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How you get Possessed by False Gurus?

Some false Gurus are involved in the practice of 'pret vidya' or 'shamshan vidya' which is also called the science of the dead. By this method they control the dead spirits coming from the collective subconscious or collective supraconscious and use them on their seekers and that way seekers get possessed. To understand this better we must know that according to Hindu Mythology when a person dies his soul revolves around the dead body for few days waiting for the cremation and during cremation body is finally burned by placing it on burning woods. But Christians do not burn the body after the death of a person and instead they bury it after putting the body in a wooden coffin.

So here the false guru finds an opportunity and he takes control of the recently buried dead body and brings it to his palace. Why does he do so? This is because since the soul is still revolving around his body (as recently died) and when the soul finds that someone has caught hold of his body, it would go to that person (the false guru) and would talk to him to release the body. But then this false guru does not agree to this and in this way, the dead spirit becomes his slave. This is how the false gurus control the dead spirits. Infect some false gurus are so horrible that they kill people in their ashram and take control of their bodies so that the souls of those bodies become their slaves. After a person dies his soul usually departs to pret loka if proper cremation has been done but if the dead body is caught hold by someone like false guru (as mentioned above) before the soul departs to pret loka then it becomes an unsatisfied soul and that is the reason it run behind the false guru and becomes his slave.

Once these dead spirits are under their control these false gurus give them different names and these names are usually the names of Gods and Goddesses or may be anything else. Now when the seekers take mantras from such false gurus for chanting, these mantras are usually the names of those dead spirits given by the false gurus. To give you an example one my friends took the mantra: "AUM NAMO SHIVA" from a false guru and the dead spirit with that name entered his left heart. After practicing this mantra for few years my friend suffered from heart attack as according to Sahaja Yoga 'Shiva and Parvati' deities reside on left heart and left heart chakra catches when a dead spirit comes and resides there or when you do something against your soul like Hatha Yoga.

If you don't know about the seven chakras in the body and deities associated with those chakras as mentioned in Sahaja Yoga please read this first here. I also met with two other people who took mantras as 'Aum Guru' and 'Hari Aum' from that same false guru as mentioned above. The person with 'Aum Guru' mantra suffered from stomach problems like imbalances, indigestion, gastric, fear and lot of heaviness in the upper portion of the stomach and also caught with the central heart as according to Sahaja Yoga dead spirit entered his Bhavsagara chakra through 'AUM GURU' mantra. Since the central heart is just above the Bhavsagara chakra, that also got stretched and caught up and it made that person fearfully as well. According to Sahaja Yoga Bhavsagara chakra surrounds the central Nabhi chakra and its there where ten honest gurus reside who incarnated on this earth in different periods of time. So this chakra catches when you go to false gurus.

The person who took the mantra as 'Hari Aum' suffered from financial problems in life and also problems like constipation, indigestion and misery. According to Sahaja Yoga, the deities 'Vishnu and Laxmi' reside in the Nabhi chakra and 'Hari' is another name for Vishnu so the person with 'hari Aum' mantra caught up with the Nabhi chakra as the dead spirit entered the Nabhi chakra. Vishnu and Laxmi provide you with peace and satisfaction in life and when you become unsatisfied or take mantras related to this chakra from false guru this Nabhi chakra catches.

Many people got the disease of epilepsy as they took mantra from false guru related to Agnya chakra. Likewise, many people got into trouble by following the false gurus and the only aim of these false gurus is to collect money from seekers and increase their wealth and become popular in them. Some people may feel some miracles initially when they took the mantra as dead spirits may do that for you as they are controlled by false gurus but later on you will realize that your life has become miserable. And you can also see that most of the false gurus have been exposed now.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (founder of Sahaja Yoga) has clearly said that many people jump, dance, scream and cry and see different colors during times of shaktipat (blessings) held by these false gurus and they would say this is happening due to kundalini power awakening. But truth is that this is not kundalini awakening but this happens when you get possessed by dead spirits. Kundalini Awakening gives you joy and peace inside and it rises through the central channel (Sushumna Nadi) without exciting your central nervous system. So this is all false perception and better not to get carried away by these so called gurus. When you are jumping and dancing while chanting mantra than it means you are not in control of yourself and someone else is controlling your body from inside which is the dead spirit. So this is a modern nonsense that kundalini awakening gives you jump and dance.

If you need proof of what I have said above is correct than please listen to this lecture on youtube given by mother (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi) on false gurus.

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