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How to know when your career will pick up in your life?

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Career through vedic astrology
There is really a great way to check when your career will pick up and that is through your astrological birth chart. Generating the birth is free over the internet and within just a minute or two you can generate your birth horoscope (also called kundi or birth chart or Rashi chart). Just go to this link and follow the instructions and you will be able to do it on your own after downloading the free astrological software. You can also make use of this Vedic Astrology app to create your horoscope if you are on mobile right now.

Now what! once your birth chart is ready? If you followed the link I mentioned above then within the Jagannatha Hora software, where the birth chart is shown, there is a link called "Dasa" on the top menu. Just click on this link and there you can see the Vimsottari Dasa on the right side. This Vimsottari Dasa tells the time period of different planets you will go through > throughout your life.

For example, I was born in the year 1975 and below is my Vimsottari Dasa.

7-12-1962 to 7-12-1981 > Period of Saturn

7-12-1981 to 7-12-1998 > Period of Mercury

7-12-1998 to 7-12-2005 > Period of Ketu

7-12-2005 to 7-12-2025 > Period of Venus

7-12-2025 to 8-12-2031 > Period of Sun

.........and so on.

The table above shows I was under the influence of which planet during which period of my life and in the future also I can know I will be under the influence of which planet. For example, from 7 December 1981 to 7 december 1998 I was under the influence of planet Mercury (as you can see above). And from 7 december 2025 to 8 december 2031 I will be under the influence of planet Sun. All these planetary time periods are called Mahadasas.

To let you know my career picked up when my Mahadasa of Planet Venus started in 2005. Though I was working in my father's firm as an accountant before 2005, after 2005 I started making good money with my self-efforts. Since I was born in the year 1975 I was of the age 30 when my career suddenly picked up when my Mahadasha of the planet Venus started in 2005.

Mostly it happens that when a new Mahadasha starts changes come in your life. The change may be good or bad depending on whether the planet under whose influence you are is well placed or not in your birth horoscope. You need to consult an astrologer to better understand if the new Mahadasha will be good for you or not as some advanced knowledge about Vedic Astrology is needed for that.

You can easily predict your career using the Mahadashas and Antardasas. Just check if any of your Mahadasha is changing during the time between 18 to 35 years of your age and that change is mostly going to be your career pick-up.

When you will click on each Mahadasa in the software you can find Antardasa of different planets under that particular Mahadasa. Those are sub-periods of your life and during the change of Antardasa also you could see a sudden change in your life regarding something. There is a lot more to learn in Vedic Astrology to exactly pinpoint the events in your life. These were just the basics I told you but this much also can give a good idea.

The Mahadasa of the planet you are running also tells about the type of career once you know what each planet represents in Vedic Astrology. For example, Venus in Vedic Astrology represents creativity, food, products related to sensual pleasures, women, relationships etc. So during the Mahadasa of Venus, you could be in a profession related to as mentioned above.

For example, when my Venus Mahadasa started I started making money from website design and website programming as Venus represents websites as creativity is involved in making websites. Wherever creativity is involved (any type of creativity) Venus represents that.

If you want to learn more about what other planets represent in Vedic Astrology you can visit this link.

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