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What are the Great Qualities of Soul that Resides in Human Being?

Here are 31 great qualities of the soul which is the ultimate truth of life

1) Soul never dies nor take birth
2) Soul is located inside every human being and all living creatures
3) Soul is the ultimate or complete peace
4) Soul is the ocean of pleasure and love
5) Soul never eats or drink
6) Soul doesn't have ego
7) Soul is thoughtless
8) Soul never sleep or rise
9) Soul is away from season and time
10) Soul is away from past and future
11) Soul is the complete strength and ultimate energy
12) Soul never get worried
13) Soul never get afraid or its fearless
14) Soul never get angry
15) Soul is not bound to sex
16) Soul is not breathe or doesn't breathe
17) Soul is the ultimate truth
18) Soul is away from greed and lust
19) Soul never gets tired
20) Soul is complete honesty
21) Soul doesn't have any morph
22) Soul is complete discipline
23) Soul doesn't have any shape
24) Soul doesn't have any price
25) Soul is weightless and effortless
26) Soul is completely faithful and trustworthy
27) Soul is away from tease
28) Soul never moves as soul is everywhere and in everyone
29) Soul is away from cheat or deceive
30) Soul is not body and its parts
31) Soul is sincere, humble, devout, loving and kind.
32) Soul is innocent
33) Soul is chastity

Truth is that soul cannot be described in words. You will have to merge into the complete soul and attain salvation to understand what soul is and you will need to meditate to achieve the state of salvation. You become a saint and people worship you when you know your soul and attain salvation.

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