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How to improve Venus for good relationships with the spouse? (Vedic Astrology)

If you want to improve your Venus the most important thing you need to do is to stop looking at other men and women with sexual lust. Sexual lust is the root cause of all relationship problems. When you look at any other man or girl or woman there should be purity in your eyes and mind.

If you are watching naked pictures or videos of other people then this is also lust and it should be completely avoided. Why? This is because it will spoil your Venus and when Venus gets spoiled your love life will certainly fail and will result in a divorce or it will be hard for you to get married (settle in a permanent or stable relationship).

If you are making relationships (romantic or sexual) even before marriage this is a great sin you are doing as, in a way, you are cheating on your future spouse. Cheating is a sin. Your Venus will only improve when you are honest in your relationship. You should not even think of any other man or woman (or girl or boy) in your mind other than your spouse. Then only your Venus will remain in good shape and if you follow what I said your married life will be full of love. There will be mutual trust in your married life, and it is mutual trust & faith only that help in a stable relationship.

You might have seen the majority of the actors and actresses in Hollywood and Bollywood have faced divorces in their life. Why? If you are an actor in a movie then you may even need to do kissing or romantic scenes with the co-actor or co-actress. By doing that you are spoiling your Venus as you are hurting your spouse by doing that.

It’s the law of nature > when you hurt others you will also face heartbreaks in your life as a return gift. As you sow, so shall you reap. It’s simple logic and you need to understand this. You are not supposed to cheat or hurt your spouse just to make your career in Hollywood or Bollywood. Touching or kissing another man or woman (after marriage) is going to spoil your Venus as this is the wrong thing to do and anything you do wrong in life is going to trouble you.

Many people complain that God has not given them a good spouse. The thing is, God never does anything. You get good or bad in your life, according to, whether you have done something good or bad in the past or even in the past life. If you think you haven’t done anything wrong in this life and still you are suffering then you might have done something wrong in the past life. Just go with the past life regression therapy and you will be able to figure out what wrong you might have done in your past life.

If your spouse is cheating on you in a relationship then you might have also cheated on someone else in your past. If you yourself are not honest in a relationship then don’t expect others (like your spouse) to be honest with you in the relationship. And trust me you will get such a loving and caring spouse if you have never been lustful in your life as I mentioned earlier.

If you want everything good in your life then do good to others and never cheat or deceive others. If you are flirting with other’s wives or husbands then don’t expect your own spouse not to flirt with others. Do good and be honest if you expect something good from others. This is the simple rule you need to follow in order to make your life and relationships better. God will test your honesty for several years before rewarding you with something that you want. Your patience will be tested by God and you need to prove yourself by being patient.

Some people are revengeful. If they see their spouse flirting with someone else, they will also start flirting with someone just to take revenge. This is again a wrong thing to do as flirting with someone else is again going to spoil your Venus.

Just let your spouse do what he/she wants to do but you should never be revengeful. Your spouse is bound to suffer by the laws of nature if he/she does something wrong but you should not do something wrong just to take revenge otherwise nature will make you suffer as well and a lot more. You should be forgiving and if your Sun is good in the birth chart then you will naturally be having forgiving quality. If your Sun is weak in the chart, you will not be able to forgive. But just use your discretion. If you cannot forgive then you will be revengeful and that is going to make you suffer even more.

You should accept, whatever is happening, and tolerate everything. Just make up your mind that whatever bad is happening in your life might be because of your past life bad deeds. You need to accept your sufferings without being revengeful. You actually surrender to God when you accept your sufferings and when you surrender to God then God really takes care of you. But if you are revengeful then God will never be with you.

It is useless to go for divorces and court cases. If you accept even your bad spouse, a day will come when your spouse will feel guilty, and trust me, one day, he will be on your feet asking for forgiveness. But if you are revengeful and go for divorces or court cases you will get nothing out of it. You should accept whatever life gives because you are getting good or bad according to whatever good or bad you did in the past. Then why complaints?

You need to understand the law of nature. The simple law of nature is > as you sow, so shall you reap. So, do good in life if you want to get good in life. And if you are suffering simply accept it as there is no other way to get out of your sufferings as you are bound to suffer till your sins are over according to the law of nature. But just make your mind that you will not do anything from now onwards and this will make your future to be good and secure.

People who are having their Moon placed in the sign of Cancer have a lot of tolerance power as Moon in Cancer gives stability to the heart. When your heart is stable you have a great tolerance power. People who cannot tolerate anything often are revengeful such as Venus in Scorpio. Read more here > How Moon in Cancer makes you self-satisfied.

But you can always increase your tolerance power through meditation and I already mentioned how to meditate as here. This article is about increasing the cosmic energy (through meditation) within your subtle chakras and that is going to give a lot of tolerance power. People with > Venus in Virgo < are very much argumentative and it will be difficult for them to tolerate anything. Venus in Pisces could also give a lot of tolerance power as Pisces is spiritual energy and Venus represents the heart. Whichever planet is placed in the sign of Pisces becomes strong.

But the thing is when you suffer a lot in relationships then you lose faith in relationships. If there is something (related to relationships) that is stored in your subconscious mind from the past life then you will hesitate a lot to make relationships in this life. Such people often don’t even want to get married or be in a relationship due to emotional blocks.

Subconscious beliefs, old programming, past traumas, and stored emotions can all keep you stuck repeating the same unsuccessful patterns over and over. But there is nothing much to worry about for such emotional problems as there are people who can clear out your past traumas and then you will even forget what happened in the past. You can take the service of this lady on fiverr.com and she will clear your energy blockage and past traumas online and it will give you the complete relief. Then you will feel like making a new relationship. Hope you find the article useful.

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