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Can debilitated Venus in 8th house make you addicted to sex? (Vedic Astrology)

Venus is placed in the sign of Virgo in the 8th house and it rules the 4th house and 9th house for an Aquarius Ascendant.

4th house is the night time when you sleep at night. The 8th house is 5th from the 4th house which means the 8th house is of > fun and entertainment > at night (4th house). This means sex at night and since Venus is debilitated there could be problems related to sex.

It may be you are addicted to sex or there is an inability to do sex. You may have a lot of arguments and disputes related to having sex at night with your spouse (once married).

Also, you may stay awake late at night to have fun over television or the internet. Or it may also be that you are a doctor of sex > sexologist doctor.

Venus represents pleasure through sex and semen and when Venus is debilitated it cannot enjoy sex which is nothing but a possible impotency but this may not be so unless all the planetary positions are checked carefully in the birth chart.

Plz note: If Mercury is seated with Venus in the 8th house > Venus is not considered debilitated as Mercury is the lord of the 8th house and so protects that house. Also, problems related to sex may be possible more if Rahu has an aspect on the 8th house or if Rahu is sitting in the 8th house.

Since Venus controls your heart (your soul) and it is seated in the 8th house > of research > you may have a passion for doing research in the field of health as Virgo sign falls on the 8th house and Virgo is a sign of health and healing.

It may be you are some scientist doing research on various health-related issues.

If Mars is in the sign of Scorpio in the 10th house and Mercury is placed with Venus in the 8th house and Rahu is in the sign of Cancer in the 6th house > then you may really be involved in some sort of scientific research.

But if Venus is seated alone in the 8th house in the sign of Virgo then you may have a problem related to the heart as in general Venus represents our heart. Your heart may have a hole or you may have fear in your heart.

The heart becomes deep, intensive, and fearful when Venus is placed in the 8th house. This is more so possible if there is an aspect from malefic planets like Rahu, Mars, and Saturn > on the 8th house where Venus is situated.

With this placement of Venus you may also have the passion to engage in discussions related to occult science, breaking news related to sports and other news, surgeries, hidden secrets of life, gambling, and investigation related to different aspects of life such as criminal investigation, kundalini awakening, life, and death, etc. You may also be engaged in resolving the disputes and arguments related to any of the fields as mentioned above.

If Venus is sitting alone in the 8th house > you must not involve yourself in gambling as you may lose money > if Venus is truly debilitated.

However, if there is an aspect from Jupiter over Venus then it could actually help you make money through the different things of the 8th house as already mentioned above.

If Venus, Sun, and Mercury (lord of 8th house) all three are seated in the 8th house then this could be a great placement to have to get gains from gambling but there must not be bad aspects from the malefics.

Rahu in the 5th house will make you involve in speculative business such as stock markets as the 5th house is the house of speculative business.

Within this placement of Venus, you may even lose your business or service contracts and partnerships carried out at distant locations through your business network.

This is because 8th house is the loss of the 9th house as the 8th house is 12th from the 9th house. And since Venus, the ruler of the 9th house, is seated in the 8th house it certainly will give losses during its period (Mahadasha or Anterdasha).

You may also lose money in foreign deals. That is why debilitated Venus is a real problem (if Venus is truly debilitated) as Venus represents wealth and you lose wealth when Venus is debilitated. If you are a Lawyer with this placement then you will lose the case.

With this placement of Venus you may also be engaged in making a lot of contracts related to occult science, sports betting or betting in general, transformation, (and other 8th house things) via the internet, phone or mass media in general.

You also enjoy live sports matches, dark secret movies, television serials and movies related to the investigation of hidden secrets, etc. with this placement of Venus in the 8th house.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, the great Indian film actor, has his placement of Venus, Mercury, and Sun in the 8th house in his birth chart and he had played roles in movies where it is mostly about fights against injustice which is what the 8th house represents.

You fight in the 8th house to establish dharma (law) of the 9th house and that is the reason the 8th house also represents wars and fights and the 9th house represents rules and regulations.

Plz note: All these are just possibilities and nothing can be said exactly unless the position of all the planets in the birth chart is known.

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