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How Power of Chastity can be understood?

If you want to understand the power of chastity, you need to look at the life of people who incarnated on this earth. One good example, I can give you, is of mother Sita who was the wife of Lord Rama (incarnation of Lord Vishnu). Mother Sita was an incarnation of Laxmi (wife of Lord Vishnu). Usually both Vishnu and Laxmi stay in Vaikuntha but they took birth as human beings on earth as Rama and Sita about 1.2 million years ago, during the Treta Yuga. In modern times you can watch the complete story of Rama and Sita (true story and not fictional) in a television serial called "Ramayana" produced and directed in India by Ramanand Sagar and all its episodes are available to watch free on Youtube.

I want to point to the exact moment in the serial where mother Sita proved her chastity by showing powers of her chastity. Just watch this video and check out yourself what she said and what happened after that. The serial is in the Hindi language (an Indian language) so if you don't understand Hindi in the video, I have translated into English as below of what she said to prove her chastity. She said three sentences.

1) Other than Rama (her husband) if I do not bring any other person into my thoughts, if this is true than today mother earth please take me into your laps.

2) If by my thoughts, words and by my karmas if I only worship to Lord Rama than mother earth please takes me into your laps right now.

3) Except Rama if I do not know any other person, if it's true than mother earth please take me into your laps right now.

As soon as she said the three sentences (as mentioned above) the earth near her shattered in two pieces and the deity of mother earth came out. Then the deity took Sita with her and disappeared in the mother earth and never came back. If mother Sita was not a chaste woman she couldn't have such a power to call mother earth. So when you respect your chastity it gives you power and sense of direction.

Why did she need to prove her chastity? This is because, in the past, Ravana (a Demon King) had kidnapped her, in her husband's absence, and took her with him to his kingdom and tempted her in a lot of ways to make her his own wife. But Sita ignored all his offerings and Ravana couldn't even touch her as she had such a power of chastity (pure love for her husband). Ravana was ultimately killed by Rama. Later when both Rama and Sita returned to Ayodhya (kingdom of Rama), people of Ayodhya suspected Sita and asked her to prove her chastity as she lived with Ravana for many years. Sita couldn't bear this and she disappeared to mother earth as already mentioned above.

What we can learn from this story is that we should be loyal to our husband or wife. If you are a married man and still running behind some other woman or girl then that is not chastity and vice versa for women. Even thinking of having sex with your wife all the time, is also not chastity. Chastity is the true love where you don't have sexual lust and greed. You love the soul of a person and not attracted by his/her physical appearance. But not all people understand this as the seven chakras in their body are still underdeveloped.

The level of purity in all the people on this earth is not same. If you are watching blue movies and watching all the filth about sex over the internet then it is not chastity. As a young boy or man, even if you are thinking about sex in your mind is also not chastity. All these activities can really damage your mooladhara chakra which is the most important chakra in the human body.

During this time of Kali Yuga even doctors say that sex is good for health but really that's not true. I can give you examples of many brave people in the history of mankind, who had never experienced sex in their life and they were absolutely not unhealthy. Like Bhism Pitamaha in the epic of Mahabharata. He was an absolute chaste person (never had sex the whole life as he never married) and he was so brave that even all the five Pandva brothers together couldn't have beaten him in the war. Lord Krishna finally had to play some tricks to get him killed somehow.

If you have directly come to this page, you must read another article based on mooladhara chakra which tells more about sexual purity. Chastity should be taken as one's dharma and going against dharma is a sin. You should also watch this youtube video where Jason Evert gives a good lecture on chastity.

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