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The power of subconscious mind (past life) and Vedic Astrology

Whatever you do or learn, a lot of it gets stored in the subconscious mind or brain. For example, if in the past life you studied the subject of physics (or science) and did a lot of research on this subject then whatever you learned about the subject of physics in the past life (a lot of it) will get stored in your subconscious mind.

Suppose you did 40 years of research on the concepts of physics in the past life but suddenly you died but took a new birth again in this current life. Then, in this current life, you may again get interested in the subject of physics as a lot of information related to the subject of physics was already stored in your subconscious brain as you already studied this subject in the past life.

Now, in this life, it is possible that you cleared the IIT exams in just 1 attempt and it is also possible that you didn’t even work hard or didn’t prepare much for the exams. So, people will be surprised how you could clear the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) exams (which is considered as one of the most difficult entrance exams for engineering) in just the first attempt and without even studying much.

But people don’t realize that you did a full 40 years of research in your past life on the subject of science and that was already stored in your subconscious mind. That research might not have given you success in the past life but in this life, you got the results. So, the moral of the story is > that the hard work you do may not give immediate results but all the stored knowledge in the subconscious mind will pay off one day.

Sometimes one life is not enough to master a subject as there is so much to learn and so the journey continues lives after lives. That is also the reason some people get success so quickly in their life as they are just continuing their journey from their past lives. For example, in the past life if you were a famous actress then getting success in the film industry will be very easy for you in this life as everything (related to acting) is already stored in the subconscious. It’s in your DNA.

The power of the subconscious also works in love and relationships. For example, many people do love marriage as they find an internal connection with the opposite partner and then that person becomes their soulmate. Suppose you did a love marriage in the past life and you did well with your marriage throughout the life (in your past life). But the end of life for the physical bodies is always there and so both > you and your soulmate < died in the past life.

Now, suppose both of you took a new birth in this current life simultaneously then both of you could again fall in love with each other in this life also as your soul recognizes that person (the opposite partner) from the past life as everything gets stored in the subconscious.

But, suppose, you got married to someone else before you met your soulmate (past life partner) in this life then you get into trouble as now you become helpless as you cannot marry a person who is already married and who is your soulmate. This is also the major reason for extramarital affairs.

Some people, however, can draw a sketch (photo) of your soulmate just if you can give them your birth details. I am not sure how effective this is but a lot of people are buying such services (as they find it working) in order to recognize their soulmate even before they get married. You can visit masterwangdrawings.com if you need a sketch of your soulmate.

In a Vedic birth chart, there are several combinations that can indicate love marriage and extramarital affairs, and problems of the subconscious mind. For example, in a man’s or boy’s chart Moon and Venus combination or conjunction in the sign of Scorpio or the 8th house or the 5th house is the major indication of something related to love and relationship that is stored in the subconscious mind or brain (coming from the past life).

Scorpio is a major sign of the subconscious and when Moon is in Scorpio or the 8th house then this is giving an indication of something stored in the subconscious as the Moon represents the mind in Vedic Astrology. Since Venus is a planet of relationships so Moon-Venus conjunction in the sign of Scorpio or the 8th house is the major indication that the person could get stuck in a relationship coming from the past life.

Also, see if this combination in the D-60 chart as D-60 is the chart of the past life. If D-60 is having such a combination and then if in the Lagna chart ascendant lord and the 7th lord are conjuncting in the 5th house of love and romance (or the 9th house) then love marriage is certainly possible. You can also check the Navamsa chart as something will also be indicated there also.

If D-60 chart indicates a subconscious issue but if the Lagna chart does not indicate a love marriage, then the person could get stuck and there could be an extramarital affair. For a girl or woman, the Moon and Mars combination in the sign of Scorpio (or the 8th house) could indicate something stored in the subconscious that is from the past life. Mars represents the male friend in a girl’s chart.

The 7th house is just the house of relationships but the 2nd house lord actually represents the spouse or the soulmate. So, if the 2nd lord and the ascendant lord are placed in the sign of Scorpio in any given house in the birth chart (D 60 chart should also confirm) then also marriage could happen with the soulmate (love marriage due to past life memories).

But this is not always so that Moon Venus or Moon-Mars conjunction in the sign of Scorpio or the 8th house will indicate something coming from the past life but if any of these planets are Putrakarka (PK) and one of them also a Darakarka (DK) then certainly this is something related to love and romance or relationship that could come from the past life. This is because PK carries the energy of the 5th house of love and romance. And DK carries the energy of the 7th house of relationships.

Sometimes it happens that you get stuck in a love relationship or a romantic relationship with your cousin brother or sister and this is also possible because it might be that the person who is your cousin brother or sister in this life might be your soulmate (or spouse) in the past life.

The 3rd house represents the cousin brothers (from the paternal side) and so if Moon Venus conjunction or Moon-Mars conjunction is happening in the sign of Scorpio in the 3rd house and if any of these planets are DK and PK then you may even get stuck in a romantic relationship with the cousin brother or sister.

If it happens in the 6th house in the sign of Scorpio then you could get stuck in a romantic relationship with the cousin brother or sister from the maternal side as the 6th house represents people from your maternal side. If Rahu and Mars are either aspecting or conjuncting Venus (placed in the sign of Scorpio) in the 3rd house or the 6th house then the person could even make a sexual relationship with the cousin brother or sister. Rahu is unstoppable and you need to be careful of Rahu and Mars represents our sexuality. All these abnormal things happen due to the blocks in the subconscious mind as something could be troubling you from the past life.

You should read this book on Amazon and this book will help you understand how to program your mind to achieve anything you want in life. But you need to trust the author and implement what has been mentioned in the book. This is also a good way to improve yourself and get everything you want in life whether it is good health or wealth. Suppose there are some negative thoughts in your mind then you can program your subconscious brain to get rid of negative thoughts.

Here is one of the reviews of this book of Dr Joseph Murphy.

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Also, these changes don't happen overnight so stick with them and trust the process.

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