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Why career in Vedic Astrology not meant for everyone?

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Kapiel Raaj Vedic Astrologer
First of all Vedic Astrology is considered a pseudoscience which means the theories, beliefs, and practices in Vedic Astrology have no basis in scientific fact and so were disproved scientifically due to the lack of evidence to support them. That is also the reason this hidden knowledge is not even taught in schools, colleges and universities which are approved by the ministry of human resource development (MHRD), the government of India.

There are private institutes and private individuals only where you can learn this hidden knowledge from. Also, the hidden knowledge (occult) such as Vedic Astrology is stored in the Muladhara Chakra in the human subtle system and this chakra is controlled by the deity Shri Ganesha. That is why when someone tries to learn Vedic Astrology his/her attention goes into the Muladhara Chakra.

If the Muladhara Chakra is not all right or weak the person will never be able to concentrate while learning Vedic Astrology. There will be some sort of strain in the sacrum bone (end of the backbone) where Muladhara Chakra is situated. Vedic Astrology is represented by the 8th house and 8th house is also the Muladhara Chakra.

The Muladhara Chakra has to be very strong in a person for him/her to master this purest form of knowledge. That is the reason Vedic Astrology is only meant for Chaste people. In olden days, only Rishis used to practice this knowledge as they were chaste and so their Muladhara Chakra was very strong to grasp the concept of Vedic Astrology easily.

If you are a normal human being engaged in sexual activities all the time then this knowledge will shy away from you as Shri Ganesha (the ruler of Muladhara Chakra) gives wisdom only when you are chaste. You cannot deceive the deity sitting on your chakra and so you need to be pure in heart and follow chastity in order to acquire this divine knowledge. Shri Ganesha is the giver of this knowledge and so you need to also respect him and pray him to master this knowledge.

Some people, however, have very strong Muladhara Chakra by birth and those people may become good astrologers if they are interested in practicing this. A good example is of a child astrologer named Abhigya. He is a Rishi by birth.

95% of the astrologers in the world today have just the basic knowledge (like exalted and debilitated planets) which is available for free all over the internet but they will not be able to predict. If your concepts of astrology are clear then predicting anything will be a child's play for you. By looking at the birth chart, just within seconds, you will be able to predict. If an astrologer is giving a lot of lectures on astrology it doesn't mean he will be able to predict accurately.

Even the good astrologers can predict about your career only in a broad way like you should go into the creative field (Venus). But in today's world, there are so many things in the creative field such as painting, drama, art, modeling, sports, home decor etc. To pinpoint exact career is almost impossible for any astrologer. And so you need to think, before being an astrologer, if this career is really for you or not.

Also, when you learn astrology your 8th house gets activated and it is often the case that family life is ruined by activating 8th house as the 2nd house of family is just opposite to the 8th house in Vedic Astrology. This is because when you focus more on a particular house (Rahu), the house just opposite to it is badly affected (not always but it is often the case). For example, K.N Rao, a great Indian Astrologer, didn't get married and so no family because of 8th house activation.

Only the spiritual people who are into sadhna and looking to know God through meditation are mostly supposed to take this career of Astrology as they are so spiritual that the material world (business world) doesn't fit in their mind as the career.

If you are too much materialistic then this career is not for you as then it will ruin your family life. Also, this career is good after the age of 45 or so when you are more matured and not really interested in the materialistic things of life. Vedic Astrology is actually a temptation for people who are on the spiritual path and doing meditation and sadhna to know God or want to achieve spiritual powers but it is not considered an impure knowledge like tantra which you practice to harm others.

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