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Why should you never think of Suicide?

Ending one's own life is a great sin. This is what I have read in Hindu religious books (about suicides in Hinduism). Every person has taken birth on this earth for some purpose and God decides his/her purpose. God created the universe and everything works by his will. When you suicide that means you are interfering in God's creation. You may say am I the slave of God? God doesn't want to enslave you because if it was so than many people had not already died from suicide, as God never asked them to suicide. God has given you full freedom to suicide but then he is warning that its consequences will not be good. Your dharma doesn't allow you to suicide.

It's something like this. As you know, there are some traffic rules you need to follow while driving on the road. But still, you have the freedom whether you want to follow the rules or not. But then its consequence will be that you may be charged by the traffic police for breaking the traffic rules. Though sometimes, you can escape from traffic police but you cannot escape from the rules of God because he is watching everyone.

You may ask why God made it a dharma not to suicide. It's the same question like why did the government made the law for citizens to follow traffic rules? The simple answer is for their safety because if traffic rules are not followed it may increase the number of road accidents happening. Similarly, God made certain rules (called dharma) for every person on this earth, so that by following the path of dharma people could attain the ultimate peace inside (also called salvation). God says whatever you see with your eyes is all illusion and people get trapped in illusion and so he created dharma to remain away from illusion. God never created illusion and its there by default.

One thing is sure, God has created all the dharmas for your benevolence, but people find it tough to follow dharma and infect some people don't follow it at all, and that is the reason they suffer. You are suffering at the moment and that is the reason you hate your life and want to suicide. You might think, you never did anything wrong in this life so that you need to suffer so much, but then you might have done something terribly wrong in your previous lives and that could also be the reason for your sufferings.

You must understand that your sufferings will only last till the time as decided by God (as per the laws), and after that you will be freed from all your sins and then you will be as pure as any other sinless person who is enjoying his life now. It's like a person who is now freed from the prison after completing his sentence. But he will have to suffer and remain in jail till the time period of the sentence is completed.

Also you will suffer much more if you suicide then if you don't suicide because you may hang in the limbo (space between life and death), after death through suicide, and it may not be possible for you to find another womb for rebirth. To know why this is so read this another article about evil spirit possessions.

Also watch this video where Sadhguru, a great Indian saint, says, that when you die from suicide, your life energy will take much longer time to feeble than the natural death which arrived due to old age. The chances of your finding a new womb is low because you are in a certain level of intensity you cannot find. Suppose the actual suffering was only 10 years but it may extend to 1000 years if you suicide. That is why it is said that suicide is a great sin.

It may be right that your problem is too big and unbearable but then it's better to get rid of it in say 10 years, than waiting for another 1000 years as in the case with suicide. This 1000 number is just an estimate and not real here. Also, according to sahaja yoga, the thoughts of suicide come into your mind when you become too much emotional and depressive. But through kundalini power awakening it's quite easy to get rid of such left sided problems. Just try sahaja yoga method of meditation through kundalini power awakening and you will find it blissful for you. Hope that helps.

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