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Religion and Paranormal Related Questions And Answers

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What Dharma is and Why Someone Needs to Follow it?

What is a Materialistic Nature?

What is sin?

What is soul?

Is there any life after death?

What is Sahaja Yoga Method of meditation?

How to meditate by kundalini awakening method?

What are the benefits of meditation?

How to Know God?

Does God Exist?

What are the great qualities of soul?

How Should I Lead My Life so that God Loves me?

What is the kingdom of God?

How to get rid of Dead Spirit Possessions?

How you get Possessed by False Gurus?

How some evil spirits possess you?

What you should know about Mooladhara Chakra and Innocence?

How you can Make Money by Developing the 7 Chakras?

How Power of Chastity can be understood?

Why not to suicide?

How to buy tlismi Moti just for Rs.18 ?

How to cure infertility through Sahaja Yoga?

How to develop your creativity by activating swadhisthana chakra?

Can it be that your fear in this life is because of past life?

How to cure or develop Muladhara Chakra through Sahaja Yoga?

How to get rid of Bhoot Pret (Ghost) free of cost?

Sahaja Yoga : Songs or Bhajans that give a lot of cool vibrations

Why you should feel cool breeze during your self-realization?

What was the purpose of Raam Setu in Treta Yuga?

Can seeing a white Rat bring good luck?

Yada Yada Hi Dharma : Shloka from Bhagwat Gita. What does it mean?

Do you know ghosts or bhoots are just human beings?

What if Muladhara Chakra is weak?

Where or How to actually experience your past life in reality?

Do you know problems never last forever?

Why you should not trust anyone other than incarnation?

Only treatments won't work in Sahaja Yoga. You need to meditate too

This could also be the major reason for your suffering in life

What is the biggest misconception about being successful in life?

How to recover from lost image due to personality disorder?

How some people can predict your past and should you believe them?

Why money is positivity and how it can bring enthusiasm in life?

Do you know concentration is not true meditation?

How cosmic energy can help you achieve anything you want in life?

What actually helps to attract money in life?

Why you are not as capable as other people?

How dishonesty can spoil your Nabhi Chakra and take away your wealth?

How quality of singing can be enhanced through Sahaja Yoga?

Why giving up is the best solution when things are not in your control?

Should you take (chant) names of Shri Hanumana?

How to improve discretion by improving Aganya Chakra in Human Subtle System?

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