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What you should know about Mooladhara Chakra and Innocence?

Ganesha Deity
According to Sahaja Yoga (www.sahajayoga.org) there are 7 chakras and a kundalini power located inside every human being. The first chakra is called the Mooladhara chakra and its deity is Shri Ganesha. The quality of this chakra is innocence as Shri Ganesha is innocent. If you are an innocent person then it shows that your Mooladhara chakra is strong. You might have heard that many people cannot produce children as they are impotent. Such people's Mooladhara chakra is not all right as the deity is angry with them. They made the sex a mental activity for their pleasure which means thinking all the time about sex in their mind and later masturbating. That is the reason in olden days people were married at an age around 12-15 so that they become chaste before the sex sensitivity arouses in them. It's good to get married at an early age to become chaste as it diverts your mind from sex and thus not making it a mental activity. Sex is a spontaneous activity which is done very privately only with your husband or wife. Spontaneous activity means arousing sex only at the time you do it with your husband or wife and not thinking about sex all the time in your mind which is a mental activity.

Sex also has its own dharma or morality. The main purpose of sex is to produce children and it is not meant for pleasure. Also, you should not have sex before marriage as that is also against sex dharma. Having sex with your girlfriend before marriage is also a modern nonsense. Having a girlfriend before marriage itself is against dharma. You should respect your chastity and you must be a chaste person for your Mooladhara chakra to remain in good shape. Running behind young girls all the time before marriage or running behind other women after marriage is also against sex dharma. If a person takes too much interest in talking with other women even after marriage then it's a sign that he is a person with weak Mooladhara chakra.

Many of the people who went to the false guru Rajneesh suffered from the diseases like Aids and impotency. Do you know why? This is because he talked about knowing God through sex (sambhog se samadhi (hindi language word)) which is absolutely against the sex dharma and so the Mooladhara chakra got damaged as deity got angry and left the place and the seekers got possessed by evil spirits and they started jumping, dancing and screaming. AIDS is definitely caused due to problems in Mooladhara chakra. Disease like Osteoporosis comes to women from men and to men from women if they go to prostitutes.

Many people curse a woman for giving birth to a baby girl but then that's not her fault. If a woman gave birth to a child who is a baby boy than husband's Mooladhara chakra is stronger than her and vice versa. That means if a baby girl has taken birth then the Mooladhara chakra of the wife is stronger than her husband which means she is purer than her husband regarding chastity. So a man should now get alerted because if you need a son than you must have a stronger Mooladhara chakra than your wife which means you need to be purer than your wife in terms of morality and chastity.

If you have a good memory power it means your Mooladhara chakra is strong because Ganesha gives you wisdom and discretion. That is also the reason that some students are good at studies while others are not because of weak Mooladhara chakra. Just like a tree cannot withstand on the ground without stronger roots, similarly, a person cannot avoid diseases and possessions and cannot do well in life if Mooladhara chakra is weak or damaged as this chakra is the root of the human subtle system. While on the other hand Bhoots (Ghosts) and evil spirits run away from a chaste person whose Mooladhara chakra is strong. All other chakras in the body become weaker if the Mooladhara chakra is weak. All the rules and dharma have been made by God to protect the innocence.

It's also written in some of the Upanishads that even to look at a woman is adultery. Even to think of a woman is adultery and talking to a woman too much is also adultery. Such purity should be there in your life to make Mooladhara chakra strong. When death will come at your door you will be trembling as you showed off throughout life. (check out this video where mother have said this https://vimeo.com/22373391) People who are selfish and low in character have very weak Muladhara chakra. While people with strong Mooladhara chakra always think of others and they don't need anything for themselves. They have great compassion and love for humanity.

If you want to improve your Mooladhara chakra you should take to Sahaja Yoga and get your kundalini power awakened first. Once you do that there are lots of treatments available in Sahaja Yoga to improve this chakra and make it strong.

Here is a great lecture by mother (founder of Sahaja Yoga) on morality and chastity and mooladhara chakra >> www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Xpx7DAiVd8&t=3s

You can also visit www.sahajayoga.ca to know more about this chakra.

How to cure or develop Muladhara Chakra through Sahaja Yoga?

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