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How Pearl Farming could be a monopoly business in India?

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Pearl Oysters
Pearl is called "Moti" in the Hindi language and Moti is used a lot in the making of expensive jewelry (such as earrings and necklaces) in India. Pearls are found naturally in certain types of sea creatures. These creatures are not only found in the sea but also in ponds and lakes. Bivalve Mollusks is the name given to a group of animals found in saltwater(sea) or freshwater (ponds and lakes) which include creatures like oysters, mussels, clams, conchs etc. Pearl is found in all these creatures but in the 'artificial pearl farming' oysters are used to extract pearls from them.

We call an oyster as a 'pearl oyster' as we get the pearl from it. Pearl oyster is a hard rough-shelled living creature and you can watch this youtube video showing how one person is taking out the precious pearl after breaking the shells of this living creature.

If you are a skilled fisherman and a swimmer you can get these pearl oysters from the sea or ponds or lakes and extract the natural pearls from them and make money by selling your pearls at a good price. But mostly it is hard to find natural pearls in the pearl oysters that are obtained from the ponds or lakes and it is not possible for everyone to dive deep into the sea to obtain the oysters having the original pearls in them.

But there are available pearl seeds which are inserted into the body of the pearl oysters (obtained from the different lakes in India) and there is a very little process to do it and is called the surgery of the oyster. The oysters don't die immediately after taking them out from the pond and their body is kept half in the air and half in the water in a tray while doing the surgery. Then it is taken out from the tray for few minutes and the seed is inserted using the custom made surgical instruments and then the full body of the oyster is put back into the tray in full water. The surgery is done in a way so as to obtain custom size pearls and for that, the pearl seeds are of different types as you can see in this youtube video.

Once the surgery is completely done all the oysters are inserted back into an artificially created freshwater pond at your farmhouse or your farming land or in certain freshwater tanks at your home (if you want to do it in small scale). Then you need to keep and preserve those oysters for at least one year to obtain the pearls out of them. But the problem is > the process of doing it the right way requires 2-4 days training but an institute in India called > central institute of freshwater aquaculture (CIFA), is offering this training.

The person who first started pearl farming in India, Sanjay Gandate, is also offering the training and he also provides you with the freshwater oysters to start your own pearl farming business. Here is a nice video regarding what that person has to offer to get started with this business. If you are able to extract the pearls that are of high quality (as the originals) then this business could make a lot of money. In retails, one high-quality pearl is getting sold for Rs.500 to Rs.1500.

If you can start this business on a large scale there is a lot of money in it and it could easily be a monopoly business. But remember one thing the result is not more than 40-50% as even after the 1-year storage in a freshwater pond some of the oysters may fail to deliver the pearls. That is why proper training is needed to make the proper environment for the oysters so that they deliver 100%.

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