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How a water bottle can reduce stress, anxiety, rage, etc? (Gemstones in Vedic Astrology)

This article is also valid for > afflicted planets in Vedic astrology and using the relevant gemstones.

There are special types of water bottles called gem bottles. These bottles are made from high-quality BPA-free borosilicate glass and stainless steel. You can see the picture of the glass gem bottle as below. If you are on mobile > see gem water bottle picture here.

gem water bottle

As you can see in the picture there is a special type of base inside the gem water bottle and a particular type of quartz (gemstone) is held on the base. In the given picture, Amethyst quartz or Amethyst gemstone has been used as the crystal stone on the base inside the gem water bottle.

Amethyst is one of the several types of gemstones that is used for several health benefits. When you drink water that is being stored in a gem water bottle with Amethyst quartz in it, there are several health benefits such as reducing stress and tension, reducing the effect of mood swings, reducing your impatience, reducing fear, anxiety, and rage, etc. If you have a bad or afflicted Mercury in the birth chart you should use Amethyst.

These gem bottles have been specifically developed to take the advantage of gemstones in your life. Gemstones certainly help in a lot of way. The official website of the company is > youremfshield.com and this company is developing and selling 5 different types of gem bottles based on 5 different types of gemstones. You can purchase any gem water bottle based on your particular requirement. This is actually a great product to gift someone. They offer worldwide shipping.

Here are the 5 different types of gem water bottles

1) Rose Quartz water bottle > for love and relationships

2) Fluorite Quartz water bottle > for peace

3) Amethyst Quartz water bottle > for calmness and controlling anger & aggression

4) Clear Quartz water bottle > for balance

5) Smokey Quartz water bottle > for grounding.

You can know about all these 5 types of gem water bottles on the official website (link given above). You can also know about their benefits on the official website. The company also gives 90 days money-back guarantee. You will stay hydrated by using the water inside these water bottles.

Rose Quartz, as the name suggests, is good for enhancing the feeling of love and relationships in your life as a Rose is a symbol of love and affection. Using the Rose Quartz gem water bottle is like using rose water. Rose Quartz is a stone of pure and unconditional love. It will bring the sensation of romantic feelings to your relationships.

If you are facing relationships problem then the use of this Rose Quartz will be good for you as it heals the relationships. It also helps in developing self-love. If you often go for romantic dates then you should use this water bottle. This is also a good gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Venus in Vedic Astrology is associated with our heart and it is a planet of love and relationships. So, if your Venus is afflicted in the chart you should use Rose Quartz.

If you are suffering all the time from worries and anxieties then drinking anything from a fluorite quartz water bottle will be of great use. It removes the blockage of old energy in the chakras of the human subtle system and gives fresh energy and gives clarity of mind. It is often used for healing benefits related to cleansing and detoxification. In the olden days also, it is said that people used to use fluorite stones for healing purposes such as getting the energy back after a war or sports.

If you need something for spiritual growth such as enhancing meditation and increasing your psychic abilities then you need to drink water stored in a Clear Quartz gem water bottle. If your Jupiter is afflicted in the chart using Clear Quartz will be good for you as it helps in balancing the body as the afflicted Jupiter causes imbalances.

Jupiter rules the sign of Pisces which is a sign of spirituality and meditation and so using Clear Quartz will increase the energy of Pisces in you and Pisces is spiritual energy. This stone appears clear to the eye as it is transparent and so this stone is also associated with the purity of the heart. If you want to bring honest and transparent qualities in you then you should use Clear Quartz. Removing mental clutter is important for focus and this you can achieve using the Clear Quartz.

Clear Quartz also protects from harmful radiations including petrochemical emanations and electromagnetic smog. So, people who are working in the chemical industries must use Clear Quartz water bottles. All the latest technology such as computers, smartphones, MRI machines, microwave ovens, etc emit electromagnetic radiation and so if you are using such technology too much you can certainly make use of Clear Quartz in order to protect yourself from the harmful EMR.

The EMF Pendant Necklace offered by youremfshield.com is also getting very popular as this gemstone necklace protects from the harmful electromagnetic radiations emitted from the devices as I mentioned above.

Now, coming to the Smokey Quartz, you can drink from the Smokey Quartz water bottle if you have a problem with the Muladhara chakra or Mars. Mars rules the Muladhara chakra and so if Mars is afflicted in the Vedic birth chart it means the Muladhara chakra has the problem. Muladhara chakra is all about grounding or earthing and Smokey Quartz is also used for grounding. Someone who is grounded makes a good decision in life and so Smokey stone is important for making good decisions in life.

When you are grounded it also means you are humble or down to earth. If you are not humble or down to earth you should drink in a Smokey gem water bottle. Some people get too excited or overwhelmed by their success and by doing that they lose everything again. In order to protect yourself from such downfall, you should be grounded and that is where this stone is useful.

Sun is the planet that possesses the qualities of humbleness. So, if your Sun is afflicted in the chart then also you should make use of Smokey Quartz.

Now, coming back to Amethyst Quartz this is good to use when you have a problem with Swadisthana chakra and this chakra is ruled by the planet Mercury. So, if Mercury is afflicted in your Vedic birth chart then you should drink from an Amethyst water bottle. Swadisthana chakra controls the functioning of the liver, pancreas, spleen, uterus, intestines, ovaries, and metabolism. So, if you have problems related to these body parts then also you should use Amethyst Quartz. Overloading work and work stress are also caused due to overactive of the Swadisthana chakra and so this stone is also good to use when you have stress or overthinking and insomnia.

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