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How debilitated Venus in 2nd house make you depend on your family? (Vedic Astrology)

2nd house is 5th from the 10th house and so it is your image at the workplace. Anything 5th is the name and fame as 5 represents the Sun which is name, fame, and identity.

For a Leo Ascendant Venus rules the 10th house and the 3rd house and it is considered debilitated when in the sign of Virgo in the 2nd house.

The 10th house represents your authority, post, image, and work environment of the place where you work.

So your image could be like of a poor guy at your workplace or in other words you may not have a good image when Venus is debilitated as the sign of Virgo is also the sign of poverty.

You may feel embarrassed by that as you become like a > nuisance in the civilized world.

You may give up your job or never do a job because of this embarrassed and you are then dependant on your family or spouse for your livelihood.

Also, since Venus rules the 3rd house for a Leo Ascendant and it is seated in the 2nd house it means it is seated in a house which is the loss of the 3rd house.

This is because the 2nd house is 12th from the 3rd house and so 2nd house is the loss of the 3rd house as anything 12th is loss or isolation.

Since the 3rd house is of your self-efforts then the 2nd house is the loss of your self-efforts > it means you are dependant on your family (as the 2nd house is family).

When you are dependent on your family you also don't go well with your family and there are always arguments and fights with your family when Venus is debilitated in the 2nd house.

But this is not so if mercury is also placed with Venus in the 2nd house. In that case, you may have a good reputation at your workplace as an accountant or finance manager as the 2nd house is of finances and food also.

This is because the lord of a house sitting in its own house protects that house and gives good results.

If Venus is truly debilitated in the 2nd house and mercury is also not conjuncting Venus then you may also be a bad finance manager and not a good accountant.

This is because Venus represents finances and when Venus gets debilitated you cannot be good at things like accounting, mathematics, and finances.

If Mars is also seated in the 2nd house (along with Venus) > you may also have a physical fight with your boss, colleagues, and family. There may also be a court case if Saturn is also seated along with Mars and the Venus.

With this placement of Venus,> in Virgo sign in the 2nd house > you may also lose a lot of money in marketing and advertising of your food-related business or service.

But of course, it may also be that you are making more than what you are losing (expenses) if the placement of other planets in the birth chart is favorable.

You may also have a lot of arguments with your boss related to money and finances with this placement of Venus if you are doing a job.

If Venus is debilitated and Mercury is placed in the 8th house in the sign of Pisces then you may have to deal with the customers from behind the scenes (like the internet and computer) related to money and finances. When you don't face the customers it is good for you when Venus is debilitated.

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