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What Venus or sign of Taurus represents in Vedic Astrology?

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Venus owns two signs which are Taurus and Libra. The second house in a Vedic birth chart is the Taurus side of the Venus and 7th house is the Libra side of the Venus. In other words, by default Venus rules two houses > 2nd and the 7th house.

Taurus side of Venus is all about sensual pleasures. According to Wikipedia, humans have a multitude of sensors. Sight (vision), taste, touch, smell, and hearing are the 5 traditionally recognized senses. Whenever any of your five senses are activated your Venus is also activated because Venus is all about sensual pleasures.

For example, when you are enjoying watching a movie your 'sight (vision) sense' is activated and so at that time your venus also gets activated. When are enjoying hearing music your 'hearing sense' is activated and so is your Venus.

In the same way when you eat something for taste or to satisfy your hunger then your 'taste sense' is activated and so is your Venus. When you do sex on your own or with someone else, the 'touch sense' is activated and so is your Venus. Whenever you enjoy in any way, using the 5 senses, Venus gets activated.

Venus also represents women and wife in a man's birth chart. You can think of Venus as all that a woman would like to do. Venus is also about beauty and creativity and Venus is also luxury and love. Venus is also Laxmi (according to the Indian traditions) and so Venus also represents wealth. Currency you use to buy and sell is also represented by Venus because it is money which is nothing but wealth.

Acting, dancing, singing, modeling, painting, arts, crafts, beauty < all these sorts of creativities are represented by the Taurus side of Venus as all these activities are meant for pleasure and Venus is all about pleasure. Ejaculation is the release of semen after sexual activity and Venus also represents semen in Vedic Astrology. That is the reason when you preserve your semen you get more pleasure in life as then your Venus gets exalted. You are able to enjoy life better. When you keep losing your semen through sexual activities then your Venus becomes debilitated and then you cannot enjoy anything in life even if you have a lot of money. That is the reason preserving your semen is so important to make your Venus better.

As already mentioned above, Venus also owns Libra sign and so Venus is also about relationships, partnership, union of two, etc as the sign of Libra is all about those things. The relationships may be personal (like marriages) or business or a contract.

Libra is all about balancing that is why it is represented by a weighing scale. When a retail shopkeeper gives you the required product in return for the amount of money (as per the cost of the product) you gave to him/her then this is an example of balancing which Libra represents. The marketplace and buying and selling of goods and products or stocks are represented by Venus as well. When you make a sexual relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend that is also represented by Libra part of the Venus as Libra is the union of two. Marriages, parties, gifts to each other etc are also represented by the Libra part of the Venus.

As a freelancer, when you make a contract to complete a certain project of your client for money is also nothing but a dealing of give-and-take representing Libra part of the Venus. Libra is a union of two while Aquarius is the collectivity at large. For example, when you give a visit to a marriage party, the couple getting married is a type of union represented by Libra while the crowd gathered there as the guests represent Aquarius.

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