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How you can predict through Ascendant itself in Vedic Astrology?

Ascendant in birth chart
In a way, your birth chart ascendant itself tells the purpose of your life. The fact is > what you are is what you will provide to others. For example, if you are a Leo then you may provide fun and entertainment to others as Leo is fun and entertainment.

Sachin Tendulkar (cricketer), Virendra Sehwag (cricketer), and Sonu Nigam (singer) all three are Leo Ascendants and they entertain the audience through their play and singing (which Leo represents).

But the problem is Leo is not just fun and entertainment. Sun, the original ruler of Leo, is the giver of health and vitality to people on earth. That is the reason even many Leo Ascendants are great doctors as the Sun is the source of good health and so are the Leo Ascendants.

But not every Leo Ascendant can become a doctor or a cricketer or a singer and will depend on the location of planets in their birth chart. But the ascendant of a person gives a good idea to make the prediction closer.

For example, 80-90% of the time you cannot expect LEOs to do business as they are meant for acquiring and giving knowledge as Leo is the sign of knowledge and education whether it is knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, finance or any other type of knowledge.

Sun also represents wealth and so you can also find Leos to help people acquire and manage wealth such as financial advisors and Chartered Accountants and also teachers as Leo wants to acquire and give knowledge.

You cannot expect a Leo to sell Pani Puri (a dish in India) on the streets as that is mostly the job of a Taurus Ascendant (or Cancer Ascendant) who help people with sensual pleasures (as Taurus sign is all about sensual pleasures). But, of course, a Leo can make a system or invent something from their knowledge so that it makes the job easier to sell Pani Puri.

If you are a Taurus Ascendant it simply means you are the 2nd house of sensual pleasures and then your job in life is to acquire and give sensual pleasures (or things of the 2nd house). This gives a good reason to have Leo sign on your 4th house.

Leo sign on the 4th house of a Taurus Ascendant itself means your personality or identity (as Leo sign represents your identity in the world) in the world is like of a person who provides home comforts, joy, happiness, and conveniences to others as 4th house represents all these things and that is the job of a Venus (Taurus Ascendant).

Venus is like a woman whose job is to provide comforts of all sorts. Venus actually also represents a woman in Vedic Astrology. Cancer and Taurus Ascendants are quite similar. One has to provide sensual pleasures (like food) and luxuries of life while other has to provide conveniences of life such as home, vehicles, bed, furniture, clothes, kitchen utensils, etc.

You cannot expect a Leo Ascendant to be a taxi driver as mostly it is the job of a Cancer Ascendant as a Taxi driver provides convenience (or comforts) in travel which is represented by the 4th house and a Cancer Ascendant person is actually 4th house and so he is supposed to mostly provide all the 4th house things.

You see so many people who sell Sarees and clothes in retail or wholesale are either Cancer Ascendant or Taurus Ascendant as clothes are either 4th house (clothes in wholesale or unfinished) or 2nd house (luxury and ready-to use clothes) things. This gives a clear indication that the Ascendant itself tells a lot about the career of a person.

Also, you cannot expect a Pisces Ascendant to be playing cricket or football as sports is mostly meant for Ascendants in the fire sign such as Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. The cancer sign (a watery sign) on the 5th house of a Pisces Ascendant shows they are meant for fun and entertainment (as the 5th house represents fun and entertainment) related to showing emotions (such as acting) and not sports.

Similarly, Aquarius Ascendants are meant more for social welfare and they represent the masses and are public speakers and mostly you cannot expect a Leo to do that as they are very private people. Aquarius Ascendant people are the 11th house and so they are more about networking, distribution, marketing, and changing the world as a whole which the 11th house represents.

They are very collective as opposed to Leos who are more of a private people and mostly you cannot expect Leos to be the motivational or public speakers like the Aquariuns. So, this gives a good idea about predicting the career from the Ascendant itself though it gives a general idea only, but you can at least reach to 50% prediction by just knowing the Ascendant better.

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Also, Aries sign on different houses for different ascendants tells a lot about their career.

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