So, marriage is very important for the opening up of the left Nabhi chakra. Often people start making more money once they get married. When you follow your dharma in life Nabhi chakra gets better.

Now if you need a remedy for bad Jupiter then you should take 108 names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya as mentioned here on youtube > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvBmlARDjZc. Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya is the Guru of all the Gurus. He incarnated many times on this earth. His incarnations were Raja Janaka, Shri Abraham, Shri Zarathustra, Shri Moses, Shri Lao-Tsu, Shri Confucius, Shri Socrates, Shri Mohammad, Shri Guru Nanak, Shri Shirdi Sai Naath, etc.

But taking names won’t work at all unless you are self-realized. So, first of all, you should take your self-realization (get your kundalini power awakened) as I mentioned here > How to get your cosmic energy or kundalini energy awakened?. Our prayers reach to the respective Deities only when we are self-realized. By self-realization (kundalini awakening) we get connected with God or so-called the Supreme Power.

People having their Jupiter placed in its own sign of Sagittarius have good Jupiter unless Jupiter is afflicted in this sign. If Sun is placed in the sign of Sagittarius and if it is afflicted it can give obesity.

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