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How Leo Ascendant have good chance to become IAS or IRS officer? (Vedic Astrology)

As you know the sign of Taurus falls on the 10th house for a Leo Ascendant. Taurus is a sign of wealth and money management as originally (in the default zodiac) it rules the 2nd house of wealth. Since 10th house is the house of higher authorities and higher posts such as the government posts and Taurus sign is of wealth (revenue) it gives an indication that Leo Ascendants could be eligible for posts like IRS and IAS but only if their Venus is placed in its own sign in the 10th house.

So if you are a Leo Ascendant and if your Venus is placed in the sign of Taurus in the 10th house and if you are preparing for the Civil Services Examination (CSE) then there is a good chance to clear the exams. You need to clear the CSE exams to become an IRS or IAS officer in India. This is more so possible if your Mercury is also placed in its own sign of Virgo in the 2nd house as then you become an expert in wealth management.

If you think logically IRS (Indian Revenue Service) is basically a post where the IRS officers are responsible for collecting revenue (in the form of taxes) from the businesses or individuals on behalf of the government. The tax could be of any type whether direct or indirect such as the income tax, capital gains tax, VAT (value added tax), service tax, etc. The IRS officers are generally posted in two main departments of Government of India i.e. Customs and Central Excise or Income Tax.

Tax is nothing but money or wealth for the government which is the representation of the sign of Taurus or Venus. That is the main reason Leo Ascendants, in general, are eligible for higher posts in the government departments related to finances and Venus placed in the sign of Taurus in the 10th house actually make it possible provided mercury and Sun are also well placed. Without good Mercury, it will not be possible to clear the Civil Services Exams. If Sun and Mercury are also placed along with Venus in the 10th house then no one can stop you to become an IRS or IAS officer.

Leo Ascendants, in general, are very authoritative people and so they deserve a higher post. Leo Rising people were the kings in ancient times. That is the also the reason the sign of Capricorn falls on their 6th house of service as the sign of Capricorn is an authoritative sign representing higher posts and higher authorities.

Also, since the sign of Virgo falls on the 2nd house of money management for a Leo Ascendant it is clear these people perform a detail-oriented work when it comes to the finances as the sign of Virgo is all about detail oriented work. Now if Mercury is placed in the 10th house, while ruling the 2nd house, in the sign of Taurus it shows the detail-oriented work, related to finances (as Taurus sign is of finances), is being offered to the 10th house of higher authorities such as the government or any big private or public listed company.

Leo Ascendant, in general, are meant for the throne (government positions nowadays) and that is the kind of placement you actually need to become so.

Considering Venus being placed in its own Taurus in the 10th house > If the native (Leo Ascendant) is running the Mahadasha or Anterdasha of Venus and in the transit if there is an aspect of Jupiter and Saturn (double transit) on the 10th house or if Venus is transiting over the 10th house then there is a good chance for the CSE (Civil Services Exams) to get clear in order for the native to be an IAS or IRS officer.

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