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Which planet is responsible for self confidence in Vedic Astrology?

The planet that is associated with self-confidence is Venus. How come Venus? The thing is, you get self-confidence or have self-confidence when you are fearless. When you are fearless from inside then only it will give self-confidence to do something in the outside world.

Either there is fear or there is some kind of abnormality that is causing you to lose your self-confidence. Also, sometimes you get demotivated due to the negative comments by people, around you, on whatever you are trying to do. When you are demotivated then also you may lose your self-confidence. Ultimately the heart is affected when you get demotivated and lose your self-confidence.

The heart is associated with the planet Moon and Venus. Venus is associated with the central heart and Moon is associated with the left heart. Moon rules the 4th house and the 4th house represents the heart and Venus is the natural significator of the heart. A wife (Venus) is also a mother (Moon), and that is the major reason Venus is the natural significator of the 4th house or heart. The moon naturally represents the heart as it rules the 4th house and the 4th house represents the mother and heart in Vedic Astrology.

Fear and anxiety also originate from the heart and that is the reason you need to improve your Venus or heart in order to overcome fear and get your self-confidence. People like film actors and actresses have the strongest Venus as from inside they are fearless and so they are not afraid to perform in front of the public. The same is the case with public speakers.

Fear and anxiety you get on the mental level and Moon is the planet of your emotions and mental state and Moon represents the heart. And so ultimately you need to work on your heart to get self-confidence or fearlessness. When your heart or Venus is strong you never get affected (more than a few minutes or seconds) when people around you try to demotivate you. Venus in Pisces in the Navamsa chart could make you very strong by heart as Pisces is spiritual energy and Venus represents the heart. Also, Venus is considered exalted in the sign of Pisces.

People having a weak Venus or heart or people who are emotionally weak (weak Moon) are affected most in life when difficult situations come to life. For example, Saturn in Cancer may give a lot of emotional problems or insecurity problems as Saturn is the enemy to the Moon (or Cancer sign). People with this placement could get demotivated (or disheartened) very easily. Moon in Cancer is the best placement for a strong heart.

Also, when you do wrong things in life then also you become fearful. For example, if you killed a person then you become fearful of getting arrested by the police. When you feel guilty after doing something it means that is the wrong thing to do and when you do wrong things in life then the self-confidence will never grow. This is because internally you have that guilt inside you and when there is the guilt you cannot be self-confident. When you have the guilt, you feel low within you. So, in order to increase your self-confidence, it is important to avoid doing all kinds of wrong things in life.

For example, even when you masturbate then also you develop guilt within you as this is the wrong thing to do and then you cannot become self-confident. You need to be a pure soul in order to develop your self-confidence. You should keep yourself away from kama (sexual lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (attachment), and ahankara (ego) as said by Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita.

Honesty is another thing that you should follow in order to gain your self-confidence. This is because dishonesty is a wrong thing and as I mentioned earlier when you do wrong things in life you develop guilt within you and that in turn lowers your self-confidence.

People are doing a lot of wrong things in life but internally they still know that is wrong and that is the reason they develop guilt. Cheating or deceiving others should also be avoided in order to increase your level of self-confidence in you. You should also be honest in relationships and partnerships and that is also going to increase your self-confidence. When you follow honesty in life God rewards you with self-confidence and that in turn helps you achieve a lot of things in life.

When you do wrong things in life then it becomes difficult to show your face to the people and then you run away from society or the people of the society. For example, if you have wasted a lot of your sexual energy through sex or sexual intercourse then your Sun cannot be good and Sun is the planet that gives us name and fame, and limelight.

When Sun is good you will enjoy the limelight and stage performance. On the other hand, if Sun is not good you will run away from the limelight and will hide from the public. The heat energy that is generated in your body after digestion is the power of the Sun as the Sun represents heat and light. That is the reason, you cannot be energetic in life if your Sun is weak and that is also going to lower your self-confidence. You can read this article > if your Sun and Mars are not good it could make you lazy.

For example, if you are participating in a race then you cannot be confident of winning the race if you do not have that required energy within you which is the power of the Sun. You should preserve your semen (by following chastity) within the body and that will make you more energetic and that in turn will increase your self-confidence. The planet Venus represents semen.

Actually, self-confidence in a person cannot be determined by just a single planet as a lot of other planets also affect the person according to whether they are well placed in the chart or not. You should read this amazing book on Amazon on self-confidence and that is really going to help increase your self-confidence.

Also, it is important to work hard and sacrifice your comforts in order to grow your self-confidence. For example, your discretion and brain power cannot be good if you are wasting a lot of your energy through masturbating and then you cannot be self-confident when it comes to clearing your exams. You need to sacrifice your sexual pleasure in order to gain confidence in clearing your exams.

But there are some other people who have good Sun & Mercury and so they are good at studies but when it comes to stage performance, they are not confident and run away from that. This is because it might be that their heart chakra has the problem and it is making them fearful. Mercury placed in the sign of Cancer also sometimes gives fear and anxiety especially if Mercury is afflicted in the chart. Mercury is associated with the nervous system in the body and so this planet is also responsible for nervousness and anxiety. I have already written an article on > Mercury in Cancer in the 8th house and you can read it.

Now, if you want to overcome fear in your life then you need to clear your heart chakra (also called Anahat Chakra) as the fear originates from the heart of a person. Maa Durga and Maa Jagadama are the Deities associated with the heart chakra. So you need to take 108 names every day of these Deities before meditation in order to improve your heart chakra. Maa Durga is associated with a tiger and the tiger is fearless and that is also the reason Maa Durga needs to be worshipped to bring fearlessness in life.

But all the prayers we do for Deities never reach them unless we are self-realized and so first you should get your self-realization and then you should take 108 names of Maa Durga and Maa Jagadama. Do this for the next 4-6 months and you will be able to overcome your fear and that in turn will give you self-confidence. Self-realization is nothing but the awakening of cosmic energy or kundalini energy within you and I have already mentioned it here.

The more your heart chakra will develop more you will be fearless. People like soldiers are extremely fearless as they have a very strong heart chakra. Some people can’t even think of becoming a soldier as their heart is weak. You can make yourself extremely fearless by taking the names of Maa Durga and Maa Jagadama but only after getting your self-realization. Psychological issues can also make you lose your self-confidence and this can also be dealt with through self-realization and meditation.

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