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How Scorpio and Venus correlated most people don't realize in Vedic Astrology?

For example, when you are watching a movie (considering the movie is good and you are enjoying it) nothing else comes to your mind and you are simply lost in, whatever is happening in the movie. You or your soul is simply attracted towards the enjoyment the movie is giving you.

This attraction (khichav in Hindi) that is keeping you glued is nothing but the Scorpio inside you. Scorpio is a very intense and attractive sign and when you watch a movie you become intense (Gambhir in Hindi) and that gives you pleasure. So whenever you acquire pleasure (Venus is a pleasure) Scorpio is activated.

Also, when you are watching the movie your mind is completely lost (in watching the movie) and is isolated from the real world and so here your Pisces side comes in because Pisces is all about giving up the physical world and be isolated.

So to acquire pleasure you also have to be isolated. That is the reason exalted Venus (Venus in Pisces) gives you a lot of internal joy when you meditate (Pisces isolation) or even when you watch a movie and then you are not bothered much to make relationships (Venus in Libra) or eat (Venus in Taurus) to get pleasure.

When you do sex with your partner the attraction towards the acquiring of sexual pleasure is the Scorpio and the actual pleasure is Venus. So you see how both Scorpio and Venus are correlated and that is also the reason the 2nd house (ruled by Venus) and 8th house (ruled by Scorpio) are always opposite to each other (seven places away from each other).

Scorpio is also devotion and so it is not always bad. For example, Female friends or devotees of Shri Krishna (the incarnation) were always lost in the Bhakti of Krishna and that gave them the joy and pleasure (Venus).

When you dig deep (Scorpio) in the 8th house it gives you wealth or pleasure (Venus) of the 2nd house. Sexual activity is the 8th house process (as the 8th house represents private parts) and when you do that you get the pleasure which is the achievement of the 2nd house as Venus rules the 2nd house.

When you eat food it gives you sensual pleasure (Venus) but that food was cooked and the transformation that happened (raw food to eatable food) was a Scorpio activity as Scorpio is also transformation. So the eatable food was obtained by cooking and cooking is nothing but transformation > which Scorpio represents.

In the digital world also, all the websites and software you see over the internet are a representation of Venus and all the hidden coding that was done by the web designers and programmers to make or create those websites and software is nothing but the representation of Scorpio. So again you see Venus (design) and Scorpio (coding) go hand-in-hand.

Now, wonder why Scorpio is a sign of frauds and illegal activities (things of the 8th house) also? This is because all the frauds and illegal activities are done to acquire wealth (a thing of 2nd house). So there is both a good and bad side to the 8th house or Scorpio.

This axis of the 2nd house to the 8th house is sometimes very dangerous especially if Rahu is placed in the 2nd house and the lord of the 2nd house is placed in the 8th house. Rahu in the 2nd house means the person is obsessed with wealth and may use illegal methods to acquire that wealth if the 2nd lord is placed in the 8th house.

When you make a beautiful painting or any type of art than the painting or art thus made is Venus while all the colors you mixed to transform the paper or cloth into art is the activity of the Scorpio.

All the gambling or sports betting (8th house) you do which involves sudden ups and downs is a Scorpio activity and the wealth thus acquired or lost is Venus (2nd house). So you see how Venus and Scorpio go hand in hand.

When an actor does the acting by transforming himself/herself into different characters then the transformation is Scorpio while the acting is Venus.

All the engineering that is done within all the electronic items (luxuries of life) are Scorpio (Mars) while all the electronic items that make our lives easier are the representation of Venus.

Just open your computer from the back and all the wiring and networking (engineering) is nothing but the representation of Scorpio while the computer itself is Venus. So wherever there is Venus Scorpio is also involved there.

When you dig the mother earth it is an activity of Scorpio (as all things which are hidden and buried under the ground are the representation of Scorpio or 8th house) while the valuable things (materialistic products) that come out from within the earth become your wealth (2nd house). Many products obtained from under the earth may need transformation to make them usable and that is also a Scorpio activity.

Sometimes you see in the newspaper or the television people are killed and buried under the ground to acquire all their wealth and this is the negative side of the 8th house or Scorpio. Sexual harassment to take pleasure of the victim also occurs in the 2nd house to 8th house axis.

When teams play football, cricket or other outdoor games involving risks and sudden ups and downs > is a Scorpio activity (8th house activity) and all this is done for pleasure (Venus- 2nd house).

Kundalini Awakening is also a Scorpio or 8th house activity and with the awakening of this power the person enjoys the pleasure of the soul (Venus) and good health.

All the magic tricks performed by the magicians > is nothing but transformation (Scorpio) to give enjoyment to the audience (Venus).

In Circus or reality shows, people do all the risky stunts for the enjoyment of the public and themselves and that is also part of the 8th house activity.

Now when the 8th lord is placed in the 5th house it means any of the Scorpio Activities as mentioned above are performed in front of the public (11th house) because the 5th house is the karma (action) of the 8th house as it is the 10th from the 8th house.

All the scientific research you do to discover or invent new things are also the representation of Scorpio.

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