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Which planet is most negative for each ascendant in Vedic Astrology?

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Marak Graha or Enemy Planet in Vedic Astrology
For every Ascendant or Lagna, there is a negative planet (enemy planet) and during the period of this planet (Mahadasha or Anterdasha) you will really feel the pain. Here are the different Ascendants and the respective negative planets for them. The negative planet is also called 'Marak Graha' in the Hindi language. Check in the astrological software if you are running the time period of your enemy planet in case if you are troubled with something at this moment in life. This will really hold true.

1) Aries Ascendant: For Aries Ascendant people mercury is the most negative planet and often it gives a lot of problem during its period. They face problems related to mind, bones, and unsteadiness.

2) Taurus Ascendant: For Taurus Ascendant people Jupiter is the most negative planet (khalnayak) for them and mostly it gives a lot of problem in life during its period (Mahadasha or Anterdasha). They may face problems related to obesity, ego, and stubbornness.

3) Gemini Ascendant: For Gemini Lagna people the most negative planet is Mars and usually gives a lot of problems during its period. They may face problems related to surgeries, anger, and troubles.

4) Cancer Ascendant: Venus is the most negative planet for Cancer Ascendant people and so many times it gives a lot of problems if the person with this Ascendant is running the period of Venus. Since Venus represents relationships they face a lot of problems related to marriage and often have to face divorces. Their marriage life is often not good even if there is no divorce.

5) Leo Ascendant: For Leo Ascendants Saturn is the most negative planet and they run into problems like back pain (or bone problems), too much hard work in jobs and a lot of injuries and accidents too and also shaking of the body. Just check in your birth chart in the astrological software if you are running the Mahadasha or Anterdasha (time period) of Saturn if you are facing such problems.

6) Virgo Ascendant: For Virgo Ascendant people the planet Mars is most negative for them. They face a lot of injuries, blood-related problems, problems in marriage, and arguments with higher authorities if Mars is not well placed in their birth chart.

7) Libra Ascendant: Jupiter is the unfavorable or negative planet for Libra Ascendant people. Due to Jupiter, they face problems related to emotions, a long disease, and ignominy (badnami). They are afraid of ignominy as they are obsessed about name and fame.

8) Scorpio Ascendant: Mercury is the most unfavorable or negative planet for Scorpio Ascendant people and they often face a lot of troubles during the time period of Mercury related to anger, ego, and mind.

9) Sagittarius Ascendant: Venus is the Marak planet (enemy planet) for them and they usually get into the trouble of diabetes (a disease) during the Mahadasha or Anterdasha of Venus. Also, they may face ignominy (badnami) and physical fights.

10) Capricorn Ascendant: For Capricorns moon is the most negative planet for them. They may get into troubles of indigestion, family problems or infertility during the time period of Moon.

11) Aquarius Ascendant: Sun in the worst planet for these people and so they face problems related to nerves, bones, giddiness, and asthma.

12) Pisces Ascendant: Venus is the 'Marak planet' (enemy planet) for Pisces Ascendant people and bad Venus in its time period may give obesity, diabetes, and hormones related problems.

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The conditions mentioned above is not always the case but often the case. If in the horoscope if somehow 'Marak planet' becomes favorable it can even give a lot of success in life.

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