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Why Pisces and Leo most compatible when it comes to relationships and marriage? (Vedic Astrology)

Leo Pisces Compatibility
First of all, if you are simply using this time period > 23 July – 23 August to know your rising sign or ascendant then to let you know this is not the correct way to know your rising sign.

You must generate your birth chart here using your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth to truly know your Ascendant or rising sign.

The number on the first house in the birth chart (North Indian birth chart) will tell your actual ascendant or rising sign.

I would definitely say a Leo rising man and a Pisces woman or Vice Versa would be most compatible when it comes to marriage and relationships.

If you will check the default Vedic birth chart (horoscope) of a Leo Ascendant you will find their cancer sign on the 12th house of isolation and spirituality.

Cancer sign is a sign of our emotions and feelings, nurturing, and also represents the heart (soul or mind). When the cancer sign falls on the 12th house it means the mind of a Leo Ascendant is in isolation as the 12th house is the house of isolation and spirituality.

In the natural zodiac, 12th house is ruled by the Pisces Sign. So we can say Leo's mind (or feelings and emotions) is in Pisces and a Pisces rising woman herself is a Pisces as it is her Ascendant.

This gives a clear indication that a Leo rising man is looking for a Pisces woman as his emotions and feelings are towards the 12th house ruled by Pisces.

Similarly, the cancer sign of a Pisces rising woman or girl falls on the 5th house (ruled by Leo) in the natural zodiac (default Vedic birth chart) which shows that her emotions and feelings are towards the 5th house (Leo).

This shows that a Pisces woman is attracted to Leo and vice versa (as mentioned before) and so both are made for each other. In my experience, this conclusion holds 100% accurate as the most important thing in any person is his emotions and feelings which are represented by the cancer sign.

A Leo is like a lion who wants to be alone (individualistic) but there are also many animals that are collective and live in a herd (such as deers) and a lion is not like them.

A person whose mind (emotions and feelings) is in isolation (cancer sign or moon on the 12th house) is a very spiritual person and that is the reason the 12th house represents both isolation and spirituality.

For example, when you want to meditate (spirituality) you cannot do it unless you isolate your mind or soul from the rest of the world. This shows Leo is a very spiritual person but it doesn't mean all LEOs are supposed to meditate.

It simply means an LEO is introverted and so mostly you will find them in research work (which again needs isolation) as their Pisces sign falls on their 8th house of research.

The Pisces sign on the 8th house shows LEOs do 8th house-related things when in isolation, and research is one of the things represented by the 8th house.

LEOs are also fun-loving as through meditation (spirituality) you try to reach to God where there are the ultimate fun and pleasure.

On the other hand, Pisces sign falls on the 1st house (of the physical body) of a Pisces Ascendant woman and this gives a clear indication that a Pisces woman physically wants to be isolated or on the backstage (or behind the scenes) as Pisces sign is of isolation and backstage and it is falling on her physical body.

By this, we can reach the conclusion that both Leo and Pisces are spiritual and introverted and so this pair has the best compatibility.

Also, since a Pisces woman's mind is in Leo (as their cancer sign falls on the 5th house) and Leo itself > represents fun and entertainment, and knowledge (Gyan) < so she is getting what she needs as her Leo-husband or Leo-boyfriend is the complete source of knowledge and entertainment. LEOs, in general, are mostly very creative and knowledgeable.

A Pisces woman is very much introverted and she cannot go along with someone like an Aquarius man who is mostly into social welfare and so always involved in the public or making money (as Aquarius are known for their goods or services reaching far and wide) and so no time for her wife. Social life is more important for the Aquarius while the LEOs and Pisces don't like this.

A secluded and private life is preferred both by the LEOs and Pisces and so their living together will be highly compatible. A Pisces woman is mostly happy within herself as she has that 12th house energy in her and the 12th house is nothing but seclusion.

She would enjoy at home watching TV than roaming here and there all the time. So is the case with a Leo Ascendant.

Since Leo is also a sign of love and romance this pair could be very romantic but it will be more of a > true love > and not something vulgar as the Sun also represents the pleasure of God as the Sun (the ruler of Leo) is God.

Also, a Pisces woman behaves with dignity and doesn't really talk to just any other person who is not her husband and a Leo also expects that kind of a partner or wife as a Leo himself also doesn't even look at any other woman other than his own partner or wife.

Both these Ascendants are highly dignified as they are on the highest of the highest spiritual energy of the 12th house. A normal human being has a lot of desires and not honest in marriage or relationships while a Leo and Pisces both are very honest once the marriage or relationship is formed.

But the thing is if you are an Aquarius woman and your husband is Leo and if there is some other woman in your home or office who is a Pisces then the Leo would be attracted more towards that other Pisces woman than you and so that will create the problems of the relationship. So marriage compatibility is so important in life.

But you should not marry a Leo whose Saturn is placed in the first house in the sign of Leo (unless Sun and Saturn together in the first house) in their horoscope or birth chart. Then the Leo Ascendant will be very egotistical and controlling.

Plz Note: This is just a general interpretation and the true picture cannot be clear unless the position of all the planets is known in the horoscope. For example, a debilitated Mars or Mars in the 8th house (aspected by malefics) could even make a Pisces or Leo immoral and in that case, things will not be as true as mentioned above. If Mars and Sun are alright things will work out as mentioned above.

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