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What if Jupiter is in Aquarius sign in the 12th house? Vedic Astrology

If 1st house lord is placed in the 12th house it shows that the purpose of the native's life is to use their discretion (as Jupiter is discretion) and deal with the things of the 12th house because the rising sign or the Ascendant lord (or 1st house lord) tells the purpose of life.

Since Jupiter is > in the sign of Aquarius > the purpose of the native's life is to use their discretion and grow their professional network or distribution circle at distant locations or foreign places or over the internet using the mass media.

Also, the person becomes very much research-oriented when Jupiter is placed in the sign of Aquarius. He needs reasoning for everything and the research may be related to spiritual topics or things of the other dimensions such as the space exploration, planets, and stars, astrology, metaphysics, psychic powers, time travel, spirits, ghosts, etc.

This is a type of placement that is all about > being in isolation and doing > research and studies > or being at backstage.

Since the 12th house represents the backstage the native could also be into theatre and cinema, especially, if their Saturn and Venus are placed in the 3rd house in the sign of Taurus (considering Jupiter still in the sign of Aquarius in the 12th house) and Rahu is placed in the sign of Gemini in the 4th house.

Rahu is life's mission and the placement of Rahu in the 4th house in the sign of Gemini shows > the native might be showing their emotions and feelings (which the 4th house represents) through > communication and media > and the presence of Saturn and Venus in the 3rd house > of communication > confirms a creative career as showing of emotions through communication is what > it is needed to show the creative skills such as dance, performing arts, acting, etc.

Since 12th house represents > behind the scenes > the personality of a Pisces Ascendant becomes like an Aquarius > from behind the scenes > due to the Aquarius sign on their 12th house. And Aquarius, as you know, are the ones who represent the masses and this gives an indication that Pisceans could represent the masses to show their talent from the backstage when their life focus is the 12th house (as 1st house lord is placed in the 12th house).

Looking at the Navamsa chart is also important to exactly pinpoint the career or anything else. For example, If you are a Pisces rising in the birth chart and a Taurus rising in the Navamsa chart then a creative career is likely because the Ascendant lord is the purpose of life and since in Navamsa the ascendant lord is Venus > and Venus represents creativity > creative career is likely. Navamsa Chart really confirms of what you come out with > in the birth chart.

Also, if you are a Taurus Ascendant in the Navamsa chart > then Aries sign will fall on the 12th house > of backstage performance > and if Mars and Venus both are placed in the sign of Aries then it actually shows the native will be active in the 12th house as the location of Mars shows where you are putting your energy as Mars is energy and the presence of Venus in the 12th house shows the energy is being put in creativity.

If you are a Capricorn Ascendant in the Navamsa chart then you could be a guru, teacher, priest or an adviser > behind the scenes > or at any place which is religious and isolated from the world such as an Ashram, temple, etc. This is because the sign of Sagittarius falls on the 12th house in the Navamsa chart.

Again, If Jupiter is placed in the sign of Aquarius in the 12th house and if Saturn is placed in the sign of Aries in the 2nd house then Saturn may restrict you with wealth as Saturn is debilitated in the sign of Aries.

As a result of this, your discretion will also be poor and you will struggle to grow your network using mass media. You will also lose your authority in the public if you are trying to become a politician. It will also be difficult to show your aggression to anyone due to the debilitated Saturn.

If Saturn is placed in the first house in the sign of Pisces (still considering Jupiter is located in the 12th house) then this could be the best placement to have > to get gains in life and you may represent the masses with such placement. Any planet sitting in the house which is just next to the house it rules > it gives great gains > Read more here.

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