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How to make money by starting a youtube channel for stock markets?

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Stock Markets
When you start a youtube channel it has to be on a particular niche. If your niche is not much popular and if it doesn't have much scope then after sometimes you suddenly run out of ideas and you start thinking what else to cover in your niche for making further youtube videos. The problem is, you need to keep making videos to grow your earnings and also because you don't want to be outranked in youtube search by your competitors.

More the videos are under your belt and if you also regularly update your youtube channel (with new videos) more likely you are going to be in the competition in this digital world.

One niche that could give fresh content every day for making youtube videos is the stock market news. The only thing you have to do is keep yourself updated with the latest stock market news and then make videos based on the knowledge and information you acquire.

For making youtube videos in the English language or even Hindi language I recommend keeping your eye on the stock market news TV channel and also the stock market internet channel > CNBC TV 18. This is the best stock markets news channel where you can even find regular interviews with the management of the various stock listed companies along with the technical trading and the fundamentals of the stocks. Reliance Industries Ltd. own this channel and most numbers of national and international investors keep an eye on this channel.

People new to the stock markets are not aware of CNBC TV 18 and so they watch different youtube videos to get the latest on stock markets. I even know of a person who started stock markets related youtube channel and his first video got viral and after then he is continuously adding more and more videos every day as he is getting fast subscribers and tonnes of views.

Actually, he put an enticing title on his first video > "Can Rs.25 stock make you 1 crore from the stock market" and so the video went viral. You can watch this video here. You can watch other videos on his youtube channel to get better ideas about how he is doing.

Around 100K to 1M searches are made each month in Google for stock market-related queries and this itself shows how popular this niche is and you will never run out of ideas. If you don't have any knowledge still it is very easy to acquire the basic knowledge when you surf sites like moneycontrol.com and moneyworks4me.com.

By checking the data of various stock listed companies on moneyworks4me.com you will better know which stocks are undervalued (look at PE > price to earnings in the data) for buying for long term or otherwise and you then can also suggest them to your youtube viewers.

You don't really need anything else other than a tripod and a good quality smartphone to make youtube videos and so it's risk-free to start with such a business. Just watch this demo and you will better know how to shoot your first video from home and then you can upload it to your youtube channel.

But you need to check the youtube terms and conditions carefully so that your account is not suspended or closed for violating their terms and conditions.

But you need to be patient for at least 6 months - 1 year till your channel gets popularized. Things won't happen in just a month or two unless you have a budget to spend on marketing of your youtube channel with Google AdWords.

Internet is a huge market and potential is huge to make money from youtube videos. Just watch this youtube video to better know how much earnings is possible by making youtube videos in different niches.

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