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How to interpret Mars for predictions in Vedic Astrology?

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The element of Mars is fire and Mars is better known as Bhoomi Putra as Mars rules the land, properties and all things that come out of the land such as grains (from underground). 'Bhoomi' means "land" and "Putra" means son. So "Bhoomi Putra" means "son of land". Both "Bhoomi" and "Putra" are Hindi (an Indian language) words. If your Mars is weak in the astrological birth chart then it will be difficult for you to acquire your own land, shop or home as Mars represents all these things.

Many people want to know through Astrology when will they own their own home or when their disputes related to property will be resolved > all that can be known by studying the position of Mars in the birth chart, Navamsa chart and the respective divisional chart specifically meant for properties.

Mars is said to be strongest in Capricorn sign (exalted) and weakest in the cancer sign (debilitated). Irrespective of sign placement Mars is considered strongest in 10th house and weakest in 4th house.

Since the land and property has to do with Mars, as said before, one can own more than one property (whether home, office or land in general) if Mars is placed in the 9th house, 10th house and 11th house as Mars is strongest in these houses.

Mars is the energy produced when we eat. When Mars is in 5th house it creates digestion and stomach related problems as heat is accumulated in the stomach (as 5th house represent stomach).

When Mars is in 4th house it may give a lot of anger as then energy is accumulated in the heart which is not good (unless the Mars is in the sign of Pisces in the 4th house). 4th house represents the heart.

If Mars is in the 9th house, 10th house and 11th house the energy (heat) is never accumulated in the body as these houses represents thigh, legs, and feet of the body where heat is never accumulated and so Mars is considered strongest in these houses and people are very energetic who have their Mars placement in these houses.

Mars in the eighth house and the 7th house could make a person very sexual as then the energy is accumulated near-sex area(as 8th house and 7th house is near sex area). This creates more problem (more sexual) if there is an aspect from Rahu over Mars in the birth chart.

Mars in 6th house is also good but these people are more into fights and sports involving fights and competition. They spend a lot of their energy in arguments such as a lawyer. So that is how you can predict something from Mars in the birth chart.

The strength in your body, the energy in your body, your self-confidence and your courage are all seen from the position of Mars in the horoscope. If Mars is debilitated in the sign of cancer then your physical self qualities as mentioned in the previous line will be badly affected.

Since Mars is energy it is also the sexual power in a person. If somehow Mars is weak then the ability to do sex and produce children will be affected. The color associated with Mars is red and the major crop associated with Mars is barley.

The metal associated with Mars is copper and so all things made from copper are a representation of Mars in a real-life scenario. Copper's most important use is in electrical equipment such as wiring and motors as copper is a good conductor of heat and electricity. That is the reason Mars is the representation of engineering and technical career in Vedic Astrology. All types of engineering involving electric current and heat are the representation of Mars as Mars is a fiery planet.

Mars owns two signs > Aries and Scorpio. Aries is about physical self (as mentioned above) while Scorpio is related to engineering and it is a water sign.

All the coding and wiring (hidden codes) you see when you open any electronic item from it's back is the representation of the Scorpio side of Mars. All the source codes which are hidden are a representation of Scorpio. You can know more about the Scorpio side of Mars here.

In Vedic Astrology Mars rules the 8th house. Many people who are into the repairing, coding or making of electronic items such as watches, mobile phones, television etc have their Mars placed in the 8th house of their horoscope or astrological birth chart. Mars also represents your younger brothers and sisters.

If you are facing problem related to Mars in your horoscope and not able to purchase a property or home you can watch this youtube video for the solution.

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