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What are some of the examples of Takia Kalam?

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Takia Kalam
Takia Kalam is nothing but the phrase or expression recognized by it's repeated utterance in a person. In the English language, it means catchphrase. Many such phrases and expressions are used by media personalities and so these often become viral in the public or audience. These phrases or expressions are sometimes self-made or given by the directors to the media personalities as a dialogue.

Often the stars are recognized by their famous phrases or expressions and that is what their takia kalam is. The actors and actresses often use their takia kalam while they are acting or in general when they use them in personal conversation.

Here are some of the examples of Takia Kalams used by various Indian media personalities.

1) Kapil Sharma > Babaji Ka Thulu (from the Television show "comedy nights with Kapil Sharma")

2) ACP Pradyuman > Kuch to Gadbad Hai Daya (from the television show "CID").

3) Navjot Singh Sidhu > Thoko Thoko! or Thoko Tali (from "The Kapil Sharma Show")

4) Amrish Puri > Mogambo khush hua (from the super-hit film "Mr. India")

5) Sunny Deol > tarikh par tarikh (from the film "Damini")

6) Salman Khan > ek bar joh maine commitment kar di uske baad to main khud ki bhi nahi sunta (from the film "Wanted").

7) Anil Kapoor > Ek Dum Jhakaas (from the film "Yudh").

8) Shatrughan Sinha > Khamosh (from the film "Betaaj Badshah")

9) Shah Rukh Khan > Kk.. Kk...kk.. Kiran (from the film "Darr")

You can also watch this youtube video to know about the takia kalam of different characters in the television serial > Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma.

In foreign countries Takia Kalam is termed as Catchphrases and here is the huge list of catchphrases from UK and USA by Wikipedia.

Catchphrases are not only meant for film personalities. Even many top brands use catchphrases or takia kalam. For example, "utterly butterly delicious" is the catchphrase of the popular Amul Company in India. "Yehi Hain right choice baby" for 'Pepsi' cold drink company and "Taste the thunder" for 'Thumps Up' coco-cola Company. Also, "Daag Acche Hain" is the catchphrase of the 'Surf' company in India.

So that is what the meaning of Takia Kalam is. Hope that helped.

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