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How can you make more money by developing the 7 Chakras in your body?

seven chakras
As you know that there are seven chakras and a kundalini power located inside every human being. Each chakra has its own quality. For example, the first chakra in the body is the mooladhara chakra and its quality is innocence as Shri Ganesha resides on this chakra and he is a deity known for his innocence. So now when you develop this chakra inside you (by meditation) it also makes you innocent. But it's right that you don't immediately become rich once you develop the quality of innocence inside you. But still innocent people have a great sense of direction and good memory power in them, and that is what distinguishes them from rest of the crowd and make them more efficient workers. More efficient people as you know are given higher posts and they are paid more. But don't be too much innocent not to ask for more from your boss.

But you may want to know what kind of people this power of innocence is more. Actually, the subtle system of the human body contains three channels: left channel (Ida Nadi), the right channel (Pingala Nadi) and central channel (Sushumna Nadi). People who think of the past more, their attention goes to the left side (left channel) and they are called left-sided people and they are very emotional and depressed kind of people. Some people are futuristic and they think about the future a lot, and they are very aggressive and over active kind of people and they are called right sided people as their attention goes to the right side (right channel). Right sided people mostly try to dominate others and they want to be in front everywhere.

People whose attention is on the central channel are actually the people who live in present and they are the most innocent people as they are detached from the worldly products and temptations, as they remain nearer to their soul by being in the present (soul is present). So when you meditate by the method of kundalini power awakening, this kundalini power rises from Mooladhara chakra and passes through the central channel (Sushumna Nadi) and then it reaches to the top corner of the head making you thoughtless there (present). So when you meditate you start living in the present where your soul resides and innocence is one of the great qualities of your soul. So that is how meditation develops innocence in you. Kundalini power is nothing but the energy of soul which is also called the cosmic energy. As you meditate more, the gap between two successive thoughts increases and this gap is present where your soul resides. In Sahaja Yoga method of meditation there are also various treatments available to bring the left sided and right sided people on the center so that they become innocent because kundalini doesn't rise from the central channel if you are a left sided or right sided personality.

Now once you have developed your innocence by practicing meditation for few years it will then be easy to develop the 2nd chakra in the body called the Swadisthana chakra. Actually, the Swadisthana chakra automatically develops slowly and slowly at times when other chakras in your body are developing during meditation. But it develops quickly when Mooladhara chakra has become stronger as this is the root chakra. If root chakra (Muladhara) is weak other chakras don't develop easily.

Swadisthana Chakra is a chakra of creativity as deities like Brahma and Saraswati reside on this chakra. Brahma is known to be the creator of this world and Saraswati is known for providing knowledge, so this chakra is a chakra of creativity and knowledge. This chakra is strong in people who are creative like artists and painters. Now if you can also develop this chakra you could also become creative in your field and that will help to make more money. For example, if you are a web designer or a graphic designer then it can enhance your skills if Swadisthana chakra develops inside you and that will help to make more money.

There was a person who was practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation and he was an interior designer. He was telling that he made millions of money from his business as his skills of interior designing got enhanced when his Swadisthana chakra got developed.

Do you know why people of Africa are so creative? This is because Africa is the Swadisthana Chakra of world kundalini. They can even create fake currency and all the fake currency comes from there. But they are making misuse of their skills. Do you know why people of Australia are so innocent? This is because Australia is the Mooladhara chakra of world kundalini. Similarly, UK is the heart chakra of world kundalini, America is the Vishudhi chakra of world kundalini, Italy is Bhavsagar chakra of world kundalini and India is the country where world kundalini exists. Himalaya is the Sahasrara chakra of the world kundalini and that is the reason cool breeze of the Holy Ghost flows from Sahasrara chakra (the last chakra on top corner of the head).

Likewise, when you develop your third chakra called the Nabhi chakra you become a generous person and once you become generous God gives you more in life. There is a chakra called Bhava Sagara chakra which surrounds the Nabhi chakra and it is the chakra of guru principle that gives you the power to manage other people once it gets developed. If you want to enhance your singing skills then you need to work on your 5th chakra called the Vishudhi chakra where the deity Krishna resides. So you keep developing your inner skills as you go deeper and deeper into meditation. So meditation is definitely a way to become rich in life and make more money.

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