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Can afflicted Mars give prostate glands problems? (Vedic Astrology)

There are 7 chakras in the human subtle system and each chakra is associated with a certain planet and also each chakra controls the functioning of some particular body organs.

The first chakra in the human subtle system is the Muladhara chakra and it is the root chakra as it is the base. You can see the image below for the location of each chakra in the human subtle system. If you are on mobile click here to see the image.

7 chakras in human subtle system

The 7 chakras are > Muladhara chakra, Swadisthana chakra, Nabhi chakra (or Bhavsagar chakra), Anahata Chakra (or heart chakra), Vishuddhi Chakra, Aganya chakra, and Sahastrara Chakra.

Here I will only talk about the Muladhara chakra as this chakra controls the functioning of the prostate glands in our body and Mars is the planet that rules this chakra. You can know more about Muladhara chakra on Sahajayogabengal.com here.

When Mars is afflicted in the birth chart it means there could be a problem in your Muladhara chakra. When Muladhara chakra has a problem, it doesn’t function properly, and since Muladhara chakra controls the functioning of prostate glands so it is possible that you get diseases related to prostate glands in your life.

Afflicted Mars or afflicted Muladhara chakra is the root cause of all the sexual diseases as the sign of Scorpio (ruled by Mars) falls on the 8th house in the default zodiac and the 8th house is also the Muladhara chakra. Scorpio and 8th house are just the same things. So, the sign of Scorpio also represents the Muladhara chakra and Scorpio is also a sign of sex.

All our reproductive organs in the body are also controlled by the Muladhara chakra. That is the reason, people often face reproductive difficulties in their life when Mars is afflicted in the chart as Mars rules the Muladhara chakra. You need to keep your Muladhara chakra in good shape in order to avoid reproductive difficulties and sexual diseases in your life. Muladhara chakra also controls the excretion in our body and so the constipation disease also comes in life due to the problem in the Muladhara chakra.

When you somehow become immoral in sex then the Muladhara chakra catches and then you get a disease that is related to prostate glands. For example, having sex before marriage, having sex with a different partner other than your spouse even after marriage, looking at someone with sexual lust, watching adult movies, having filthy sex with the spouse, masturbating, etc.

You should know that God has given the reproductive organs & sex just to produce kids and sex is not meant for pleasure. You should not even think of sex in your mind to keep your Muladhara chakra in good shape. The purity of the mind should be there. People who are having their Venus placed in the sign of Scorpio, become extremely sexual. Your Venus should be in Pisces so that you enjoy nature and traveling and not in Scorpio where you indulge in all the filth.

People who went to false gurus like Rajneesh they are suffering a lot and many of them even suffered from horrible diseases like AIDS as AIDS is also caused due to the problem in the Muladhara chakra.

But any disease related to prostate glands can be cured through meditation by the method of cosmic energy awakening. I have already mentioned this method of meditation here > Cosmic energy meditation. When the cosmic energy or the kundalini energy gets awakened it cleanses the Muladhara chakra and other chakras in the body and when the Muladhara chakra gets healed all the diseases that are caused due to the problem in this chakra are cured in a magical way. But you need to avoid immoral sex as I mentioned above otherwise you will never get cured as the chakra will again catch.

Shri Ganesha is the Deity residing on Muladhara chakra and so you also need to take 108 names of Shri Ganesha before meditation in order to cure your Muladhara chakra. Only meditation won’t work and you also need to cleanse the chakras by taking the names of the respective Deities. Here are the 4 links on my website related to Muladhara chakra and you should also go through them in order to understand this chakra in a better way.





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