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What if Venus is in Virgo sign in the 5th house? (Vedic Astrology)

The native is a Taurus Ascendant if his Venus is in the sign of Virgo in the 5th house. It will be difficult for the native to express himself creatively as his Venus is debilitated (Venus is said to be debilitated in the sign of Virgo but only between 5 to 14 degree) in the 5th house.

You want to be a stage performer yet you will suck at it. But if Rahu is conjunct Venus in the 5th house then it will not be so as Rahu amplifies the sign or the planet it sits with and so Rahu amplifies the debilitated Venus to make it a normal Venus.

On the flip side, the native could be very creative if the lord of the 5th house > Mercury > is also seated with Venus in the 5th house.

The native could be a mimicry artist with this placement but still only a possibility unless the position of other planets in the birth chart is known.

But if it is not so then it will be difficult for the native to be creative and they will suck at drawing, painting, arts, drama, acting, etc and that will make their life miserable, especially during their school and college time.

The native will be criticized a lot for their art and creativity and education. I said education because education will also suffer and it will be difficult to clear the exams and competitions.

But if the 5th house lord Mercury is placed in the 1st house while 1st house lord Venus is still placed in the 5th house (there is an exchange of lords) then it will be quite good and the native could represent the masses in that case as a creative person or a teacher of finance.

Since the 5th house also represents love and romance > it is going to fail. It will be difficult for you to express yourself in a romantic way and that will make your partner to run away from you.

This is the biggest problem in life you will face because your Ascendant Lord or the rising sign Lord (Venus) itself is debilitated.

This will be really a bad situation for you as you are not interested in expressing yourself creatively (as you know you cannot do it) still somehow you are forced to do it and become the victim of criticism and a bad image.

It may also be that you face a lot of obstacles in life when it comes to fun and entertainment and education.

It may be you are not able to get enough time for romance and fun. But the pain is not much as long as you are not running the Mahadasha or Anterdasha of the planet Venus.

If Saturn is placed in the sign of Cancer in the 3rd house then it could worsen your problem as then you will also be having a lot of insecurity regarding communication and expressing yourself creatively.

If Venus is placed in the sign of Virgo in the 5th house and Mercury is placed in the 6th house in the sign of Libra and Saturn is placed in the 4th house then the native could be in clothing or some home products related business, and in that case, there will be a lot of arguments with the business customers and the native enjoys such arguments > and also there are arguments and discussions related to fun and entertainment, money and politics as the 5th house represent that.

With this placement of Venus, the person may also enjoy feeding the cows or other animals or pets.

If Mars, Mercury, and Venus are all seated in the 5th house then it could also make you a singer but your singing could not be as better as when your Venus would have been in the 3rd house in the sign of Cancer instead of > in the 5th house.

Also, the debilitated Venus creates more problems only when you are running the period of Venus, like Mahadasha or Antardasha.

If you want to improve your Venus > first you should know why Venus gets debilitated?. There is also a strong co-relation between Mars and Venus. When Mars is weak Venus also gets weaker. Read more here > How Mars and Venus are co-related.

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