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Do you know afflicted Venus can cause breast cancer? (Vedic Astrology)

First of all, you should know that Venus rules the heart chakra (also called Anahata chakra) in the human subtle system. If you are not sure about this read here on the Sahaja Yoga website about the Anahata Chakra. It is clearly written that the Anahata Chakra controls the breasts and thymus glands.

That is the reason people sometimes get breast cancer when Venus is placed in the sign of Cancer (but only if Venus is afflicted while placed in the sign of Cancer) as the disease Cancer is also associated with the Cancer sign in Vedic Astrology and Venus is associated with the breasts as Venus rules the Anahata chakra. Also, the Anahata chakra controls the regulation of the heart and the lungs.

Venus in Cancer (especially when Venus is placed in Ashlesha Nakshatra) is quite a risky placement for breast Cancer. Cancer is a very emotional sign and so when planets are placed in the sign of Cancer, they often give a lot of emotional problems especially when the planet is getting afflicted in the sign of Cancer.

According to Vedic Astrology, afflicted Cancer sign is the major cause of the disease Cancer whether it is lung Cancer or breast Cancer, or the Cancer of the uterus etc. The functioning of the Uterus is controlled by the Swadisthana chakra and Mercury rules the Swadisthana chakra and that is the major reason when Mercury gets afflicted in the sign of Cancer it may even cause the Cancer of the Uterus. Many women have died because of Cancer in the Uterus.

People with Rahu in Cancer may also get the disease of Cancer as Rahu is an amplifier and so it amplifies the emotions of the person. When emotions get amplified it gives emotional diseases and also overwhelming problems. When Venus is placed in the sign of Cancer it gives an emotional heart or a loving heart which is good to have. But if Venus is getting afflicted in the sign of Cancer, then the native is also prone to emotional diseases like Cancer.

Venus is also a planet of relationships and so the person could get hurt badly when the relationships are not working for him/her. Now, if his/her Venus is placed in the sign of Cancer it could also give depression and diseases like Breast Cancer. The heart chakra or Venus is also associated with security and when the person feels emotionally insecure then also breast cancer is possible.

For example, many women or girls feel lonely in their life as no one is there to care for them and such people often develop breast cancer. When your emotions are getting affected due to some reason then you are likely to develop emotional diseases in you.

If Venus is placed in the sign of Cancer and if Venus is either conjuncted or aspected by malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars, and Saturn then also breast Cancer disease is possible. It is the worry and insecurity in your heart that causes this disease then what's the use of worrying all the time?

But the problem is some people are internally very weak and so this is not their fault when they feel emotionally insecure and get into worry all the time. For these kinds of people, best advice would be to develop the cosmic energy in their hearts. The sign of Pisces in Vedic Astrology represents cosmic energy. Such people should meditate by the method of cosmic energy awakening and I already mentioned in this article regarding the growing of cosmic energy through regular meditation.

In some people, there is an emotional block. So, what is an emotional block? An emotional block is some kind of past life memory that is stored in the subconscious brain or mind and that is preventing them to do something in this life. For example, a lady’s son died in the past life in an accident while driving on the road. Now, in this life, this lady is again having a son after marriage and now she is afraid and feel insecure all the time whenever her son goes out for driving. She feels that her son might meet with an accident and this is giving her insecurity this is all happening as something from the past life is stored in the subconscious brain.

When you suffer from such emotional blocks then also you could get a disease like breast Cancer. But nowadays it is easy to get rid of such emotional blocks and past traumas as there are some people who have psychic powers to get you out of such emotional blocks. You can find one such person here on fiverr.com.

You need to get out of your emotional blockages also in order to remain free from diseases like Cancer. God has given this life to enjoy his creation and there is so much to do that just one life is not even enough. Unless you set your goals in life and work towards them you will not be able to get out of your past traumas. The best thing would be to meditate and increase the level of cosmic energy inside you and this can only make your heart chakra and other chakras stronger. Unless you are internally strong you cannot enjoy your external life.

If Venus is placed in the sign of Cancer and if Moon, the sign ruler of Cancer, is placed in the sign of Scorpio then there could also be psychic problems in the heart such as some dead spirit entering your heart and this could also give heart-related diseases such as the breast cancer or even lungs disease such as tuberculosis.

As I mentioned earlier heart chakra controls the functioning of the heart and the lungs in the body. Scorpio is a psychic sign and Moon in Scorpio is never good and often it gives psychological issues. If malefics like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu are aspecting Moon placed in Scorpio) then it is even more of a problem. Scorpio is a sign of past life blockages and so Moon is never comfortable when placed in the sign of Scorpio.

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