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How Libra Ascendant can be famous as an actor? (Vedic Astrology) birth chart of Kiku Sharda

Vedic Astrology Birth Chart of Kiku Sharda
The sign of Leo falls on the 11th house for a Libra Ascendant. It means they are known as a Leo in the public as 11th house represents the public (or your customers) or your audience (if you are an actor). And Leo could be an actor also (only possibility) as the sign of Leo represents the stage. But the location of Sun (lord of Leo) in the horoscope will better tell you whether you could be an actor or not. This is because the position of the Sun will only tell what services or product you provide to the public (11th house).

5th house is actually the house of stage performance and if Sun, as a lord of the 11th house, is placed in the 5th house then there is a possibility of being an actor. But still only a possibility. We also need to look at the lord of the 12th house as this house is the house of backstage or your post in a company. It tells what you are doing behind the scenes or backstage. Behind the scenes, you could also be an accountant in a private company as the 11th house also represents large organizations.

For a Libra Ascendant, the sign of Virgo falls on their 12th house and this sign is of arguments which are must to be an actor as when you do acting you communicate a lot and there is a lot of arguments in the communication. If the lord of Virgo > Mercury is placed in the 4th house then there is a possibility that you could be doing acting backstage and not an accountant. This is because 4th house is the house of showing your emotions and feelings (as Moon rules it in the default zodiac) and this is what you do when you act.

If instead, Mercury was placed in the 12th house itself (in its own sign) then you could have been someone like an accountant in a private or public company. Now since Mercury is placed in the 4th house in the sign of Capricorn we also need to look at what Saturn is doing as a lord of the sign of Capricorn. Saturn shows what action the native is taking.

If Saturn is placed in the sign of Gemini in the 9th house in the birth chart then Saturn is actually doing the action of communication and this what an actor needs to do. But still, we need to check the position of the 6th house lord as this is the house of service and daily routines. Since the sign of Pisces rules it for a Libra Ascendant this itself gives an indication of imagination and backstage as Pisces is a sign of backstage but the lord of Pisces, Jupiter, needs to be placed in the 5th house of the world of stage performance to actually get the confirmation of a backstage career by being an actor or actress.

Just check the birth chart or horoscope of Kiku Sharda who is an actor and comedian appearing on the show > "The Kapil Sharma Show" and also appeared previously in the "Comedy Nights with Kapil" show. If you are on mobile check his birth chart here. You can see the positions I described above are falling on his birth chart as well.

His Rahu is placed in the sign of Scorpio in the 2nd house. Sign of Scorpio is actually a sign of transformation. When you do acting you transform yourself into different characters as per the requirement of the role or the director. His Mars is placed in the 3rd house of communication which shows he is spending a lot of his energy in communication as Mars is energy. The energy of an actor really goes into communication and Kiku Sharda actually speaks a lot if you have watched him in the show.

If Rahu is placed in a particular sign and if the lord of that sign is placed in the house or sign which is next to the sign where Rahu is seated then this placement creates a Dhan Yoga. This same yoga is happening in the birth chart of Kiku Sharda. I have already mentioned about this yoga in the article > When Rahu gives a lot of money?

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