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Bharani Nakshatra : What are some interesting facts about it? (Vedic Astrology)

Bharani Nakshatra Vedic Astrology
Here are some of the interesting facts about this Nakshatra which you would like to know about.

1) This Nakshatra is ruled by Venus and so the person could be very creative.

2) You may have a stepmother due to some of the mythological stories associated with this nakshatra.

3) You could have to take the responsibility of other people's children.

4) You may find yourself in a love triangle (such stories sometimes you see in movies).

5) You take the pain of others on you.

6) The lord of this Nakshatra is Yama (or Yamaraja), the God of dharma (law) and death. So this Nakshatra has something to do with death and rebirth.

7) Saturn is debilitated in this Nakshatra (Aries 20 degree) and this may make you impatient and lethargic. You may also have a problem in relationships with your father and you may also have a stepbrother or stepsister whom you don't like at all when Saturn is placed in the Bharani Nakshatra.

8) This Nakshatra also represents healing power. The ability to heal others. So you could be ayurvedic healer, holistic healer, pronic healer, reiki healer, Chinese medicine, psychic healers, etc. This is because the planet Venus (ruler of this Nakshatra) was given the Sanjivani Power to bring someone back to life from death. So doctors and Nurses are also seen from this Nakshatra.

9) This Nakshatra is also of Kundalini Power Awakening which is considered as a new birth or self-realization. The awakening of Kundalini Power heals you from all your weaknesses and diseases.

10) It is a Nakshatra of outcast like Rahu and so you may feel like you really don't belong to the religion you were actually born. For example, if you were born in a Christian family you will feel like how come you are a Christian? Some people may even change their religion because of this feeling if they were born in this Bharani Nakshatra.

11) If Rahu is placed in this Nakshatra the person may become hungry of power and possession. They will go to the sick people if the sick people won't come to them for healing.

12) With Rahu in this Nakshatra, you may even marry someone who was married before and having children also. Their spouse might have died or separated due to divorce. This is because Rahu is of the nature who would never hesitate to break the social norms of the society.

13) You could be motivational coaches, sports coaches, and spiritual teachers with Rahu being placed in this Nakshatra. Uplifting the morale of the people, who are down due to some reasons, is also the main motive of this Nakshatra.

14) Many Saints were also born in this Nakshatra who had the spiritual or divine power to bring someone back to life from death or incurable diseases. A good example could be Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga. She had her two planets Moon and Mars placed in the Bharani Nakshatra. She had the power to awaken the kundalini power located inside every human being and thus healing them from all their health-related problems.

15) The person may question things about Astrology or other miracle healings if their Saturn is placed in this Nakshatra. They don't easily believe all the miracles of life performed by the people born in Bharani Nakshatra.

16) A person with debilitated Saturn (in this Nakshatra) in the 1st house, 10th house, 11th, and the 12th house may get joint pains or limp. The person may even run from their responsibility due to the debilitated Saturn. They are not optimistic at all and lack the motivation to perform their karma. They are of the thought that we all will die one day and so what's the use of this life and so they feel irritated about everything in their life.

17) There is a lady doctor named Trupti Jayin in India who has got special powers to send any person to his previous life via his/her subconscious mind so that the person can know about exactly what happened in their previous life and this process is called past life therapy. She has her several planets in the Bharani Nakshatra as she is into life and death. I have written more about it in the article > Can it be that your fear in this life is because of your past life?

18) If Mars is placed in this nakshatra in the 8th house you could be a Gynaecologist or delivery room nurse or fertility specialist as this nakshatra represents a pregnant woman.

19) The placement of Venus is not considered good in this nakshatra. It could be that you are infatuated with your cousin brother or sister or any of your close relatives with the placement of Venus in this nakshatra. You see many people marry their own cousin sister or cousin brother just out of lust and this could happen with this placement. The relationship with the mother may also suffer. You could feel that your mother didn't pay enough attention to you. The women will love luxury and will be good at arts with this placement. There could also be a tendency of provocative sexual behavior with Venus in this nakshatra.

20) This is also a nakshatra of showing light to people who are depressed in life due to some reasons. Good examples could be of Deepak Chopra and Sandeep Maheshwari. They might be having some of their planets in the Bharani Nakshatra. This is because this Nakshatra is all about bringing life to all that is dead. A Gynaecologist also helps to bring out a new life on this earth in the form of a baby.

21) Many people having planets in this nakshatra practice Shamanism and are also involved in surrogacy.

22) People born in this nakshatra could easily be provoked. They need to be calmer. If Sun is placed in Bharani Nakshatra the person could attain good health as Sun is the giver of good health when it is exalted in the sign of Aries. But they may be arrogant too. They may also be involved in meat eating and animal destruction as this Nakshatra is generally considered as a cruel nakshatra. If Mars is placed in this Nakshatra the native could be a butcher. There could be a lot of secret dealings too and the native could be involved in crimes also.

23) But sometimes you need to destroy certain kinds of people to establish the dharma and in that case sometimes good people also take birth in this Nakshatra. They become cruel just to destroy the evils and establish Dharma.

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