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How unsatisfied souls or evil spirits possess you?

evil spirit possession
According to Hindu Mythology when a person dies usually his soul goes into pret loka and becomes smaller and smaller there. But some souls don't go into pret loka as they are unsatisfied souls and such unsatisfied souls are called spirits. These spirits instead go to collective subconscious (extreme left also called Bhootlok or Paralok) or collective supraconscious (extreme right) as they were unsatisfied at the time they died. People who are tortured or suppressed or those who suicide, go to the collective subconscious area while people who are aggressive and over ambitious go to the collective supra-conscious area after they die. You may want to know why there is a difference that some souls go to pret loka after death while others become spirits and go to either collective subconscious or collective supra-conscious areas. That could be understood with an example.

There was a wife who was too much tortured by her husband as the husband had fallen in love with some other woman. The wife could not bear this and she used to fight with her husband regarding this. One day the husband got angry and killed his wife. After death the wife became an unsatisfied soul as she wanted to take revenge from her husband and so she became a spirit and instead of going into pret loka she settled into collective subconscious and from there she entered into husband's body and possessed him. Same could be the case if the wife had suicide after having the fight with her husband. Mostly people who suicide hang somewhere in the limbo (the place between life and death > collective subconscious and collective supra-conscious) and possess other people and never goes to pret loka to take new birth. People who suicides are too much on the emotional side and that is the reason they settle into the collective subconscious area to take revenge. You get a better life when you take a rebirth instead of hanging in the limbo where there is only pain and suffering.

So this is how you get possessed when you go to the extreme left. Husband still could not have got possessed by his wife if he was in the center instead of extreme left but when you do sins and later when you curse yourself and repent then it takes you to the extreme left and from there the dead spirit enters you. Left side is the emotional side of a human being. You go to the extreme left when you become too much emotional and it takes you to extreme right when you become too much aggressive, overactive and over ambitious. People who are in center never get possessed because they are far away from the collective subconscious and collective supra-conscious areas. Some false gurus also take you to extreme left by their emotional lectures to possess you from left and many others take you to right by making you aggressive and over ambitious to possess you from right.

If you have read about the human body in Sahaja Yoga, mother (Nirmala Devi, founder of SY) have said that there are three channels, seven chakras and a kundalini power inside every human being (see chart at the bottom). Three channels are left channel (Ida Nadi), the right channel (Pingala Nadi) and central channel (Sushumna Nadi). Left channel is your emotional side and right channel is your working or activity side and central channel (Sushumna Nadi) is the one from within which the kundalini power rises from the bottom and reaches to top corner of the head for spiritual evolution. So Sahaja Yoga is the only secure and safe method to reach God by way of kundalini awakening through the central path as other methods of meditation take you to the extreme left or extreme right where you get possessed by evil spirits. Mother tells about various treatments in Sahaja Yoga to bring people in the center if they are left sided or right sided. But you need to get your kundalini power awakened by the method of Sahaja Yoga for that to happen.

Some evil spirits may possess you from the right side. To give you an example there was a lady who died young in an accident. She was over ambitious and had the earnest desire to become an actress and she died with that wish. So she didn't go to pret loka to take new birth but settled in the collective supra-conscious area and from there she entered into the body of a man (who was also over ambitious and wanted to be an actor) and possessed him. Now once this man got possessed he started behaving like a woman and this made his life miserable. You may ask why only this man got possessed. This is because he was not in the center and extremely right sided and best fit that woman spirit who possessed him. You might have heard about Adolf Hitler. He was also possessed from right side as he was over ambitious and that is the reason he was so heartless and killed many people without any reason to fulfill his horrible desires.

You can also watch this youtube video where mother gives various examples of possessed people.

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