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Who can Help or How to Get rid of Possessions caused by Evil Spirits?

Jesus calling
If you are possessed by some dead spirits like demons or devils than I can tell you a way to get rid of it. I want to tell you about a person named D.G.S Dhinakaran who is from the country India and Jesus Christ has given him special blessings to cure possessed people. Jesus Christ actually controls all dead spirits and so you need to pray Jesus to get rid of these evil spirits. But when you directly pray to Jesus your voice or prayer may not reach to him. That is the reason you will need the help of this religious person D.G.S Dhinakaran whom Jesus has given special powers.

D.G.S Dhinakaran has cured many people during his lifetime but he died in the year 2008 and now his son Paul Dhinakaran is doing the same thing on behalf of his father as he has also been blessed by Jesus. If you do not trust me than watch this whole interview with D.G.S Dhinakaran on youtube. He has revealed in the video various cases he dealt with in his lifetime and how Jesus actually came to him and guided him whenever he simply prayed to Jesus to cure the possessed person. Infect Jesus many a time took him to heaven and he has already seen heaven and hell both while living on this earth. Just his soul went to the heaven along with Jesus and he is sharing all his experiences about heaven and hell in the video which I mentioned above.

Now if you want to get cured just visit the website jesuscalls.org and click on 'submit prayer request'. A form will appear on that page, just fill the form and submit. After that, they will reply to you after few days and will call for prayer time when the prayer to Jesus is done for the treatment of possessions or any other problem in life. There is no any fee involved for the prayer and you get cured free of cost. But if you feel happy and get cured you can donate them something on their website.

There is also another way to get out of dead spirit possessions by the method of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi founded Sahaja Yoga in 1970 but she passed away in the year 2011. But Sahaja Yoga is still practiced in more than 90 countries and you can find Sahaja Yoga meditation centers in all major cities of the world. But first, you need to get your self-realization by the awakening of kundalini power as mentioned in the Sahaja Yoga. This power is located inside every human being. Once this power gets awakened you become self-realized and get connected to God through this power. Once connected, all the deities, associated with the 7 chakras in the body (as mentioned in Sahaja Yoga), get awakened including Jesus as according to Sahaja Yoga Jesus is located on Agnya Chakra which is the 6th chakra in the body.

Now after getting your self-realization by the method of Sahaja Yoga all the prayers you will do to Jesus will reach to him and that way you could be cured as Jesus controls all dead spirits and demonic powers. In Sahaja Yoga, it is recommended to take 108 names of Jesus ( the book is available for the 108 names of Jesus in Sahaja Yoga) daily to get rid of possessions. Another way as mentioned in Sahaja Yoga is the Matka treatment. But it's important that you visit the nearby Sahaja Yoga center and tell your entire story to the center leader and he will help you regarding your problems. These Sahaja Yogis are so eager to help others. To locate the centre near your home just visit this link >> Sahaja Yoga Worldwide Centres.

If you need a quick solution online then there are some people on fiverr.com who can clear your possession for a small fee and everything is done online and these people have great reviews too on fiverr.com. Visit fiverr.com for more details.

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