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Sonakshi Sinha is Gemini Ascendant. Birth Chart of Sonakshi Sinha (Vedic Astrology)

Sonakshi Sinha Horoscope
Sonakshi Sinha, the great Indian film actress, is a Gemini Ascendant and her this ascendant is 100% accurate as I heard her saying that she is a Gemini Ascendant while having a conversation with Kapil Sharma in the "Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma" show. You can check her Vedic birth chart or horoscope on the left or click here if you are using a mobile phone.

Generating accurate birth is not possible unless we have the accurate time of birth but since Sonakshi confirmed that she is a Gemini ascendant it is easy to conclude that she was born between 7.30 to 8.30 in the morning as all Gemini ascendants were born during this time only on June 2, 1984, which is the date of birth of Sonakshi Sinha. I took 7.50 am as the exact time of birth so that she falls Taurus ascendant in the Navamsa chart (shown in the image on the right side) which is the most likely Navamsa ascendant possible for an actress.

The life of a Gemini ascendant is all about communication (whether verbal or through writing) and there is a lot of involvement in the media such as internet or phone or TV as they have the 3rd house energy in them and 3rd house represents media, internet, phone, marketing, advertising, short distance travel etc. But that doesn't mean someone will become a film actress. Many Gemini Ascendant people are even businessmen but mostly you will find them on the phone.

The ascendant lord tells the purpose of life and since the ascendant lord is mercury the purpose of life is to communicate and advertise as mercury represents that. For a Gemini Ascendant, Aries sign falls on their 11th house which shows these people are very aggressive (active) in the masses (as 11th house is masses) but from behind the scenes (due to the Pisces sign on their 10th house of authority and work). But since the mercury is in the 11th house it means the purpose of life is to communicate and advertise to the masses or the professional network circle (as 11th house represents the masses and your network circle) from behind the scenes.

Since her Rahu, Venus, and Sun are in the 12th house of isolation (behind the scenes) this gives a clear indication that she is operating from behind the scenes and this confirms that she is actually communicating to the masses (as mercury is in the 11th house of masses) from behind the scenes. If there were no planets in the 12th house then she wouldn't have operated from behind the scenes and then she might have been active physically in the masses just like journalists who reach the spot to collect the news.

Her Sun and Venus in the 12th house show her identity being as some creative person behind the scenes. The 12th house represents far off places. For example, if I am in Mumbai then Delhi (infect all other cities of India) is a far off place for me. So when Sun is in the 12th house that means the person (Sonakshi) is known far and wide in the world as some creative person (as Sun is in the sign of Taurus ruled by Venus and Venus is creativity). It shows someone who is very popular in the world and so very likely she could be a media personality.

When you watch a performance in a theatre then the audience represents the 11th house while the performance on the stage is the 12th house of behind the scenes. Since the sign of Taurus falls on the 12th house of a Gemini Ascendant it shows these people are like Venus (some creative person) on backstage. And since Sonakshi's Venus is placed in the 12th house itself of backstage this actually confirms she is some creative person at backstage. If Venus was not in the 12th house then it was not possible to conclude she works on a backstage.

Also,12th house is 10th from the 3rd house which shows 12th house is the karma (profession) of the 3rd house of communication. Since her Sun, the lord of communication is seated in the 12th house it gives an indication that she is communicating from behind the scenes.

Wherever the sign of Aquarius falls in the birth chart or horoscope there is where your network circle or customers are. Since the Aquarius sign falls on the 9th house for a Gemini ascendant it means the professional network circle is either in the media or over the internet or at distant locations as the sign of Aquarius is in the '3rd to 9th house' axis.

But since Saturn, the lord of Aquarius is placed in the 5th house of fun and entertainment it gives an indication that her professional network circle is from the fun and entertainment world and it is in media (as mentioned before). Now the question is what Sonakshi Sinha is advertising to the masses? Since advertising is the 3rd house you always do the advertising of things or qualities you own in the 2nd house as the 2nd house is what you value in life.

Since Sonakshi's skills are fun and entertainment (as Leo sign falls on her 3rd house and 3rd house is also the house of skills and Leo represents fun and entertainment). This gives a clear indication that she is advertising her fun and entertainment skills to the masses.

Since cancer sign falls on the 2nd house it means a Gemini ascendant values showing their emotions and feeling through communication (as they are communicators as their ascendant lord is communication). Since the moon (lord of 2nd house) is in the first house in the sign of Gemini it gives an indication that Sonakshi wants to express her feelings and emotions via communicating. Since the moon is also the mind there is a lot of urge in the mind to communicate (as the moon is in the sign of Gemini in the first house) as an individual.

Combining all above gives a good reason that she became a film actress. Also, in the Navamsa chart, she is a Taurus Ascendant with Rahu and Mars in the 12th house in the sign of Aries. This shows she is very active behind the scenes and her Sun in the sign of Gemini in the 2nd house gives an indication that her identity is like of a creative person (as the 2nd house is of creativity as it is ruled by Venus in the default zodiac).

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