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How the placement of Mars and Venus makes the prediction easy in Vedic Astrology?

The placement of the sign of Aries and the sign of Taurus in the birth chart of any given Ascendant tells a lot about > what they are looking for in their life and thus making the prediction a lot easier.

You see every person on this earth needs pleasure and money is needed to gain pleasures of life and that is the reason both money (wealth) and sensual pleasure are represented by the 2nd house (if you know better about the 2nd house) as both are co-related with each other. That is why Venus is also the significator of wealth.

Whichever house the Taurus sign falls on > in the birth chart > that is where the native looks for pleasure.

Also, achieving pleasure (or wealth) is not possible unless we put the energy or efforts which is represented by the sign of Aries (ruled by Mars).

That is the reason the sign of Aries is always (just one) before the sign of Taurus - in any given birth chart - as when you put effort (mars - Aries) then only you get the pleasure (Venus- Taurus). Any given house is the gain of its previous house.

For example, when you perform a sexual activity it is an activity of Mars (as Mars represents sexuality and Mars is energy) and the pleasure you get (after doing sex) is the Venus (know more what Venus represents in Vedic Astrology ). Clearly, Mars and Venus both have a strong connection.

You won't get Venus (pleasure) properly unless Mars (sexuality) is strong. Venus also represents the semen which produces the children and so if Mars is weak semen will also be weak (debilitated Venus) and so it will be difficult to produce children. You can know more why Mars is energy in the link mentioned above in this paragraph.

So as examined above > Mars and Venus are co-related. That is the reason a debilitated Mars (Mars in the sign of Cancer) is not good as it decreases our willpower and ability to produce children.

The same way the ability to make money and the method to make money is dependent on the location of Aries and Taurus signs in a given birth chart.

If you will check the birth chart of a Virgo Ascendant you will see the Taurus sign falls on their 9th house of acquiring knowledge and the Aries sign falls on the 8th house of gambling and sudden ups and downs.

Since the Aries sign falls on the 8th house it shows that the Virgo rising people spend a lot of their energy (efforts) in the 8th house activities and then enjoy the outcome of the 8th house which is the 9th house and that is the reason the sign of Taurus falls on their 9th house.

If the 8th house represents gambling then the outcome of gambling is wealth which is represented by the 9th house as 9th house is the house of Luck (bhagya).

Since Jupiter rules the 9th house it is the natural significator of wealth as well but it is the significator of the wealth that comes out of luck (such as gambling) only or when someone dies in your family you get the inheritance or money coming from the insurance, dowry, etc.

Now the sign of Taurus on the 9th house shows that the Virgo Ascendants enjoy the money that comes from gambling or luck (as the 9th house is the outcome of the 8th house) or any other quick scheme method or even through illegal activities as 8th house is also a house of gains through illegal means.

Thus the sign of Aries on the 8th house clearly shows that the Virgo rising people are mostly gamblers (but only if Mars is placed in the 8th house) as they are so much interested in the 8th house activities. This gives a lot of hints while doing a prediction for a Virgo Ascendant regarding the career.

If there is a Gemini sign on the 8th house (for Scorpio Ascendant) then the native doesn't put energy into Gambling (doesn't actually do) but just advertises or talk in the media about gambling (such as stock markets) as Gemini is a sign of communication and media. So knowing a sign on a particular house also helps in predicting.

Now just think of Leo Ascendants. Their Aries sign falls on the 9th house and Taurus sign falls on their 10th house. This clearly shows that the Leo Ascendants are very aggressive or putting a lot of energy in acquiring knowledge (9th house) and when they master that knowledge they enjoy the authority of that knowledge (10th house) and then give this knowledge to others to make money (as Sun is knowledge).

So mostly you will find Leo Ascendants reading information over the internet (as the 9th house is google search), books, magazines, etc to acquire more and more knowledge and they are also Law binding as the 9th house is law and they are very aggressive in things related to 9th house as Aries is a sign of aggression.

Knowing about the Leo and Virgo Ascendants, as above, it is quite clear one enjoys the authority that comes from their knowledge while the other enjoys the wealth that comes from quick methods of the 8th house such as gambling. This shows the aim of both the Ascendants.

Similarly, the aim of all other ascendants can be known by looking at the sign of Aries and Venus on their birth chart or horoscope and that will help to predict better while doing the readings.

The only problem is that a single house represents so many things and so it makes the job difficult but it becomes easy when you understand the houses properly. For example, just read this article > how the 2nd house and 8th house co-related and that will clear the concept of how the opposite houses are so interconnected with each other.

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