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What each zodiac sign on the 12th house cusp means in Vedic Astrology?

What each zodiac sign on the 12th house cusp means? For example, if the sign of Capricorn (for Aquarius Ascendant) is there on the 12th house cusp what does it mean?

It means the Aquarius Ascendant people have their authority or control over the masses at distant locations (far-off places, may even be a foreign country or outside homeland) as the 12th house is the house of distant locations and far-off places.

This is quite obvious as they themselves are distributors because they have that 11th house energy in them which is the house of distribution and networking.

For example, if you are a businessman and if people at distant places are using your products or services then in a way you have your authority at distant locations and you control the life of people, who are using your product or services, at distant locations. Authority is your controlling power and things you are expert in and that is what the sign of Capricorn represents.

The sign of Capricorn on the 12th house cusp also means these people are like an authoritative figure backstage (as the 12th house is the house of backstage where you are your own boss. In the 6th house you bow down and work for others). A good example could be politicians or public speakers.

Politicians and big brands do have control over the masses and it makes a lot of money from them. In general, Aquariuns (Aquarius Ascendant people) are social workers and so they represent the masses and so this is quite a possibility that they control from the backstage.

Just check the life of people like Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Yuvraj Singh and motivational speakers like Vivek Bindra who are influencing the life of the people around the world through their voice and talent all are Aquarius Ascendants.

But it is not always so that all the Aquarians are going to control the masses. It all depends on the position of different planets in the birth chart but that is the general theme.

But the Aquarians are meant to be distributors even if they are roaming on the streets to distribute and make sales of the company products by tiring their physical bodies or they may be cutting jokes on backstage to distribute their fun and entertainment.

Aquarians always want to be collective (unless Saturn goes bad and is seated in the enemy sign). Even if they are over the internet you will find them networking with their network circle. You will hardly find them sitting alone and doing the research work just like the LEOs. They are just the opposite of the LEOs.

The Capricorn sign on their 12 house, however, restricts their intuition power as the 12th house is the house of intuition and Capricorn is a sign of restriction and discipline.

They may be disciplined regarding spirituality (as the 12th house is also of spirituality) but not really intuitive and that is the reason mostly they hate to study and complete their education because their discretion doesn't really work properly unless Jupiter or mercury are exalted in their birth chart.

Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer and Mercury is exalted in the sign of Virgo.

If the 12th lord is seated in the 12th house the following are the possibilities for different ascendants.

Taurus Ascendant > Aries sign on the 12th house cusp > physically active in foreign lands and foreign places. Maybe also be a sportsman as the 12th house also represents sports grounds. This is more so if Mars (lord of 12th house) is placed in the 12th house itself.

Gemini Ascendant > Taurus sign on the 12th house cusp > some creative person on backstage (such as an actor or actress) or an exporter or importer of materialistic products at foreign places.

Cancer Ascendant > Gemini sign on the 12th house cusp > A lot of communication with people at distant locations from behind the scenes such as using a computer or phone or any other media.

Leo Ascendant > Cancer sign on the 12th house cusp > Mind is in isolation and so very intuitive mind and nurturing (services) goes to foreign places from behind the scenes or backstage.

Virgo Ascendant > Leo sign on the 12th house cusp > Identity, education and knowledge come from far off places or through foreign countries if planets are favorable.

Libra Ascendant > Virgo sign on the 12th house cusp > Very argumentative at the backstage and a nurse, doctor or any other type of health practitioner at foreign places or foreign lands if planets are favorable.

Scorpio Ascendant > Libra sign on the 12th house cusp > Hidden relationships possible and resolve problems and disputes from behind the scenes or backstage.

Capricorn Ascendant > Sagittarius sign on the 12th house cusp > Gurus, teachers and advisers on the backstage or from behind the scenes or in foreign lands.

Pisces Ascendant > Aquarius sign on the 12th house cusp > Very collective on the backstage. They are the true actors if planets are favorable. Also, distributors in foreign lands and foreign places.

Plz note: All that mentioned above are just possibilities but surely possible only if planets are favorable in the birth chart.

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