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Bhrigu Samhita : How it gives accurate life prediction?

bhrigu samhita
There is a city called Hoshiarpur, which is also the district in the Indian state of Punjab. A person named Pundit Ramanuj Sharma lives (along with his family) in the Railway Mandi area in this city. He is called Bhrigu Shastri, as he is following the principles of Maharishi Bhrigu (also called Bhrigu Hrishi) to tell the horoscope of a person. Bhrigu Hrishi was a sage, son of Brahma, who lived during the Vedic period, Treta Yuga. An astrological book (a manuscript) called Bhrigu Samhita was written by him during his time (some 4000 years ago). Since there was no paper in Treta Yuga, the writings were done on leaves. Later it was copied on paper. Bhrigu Samhita was originally written in Pali language, which was later translated in other language called Prakrit and then in Sanskrit. Sanskrit language is still common in India, and it is still taught in Indian schools, but hardly anyone talk in this language in the real world. But many people in India understand Sanskrit.

Bhrigu Hrishi was a realized soul, and he could see the future and past, through his third eye, while in meditation. So, it was not difficult for him to write about, what that was coming in the future. He wrote the horoscope of all the mankind, who is going to take birth in the future, in his astrological classic Bhrigu Samhita. That is the reason, this book is not a small book, and it is not measured by its pages, but it is measured by its weight. The book actually weighs in tones, as the horoscope of millions and trillions of people is compiled in it. The place in the Himalayas, where he wrote this manuscript, is a great tourist attraction, and a lake near that place is now known by his name as Bhrigu Lake.

Bhrigu Hrishi wrote this manuscript, for ancient Brahmins, so that they could make money by predicting the present, future and past lives of people. But in the 12th and 13th centuries, the country of India was invaded by Muslims, and the Brahmin community became dispersed all over India. The invaders looted some portions of Bhrigu Samhita from the Brahmins, and now, only a small portion of it is left with the current generation of Brahmins, who are also scattered in different parts of India. Pundit Ramanuj Sharma, from Hoshiarpur (Punjab), owns a large portion of it, and now he is following his ancestors to tell the horoscopes of people by reading from Bhrigu Samhita. Also according to Wikipedia, thousands of horoscopes compiled by Bhrigu, and stored in Nalanda University library, was lost during the destruction of Nalanda university library.

If you do not trust then I can give you a proof. If you can watch this youtube video (11.30 time in the video where you can see the interview of that person), it tells about a young person, named David Lane, who visited Hoshiarpur city (in Punjab, India) in 1978. He visited that particular library where Bhrigu Samhita was stored and asked the locals there to tell his horoscope. A saint in the library, after examining for 20-25 min, came out with a Sanskrit leaf after getting it from Bhrigu Samhita, and on that leaf it was clearly written the name of David Lane, and it was also written that this person will come to the country India, telling the reason, what for he will come, and from which country he will come. David Lane admitted in the video that everything that was written on the leaf was 100% correct.

So we can say, that this oldest astrological book in the world (Bhrigu Samhita) is compiled with all the information of all the human beings who lived, living, and will live till eternity on this earth. So if you go to Hoshiarpur, Punjab, your name, and all your family members name, will be there in the book, and it just needs some time by Bhrigu Shastri (Pundit Ramanuj Sharma ) to match your horoscope (based on your name, date of birth, etc) with the horoscope given in that book. If you are an Indian and understand the Hindi language, you can watch the interview of Pundit Ramanuj Sharma in the youtube video. It is also possible to tell about your future and past using that book.

Here is the full address of Pundit Ramanuj Sharma

Pt. Ramanuj Sharma
Bhrigu Shastri
68, Railway Mandi
P.O. Box: 146001
Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Phone: +91-9814251675
website: bhrigusamhita.org

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